Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations, Anti-Haul #11, & Standard Poodles

Hey guys, welcome back, I’m Courtney and behind
me sleeping are Phaedra and Nyx. I’m not sure if you can see them, but they
are super adorable and napping on the floor. Today I’m going to be bringing you my Sephora
VIB Sale recommendations, I will have all the details on the dates for VIB Rouge and
VIB in the description box below. Pretty much anytime there is a Sephora VIB
sale, I recommend the same sorts of things. So number one would be staple items, products
that you’re going to use up every day, year round. Two – big ticket items such as like anti aging
devices, or expensive hair tools, or some sort of beauty tool. Three would be gifts, and four would be treat
yo’ self. So let’s go ahead and talk about staples first,
so the first staples that I would recommend would be primers. If you prefer a silicone base primer, I love
the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. I bought my big tube during one of the Sephora
VIB sales. It was well worth it to me, I still haven’t
finished it, so I highly recommend if you’re going to buy a primer, especially if it’s
on the pricey side, buy it during the sale. For water based primers I really love the
First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothie Primer and the Too Faced Hangover Primer. Finally the last primer that I’ve been playing
around with that I surprisingly liked, because I thought it would do absolutely nothing for
me, and it actually does make a difference for me, is the Milk Blur Stick. I’ve been constantly impressed with how this
works under different foundations. So those would be my four face primers of
choice. Next up is eye primers and I’m actually going
to buy another eye primer myself, because I’m almost out. I’m recommending Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
I also like Too Faced Glitter Glue, if you want sticky primer, and I love Urban Decays
Enigma Primer Potion. The reason I like this is because it’s tinted
and it like does a nice job of hiding any discoloration around my eyes. I would say picking up any sort of eye primer
is a good idea, especially if you have hooded eyes like me and you need to use primer to
make your eyeshadow last all day. The next product I want to talk about is concealers
and there are two that I would recommend. One would be the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer
cream, I love this stuff, this is my go to concealer. I use the shade L1 Neutral, and I personally
think it’s fantastic. It’s very pigmented, it blends like a dream. I can put this on top of a powder foundation,
on top of a liquid foundation, underneath foundation. No matter how I apply it, it will just blend
out beautifully, I think it’s magic. The other concealer that I really like is
the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. So before the Kat Von D launched this was
my go to concealer. I think either of these are great. I personally am not a fan of the Tarte Shape
Tape because when I tried the Tarte Shape Tape it smelled like bug spray and I really
didn’t like that so that was not for me. The next product I want to talk about would
be foundations and if you’re looking for a more light coverage foundation and you have
dry skin like mine I would recommend checking out the Cover Effects Total Cover Cream Foundation. I recently repurchased this is shade N0. The reason I would recommend this if you want
a sheer coverage foundation, is that you can apply it with a beauty blender to make it
sheer. You can use a brush to build it up to make
it more a medium coverage, and I think it goes up to like medium full. But I feel like this gives you like sheer
to light coverage if you apply it with a beauty blender. So for those of you who don’t like full coverage
this is a good option. Plus it’s one of the few foundations that
I can actually wear that I don’t have to add white to. If you’re looking for more medium coverage
foundation I would recommend the Urban Decay Naked Skin, Urban Decay One and Done, or maybe
It Cosmetics CC Cream. I don’t have a perfect match in any of those,
I have to add white to them. I think with the One and Done I have to add
like 50 or 76 percent white, so it’s kind of sucky because it’s a really nice formula
but I can’t wear any of those without adding white. If you’re looking for more full coverage foundation
I would recommend the Kat Von D Lock-It or the Huda Beauty FauxFilter foundation, I really,
really like the Huda Beauty Foundation. I don’t have to add white to this, I wear
the shade Milkshake in the Faux Filter Foundation. It is more full coverage than I prefer because
