What Is Schrödinger’s cat? Schrödinger’s cat refers to a thought experiment
proposed by the renowned physicist Erwin Schrödinger who used it to illustrate the weirdness of
quantum theory. Quantum theory says that until a particle
is measured and observed, it actually exists in all the states it could possibly be in,
simultaneously. So if there is a statistical probability that
this particle could be found here in one state, here in another state, here in another state
and here in another state, then the particle will in fact be existing in all of those states
at once. This is referred to as the particle being in a superposition. When the particle is measured the superposition
collapses and the particle chooses one state to be in over all of the others and this is
the state that our measuring instrument will observe. If this is true then it should apply to larger
objects since all matter is made up of particles. But of course we know that that does not happen.
We observe larger objects occupying only one state. Schrödinger came up with the cat example to
bring home just how odd the behaviour of particles as described by quantum theory is. In this experiment a cat is placed in a covered
box with a radioactive sample that has a 50% chance of decaying and killing the cat. While the box is covered we have no idea if
the cat is dead or alive and only once we open the box will we know if the cat made
it or not. So if we think of the cat like a particle,
using the superposition principle we would say that while the box was covered and the
cat was not being observed, the cat was both dead and alive in order for it to be all the
states it could possibly be in. Only when we lifted the box to observe the
cat, that is once we carried out our act of measurement, did the cat’s superposition
collapse for it to be either dead or alive. Common sense tells us that before we uncovered
the box the cat was either dead or alive but not both at the same time and our act of observing
didn’t force one outcome over the other. But common sense is not something we can cling
onto when studying the quantum realm. Countless experiments have shown us that sub atomic
particles behave in strange ways that we don’t observe in larger matter. There is a theory called the many worlds theory
that states that anything that can happen does happen. So when Schrödinger’s cat
was observed in one universe the cat was found to be dead and in another universe the cat
was found to be alive. The theory explains it like this: when the
cat was in the covered box it was in the superposition of being both dead and alive. When
the box was uncovered a split in the Universe occurred where in one Universe the cat was
dead and in another the cat was alive. The implications of this are mind boggling. Every time there is more than one possible
option available for the Universe, the Universe splits and creates copies where all possible
outcomes come true. So for example there could be a world where Hitler won World War 2, a
world where mankind never made it to the moon and a world where penicillin was never discovered. There could also theoretically be worlds that are
much more advanced than us, a world where humans have been able to glimpse further and
deeper into the workings of the Universe and have even been able to achieve immortality.
If that was the case then every person has achieved quantum immortality in one alternate
reality or another. As always we hope you enjoyed this video and
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100 Responses

  1. Quo Vadis says:

    What if the cat disappears out of the box?

  2. rojan rizo says:

    What i want to know is how the box mechanic works……

  3. McCurtain County says:

    So somewhere in multiple universes im simultaneously mentally retarded and smarter then Einstein?

  4. jamshid h says:

    Now read my thought experiment
    Mr. Jones receives a call from his brother telling him his wife just delivered a baby and she still is in the hospital. Mr. jones asks if the newborn is a boy or girl and his brother says he doesn't know. It takes him 30 minutes to get to the hospital. according to quantum mechanic the observer (Mr. Jones) doesn't know the sex of the newborn so it is boy and girl until the time he finds out. But biology would tell us the sex of the newborn was determined 9 months ago when the father's genes mixed up with mother's genes.

  5. Kalaa Sthala says:

    See this!

  6. Kalaa Sthala says:

    See this!

  7. Zwagger 19 says:

    Well of that's true them some super genius in another universe out of the infinite universe's is coming to kill me (well im still alive so either the copy universe theory is wrong or there is no possible way to travel to another universe)

  8. Sumit Jaiswal says:

    There was fifty percent of probability that I'm gonna like the video until it ends & it ended up being unliked though it will get the one in another universe…… Schrodinger got no chill🔥

  9. karan gautam says:

    By hoping that we enjoyed the video you created many alternate universe..

