Sensis Community Giving Program: Beagle Rescue NSW

I applied for the grant because I saw it as
an opportunity to support something I’m really passionate about. Beagle Rescue are important to me and I found
out about them when I adopted my own beagle who had been surrendered by her previous owners.I
love the work they do and how much they help. It made me proud to receive he grant and work
for a company that enabled me to support something really close to my heart. Beagle Rescue takes in beagles whose owners
have surrendered them for various reasons and we take them in to find a forever home. Beagles are incredibly intelligent and very independent. Where a labrador will love you forever just for being there a beagle makes you work for it! They are easy to train but they make you work
your brain and they’re fiercely loyal. You’re constantly pulling your beagle out
of the pond, bushes, poles, anything! The Sensis Community Program Grant was used
for corrective dental work for Sandy who as a puppy, was sold to a company that tested
product on her coat and energy levels, so he was unable to eat hard foods. The grant has allowed him to do that and to
also eat bones.

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