scroolsaw 스크롤쏘 프렌치 블독 french bulldog

hi I am Namunolie today I brought you pretty french bulldog familly I will make black french bulldog of walnut wood stick paper avoid of knaurs drilling eyes,nose and mouth at the same time put the blade into the hall to cut nose and mouth cutting wrinkles to make rear frenchbulldog after cutting walnut I do more sanding at side and corner I using dremel and soft stone it works batter than sanding paper also save time it will turn to dark cocoa after oiling If the video was fun,please Click on ‘Like’ and ‘Subscription I will come with big doggy next time thank you for watching

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  1. 율이랑현이랑 says:

    와~ 눈같이 구멍낸부분에도 안쪽을 다듬어주는군요 섬세한 작업~ 중간에 좋아요와 유튜브 버튼에서 소름끼치고 59초쯤 선에서 벗어날뻔한건 비밀로 해드릴께요~ 오늘 강아지완전 이뻐요~

  2. 무료로 사주팔자를 이메일로 상담해 드립니다 says:

    🦂🌹🌹🌹3쫑 꾸똑부탁드립니다. 저는 했습니다. 즐감하고 갑니다.👍🌹👍

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