  10. Rip Vitamin D Lol hahahah says:

    Put camera inside the box record it and don't observe

  11. M Z says:

    Does this make any sense now unless you are schizophrenic

  12. James Tagge says:

    ANY COMMENTS?………..Schroedinger's cat experiment slightly modified that i might ask a substantive question……….what if all in the experiment were to remain the same, but that we use acid instead of poison. The fumes, once released would still kill the cat. Now i add one change to the mechanism inside the box. IF the cat were to lie down, a device would cause the acid vile to tip over. It would not matter if as yet the hammer had not broken the vile. When it did, which within the context of the time period of the observer's concern it eventually would, if the cat were standing, the fumes of the acid released with the breaking of the vile would kill the cat which would then fall and cause the vile to tip, releasing the acid to fall to the bottom of the box. If the cat were to lie down on its own before the vile were broken, the mechanism would still cause the vile to tip, which when broken would by means of the fumes, kill the cat and cause the acid to run out of the vile onto the floor of the box. In this scenario, the observer would be forced to observe when the acid had eaten through the box and begun to drip out onto the ground or table below. Is it not so that here there IS NO wave form to collapse? Is it not the case that the acid is now visible due to a string of deterministic events dependent on the cat being dead and only dead? I would very much appreciate your feedback on this.

  13. M1K34L says:

    I learned 2 things:
    1.i understood this theory
    2.that Stan lee did his research veeery well 🙂
    Rip Stan lee 🙁

  14. Peter O'Toole says:

    The many worlds hypothesis.

  15. Elias Simpson says:

    If the may worlds theory is true, then there is world where the many worlds theory isn't true

  16. La Vendetta says:

    What if I was in the box instead of a cat? Should I see myself as dead or alive?

  17. globalgourmand says:

    Great, so quantum theory is not for me. Now I know. Back to the real world!

  18. Pasby Knots says:

    Now to determine which world gets what version of events.

  19. Susana Plant Based Adopt a Cat says:

    i just don't get this

  20. Deathwalkingtoblerone _ says:

    this is some freaky shit

  21. Caleb G says:

    This is beyond mindfucking me, but is it basically saying without opening the box the answer to the question of whether or not the cat is alive is Yes? Is there any way someone can explain why without being observed, one particle exists in multiple places? Or if that is even the right question? Also she said the many worlds “theory”. I don’t know how that could ever be substantiate, so I’m assuming the video misspoke and meant hypothesis?

  22. undefinedxandr says:

    Shrooms are one hell if a drug man

  23. X-T says:

    Alright, time to go to sleep calm and without thinking all night about all those possible parallel universes!

  24. Ivo Bakovic says:

    I don’t understand the many worlds theory . How did someone come to this conclusion

  25. jedgreen says:

    That added interpretation of the Many Worlds is nonsensical to me anyway. If the cat is dead when we open the box, he died before we opened the box. We can mesure this. So opening the box is not what would change the story. The made up cat experience speaks about what could happened at the scale of quantum physics and can't be (as far as I know) applied to our scale. At least not the way it is described in that video. I know many good scientists are talking about the possibility of this Many Worlds therory, but it can't be a matter of WHEN the changes are happening. If everything exist in an infinity of possible universes then we just are one of them and that's it. No need to try to branch all of them to one another at some points in time.

  26. maroonedsia says:

    Hey, this is Sia from another parallel universe. In my world, Schrödinger is actually the inventor of corn dog. He has many cats and he feeds them with corn dogs…

  27. Derek Leach says:

    I want to know how the SPCA feels about this.

  28. Lance Prior says:

    Why does the cat need to be in a box? Why can’t it be chained up sitting on the floor with the killing device sitting next to it? You stand with your back to the cat and just turn around and look at it to make the measurement.

  29. Shakespear Myth says:

    Deep thoughts

  30. Echo Chambers says:

    What if it was a plexiglass Box???

  31. Michael Idarecis says:

    Today this principal has to take the SJW agenda and have an additional 72 states of gender as well as being alive and dead. Could also be a dog…

  32. Alex Axe says:

    I’ve lost it at “heartless experiments”

  33. Brainstorming Plus says:

    Absolutely well done and definitely keep it up! Great!!!

  34. Vanz Sandrix says:

    I came here because of coherence. Who else?

  35. Abdullah Azzam says:

    Please read this comment you will benefit

    That must be wrong if there is The possibility that the cat is alive or dead and we do not know it does not mean that it is alive and dead at the same time and if we say that the mind is wrong, how if this result is reached and if you want to say this wrong and shrodinger is genius I will say but he is wrong even if he is right and I think you can't ask how😅

  36. Rabbit says:

    Die alone and you're immortal.

  37. manjeet singh says:

    now i m dead by brain but alive physically 🙁

  38. Roman-Yurievich Pustovoitov says:

    Giant Molecules Exist in Two Places at Once in Unprecedented Quantum Experiment

  39. AltosForteAqua x says:

    There's a reason this is called a theory.

  40. Sherry Miller says:

    So where does "the odds" fit in?

  41. Faults Away says:

    Animal Abuse. Someone should have done something about schrodinger

  42. SAUVÉ Jean-Luc says:

    I usually take this as the poorest theory I've ever heard

  43. olddogg eleventy2 says:

    How about violently shaking the box?…if the cat growls a hisses it's obviously alive.

  44. Elle Sherpat says:

    For the science's sake, it's a 'thought experiment'. It explains only one thing – what we, as human beings with perceptual limitations measure in our perceived one point in time is not necessarily one point in time on a quantum level. Everything there is simply faster than our perception, tools and sense of time.

  45. 1000 subscribers for 8 videos says:

    So there is a Universe where I am not a virgin

  46. Kyle Ortiz says:

    One Universe is the reality of the Universe that we as Humans are perceiving
    Any Other Universe of Possibilities is not a literal physical Universe imo, It is a scientific metaphorical Universe of Possibilities. It is a proven philosophy in advanced modern science not a proven physical reality perceived on a physical Universe, in my rough guesstimate of attempting to comprehend such high level scholastic rubbish 😉
    I can get to a neat completely different level of consciousness on a large amount of Psychedelic Mushrooms where everything I see in my head is nothing I have ever perceived observing in reality in life on Earth. I consider that a different state of Consciousness, but I do not believe in any other physical Universe other than one. But we as humans should pursue many different levels of consciousness through exploring Natural Psychedelics and meditation, but that is as close as I can get to explaining any other idea of "Universe's" possibly perceived or explained by others.
    The words "Universe" or "Dimension" based on consciousness or Spirituality are vague or poorly defined words used to describe powerful psychological, conscious experiences, or Spiritual philosophies.

  47. MegaUltra_X says:

    Basically charging chunks in Minecraft

  48. Average Maker says:

    Put a live-feed camera in the box- boom – theory is bullshit. You won't see 2 cats 🙂

  49. Stewart Boyle says:

    So he took a lot of drugs?

  50. Rahul Pratab says:

    That explains toy story

  51. brian browder says:

    I see a lot of big flaws in this theory

  52. brian browder says:

    And does thought fit in to this theory

  53. Sydebern says:

    Imagine that we lived in one of those universes where mankind did make it to the moon.

  54. wulphstein says:

    Quantum theory interpretations should be reclassified as science fiction.

  55. R Ehalt says:

    When the cat is in the box, he doesn't know if we are dead or alive.

  56. jacopman says:

    The super position does not have to split reality into more realities (or your world into other worlds) every time a conscious decision or observation is made……..or held in probably. Perhaps all an infinite number of realities exist of which the probabilities of every superposition of sub atomic particles exist in which only collapse into one position or state as with the cat in the reality we are locked into………this way subatomic particles behave just like all matter but only manifests itself into a collapse within the reality we are found in………and does so for every other option of superposition but only in the given reality or world if you prefer that particular observer is in…..If this is disturbing or difficult to grasp……….don't be surprised…………its taken me 50 years of study to "deal with it" so to speak to where it (dare I say) makes sense….

  57. Jesse Soto says:

    Possibilities are only so due to a definite reference point, thus, since everything is a floating set of possibilities what can be a definite reference point? Therefore, there is not one possibility, only, itself.

  58. Always Wondering says:

    Success in understanding something can never rely
    solely upon common sense, intuition, mathematics, or upon every known physical law.
    Some questions which cannot be asked, formulated, or even concieved may well still have insurmountable barriers. They may always.

  59. Minh Nhut NGUYEN says:

    Sooo…. you're telling me that my crush likes me and doesn't like me at the same time until I tell her?

  60. Razvan Pastor says:

    Shrodinger's cat experiment is WRONG and here is why I believe so: the observation/measurements have already been done before the experiment even begins ! When we've discovered that radioactive materials DO decay and that poison DOES kill living organisms.
    So …. there is a 100% probability that the cat will die.

  61. David GV says:

    Great video. Easy to understand.

  62. ranu yadav says:

    Murphy's law

  63. Val Tozer says:

    And NOW in 2019 You know that there can be Clear Boxes. so i think some one needs to update this a tad lol. Just being a smart butt.

  64. Dandolph Tan says:

    For a better understanding, watch Rick&Morty.

  65. just me says:

    Einstein was the first to propose this thought experiment. His version was with gun powder and Schrodinger changed it to poison gas.

  66. GT 43 says:

    One of my teachers did this as a classroom exercise with a real cat in a box. I said the cat is alive, she asked me how do I know? I said because I can hear the thing meowing and scratching trying to get out of the damn box.

  67. Nithilan Dhandapani says:

    Since I came across this concept this is the second video I am watching. And I am 100% sure that i dont have watch anymore for better understanding. A good explanation love. Kudos. GOD bless you

  68. Justmyusername says:

    When arguing that large objects don't behave like particles, that change from superposition to one state upon OBSERVATION, you say we know that doesn't happen because "We OBSERVE large objects occupying only one state." ummm…lol…don't you see the problem with the logic of your argument?

  69. Epic fun Family blog says:

    I was reading about this and does it really exist in 2 places like it's physical y there or not

  70. SevenSea says:

    supa position—– so sexy

  71. mandy_suraj says:

    Based on the diagram in the video, mankind becomes more advanced as a consequence of not making it to the moon. Should've just stayed where we were.

  72. Helios Jinouga says:

    if i kill myself in a room with a knife Cat Girl will exist
    or will never exist
    if i didnt kill myself in a room with a knife Cat Girl does not exist
    or will exist eventually
    Hardest Choices Require the strongest wills

  73. CipherSpace says:

    Hmm maybe Egyptian were on to something with wrapping mummies an putting in coffins. What if they actually put them in near death but nobody observed the death. Then we open them to find a dead body. Could they have been trying to achieve some type of state to be woken in future? They took belongings with them like gold,water,food,animal's…maybe we should stop opening tombs. Granite an dolomite is slightly radioactive right? So…….

  74. alekHa Alrem says:

    People will always make everything complicated, figuring out things that doesnt exist, thinking about pointless random things, looking for something that they not even sure what, making theories and theories to which just makes them far away from the real truth. They always positioning themselves in front of 2 guns, trying to figure out which one is loaded or both are loaded or both are empty yet they dont care why there's two guns there or why they stand in front of it.

  75. 5-Minute Talk Show says:

    I'm getting to deep into quantum mechanics

  76. Matthew Poppe says:

    This theory has been shattered as we find that the CAT living inside the box was just as capable of making an observation as we humans.

  77. diana morgan says:

    Well until it is observed we do not know the outcome we only know the probability that says dead and alive at the same time something as large as a cat does fit into a quantum description but from outside the box we have the maths that says dead and alive at the same time

  78. TheRisky9 says:

    Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar. And then it doesn't

  79. 0Wright Gaming0 says:

    This was actually a really big help, I was making it harder than it actually was.thank you

  80. Paul N says:

    What are the propertys of the observer?

  81. Heathen 1859 says:

    This gives new meaning to "That was me in a whole nother life."

  82. Daniel Steele says:

    Hello, I am undecided as to whether I subscribe to the "super state" theory detailed here, or to the theory that there's no breaking in the natural behavior of particles, but rather a breaking in our observation and data.

    To illustrate, I could play devils advocate and say that the cat in the box is already dead or alive, and the only reason I do not know is because I have not observed it.

    Anyway the video was great, thank you. As always science and theory will have to suffice until understanding takes hold. Here's hoping it happens in my lifetime, I'm ever curious.

  83. Kanapathipillai Logeswaran says:


  84. badhabit says:

    So its possible that my next door neighbor is blowing me right now? Until I go and knock on her door and say 'Blow me' then I'll know whats really happening?

  85. Zair Morningstar says:

    And this is why we humans are stupid. We can only observe and act based of singular choices. Quantum physics is the realm of the god’s

  86. Zair Morningstar says:

    It’s only a thought use a real cat!

  87. zeuz gazelle 098 says:

    God: Huh never heard of that

  88. insylem says:

    Can't the cat observe itself being alive?

  89. crewcutter2030 says:

    Vegans and SJW are upset.

  90. Kitty Scratch says:

    Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo…..

  91. Butchman says:

    Sounds to me like someone was doing some good LSD or schrooms!

  92. Glenn B says:

    Wouldn't the cat observe itself therefore only exist in one state? Maybe this is a stupid question, I'm no scientist.

  93. Uranium Gaming says:

    Its not many world theory ehich says whatever can happen, will happen..
    It's called murphy's law

  94. Lucas Silva says:

    This doesn't make sense at all

  95. a ghost says:

    by that logic im on the wrong world

  96. Alex Boyd says:

    The cat is either dead or alive if you think both states exist you should be shot……slowly.

  97. Dr. Leftfield says:

    Ok, so somewhere out there i am ridiculously charismatic, swimming in money,
    and a lady magnet. Got it.

  98. ZØLO VEVO says:

    Do what with common sense?🤔

  99. Andrew Song says:

    finally bunny girl senpai makes sense

  100. Walter Jeffries says:

    Curiousity may be both genetic and terminal. -Schrödinger's Cat's Observer

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