on a daily basis I really don’t want full coverage, I want like maybe light medium. So I try to sheer it out a little bit. I usually mix it with like the Hourglass Veil
Mineral Primer to make it more sheer and glowy, which looks really nice. But if you are somebody who loves full coverage
I think this is a good choice, or the Kat Von D. Especially if you have oily skin, I
think the Kat Von D is perfect because it is super full coverage. I can wear the shade Light 41 Neutral and
I think it looks excellent on me, but it’s so super full coverage that I feel like I
have a mask on, it really doesn’t play well with my dry skin. So I don’t think it’s ideal for my skin type,
but I think it’s great for other skin types. The next staple I want to talk about is mascara
and after trying a bunch of other mascara’s I’ve gone back to Urban Decay’s Perversion
Mascara. I like this better than Trouble Maker, I like
it better than Too Faced Better than Sex. I like it better than Tartes Lights, Camera,
Lashes whatever mascara. I even like it better than It Cosmetics Superheroes
Mascara. I just feel like I can apply this and it’s
going to last and it’s not going to flake down on my face. That’s a problem I was having with some of
the other mascaras I was trying, is that they would end up flaking down below my eyes and
giving me raccoon eyes. When I didn’t even apply the mascara to my
lower lashes, so yeah I just gave up, went back to Perversion. Love it, it’s my favorite. Next would be Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks,
those are my go-to lipsticks. They’re what I wear pretty much every single
day. I really like shades like Violate or Peyote,
or Oblivion for like a sort of my lips but better, or like light neutral lip. If I want a bright I really like shades like
Frenemy or Crank. If I want something deep and dark and vampy
I like Conspiracy, I like Hex, I like Heroin, I like Perversion. If I want a classic red lip I really like
714 or Bad Blood, but there’s so many different shades of Urban Decays lipsticks that there’s
bound to be a shade for you. Those are just my favorites. Next would be the Urban Decay 247 lip pencils. I have to tell you that I use a couple of
pencils all the time. I use Urban Decays Hex pencil, like all the
time right now because it’s just such a perfect deep wine shade. In fact that’s what I have as my base for
my lip look today. As you can see like I’ve done some damage
to this pencil, it’s about half way gone. Some of the other lip pencil colors that I
like are Deep, if I’m going to want to use like a peachy shade, I like Native. Or if I want to use more like a light pink,
like my lips but better. I also like Rush. I use Bittersweet if I want to use like a
bright pink or a bright purple. I have Frenemy if I want a neon pink, so oh
and for red I have 714. So there are lots of options also with their
pencils because they have almost a pencil for every single color that they have. But really you only need a couple. ‘Cause I, like I said, I end up using Wine
below so many different things, even things you wouldn’t expect. I mean Hex. I’ve even put Hex below things like Fuel,
which is like this peachy nude, just to kind of like create sort of like a brick red type
color. I love this pencil, if you only get one pencil,
I would say pick this one up because it’s great. I’ve used it in so many different circumstances. I even like it under 714, if I want to make
more of like a deeper red. It’s just an amazing color, works with so
many different things and it’s perfect for fall, winter. So the next thing on my list would be eyeliner
pencils. Right now I haven’t really been doing much
with pencils other than using a black on my upper water line. For the black I’ve been using on my upper
water line, I’ve been using Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Perversion. Or I’ve been using Marc Jacobs Blacquer 42. The name for the Marc Jacobs pencil cracks
me up because it makes me think of what is the answer to the life, universe and everything,
42. Basically saying that black eyeliner is the
answer to everything. I was using a pencil on my lower water line,
like a light peachy nude color. But the one I have from Urban Decay is like
Midnight Cowboy and it was a limited edition. They don’t make it anymore, so I need to find
a new nude pencil for my lower water line. Because basically I’ve just been using whatever
random pencils I have, and I haven’t really been satisfied with them. So I’m going to look for one either from Urban
Decay or from Marc Jacobs because I really like those two formulas. For liquid eyeliners I prefer the Kat Von
D Tattoo eyeliner, I’m actually wearing Mad Max brown today, I can count the number of
times that I’ve worn brown eyeliner on one hand. It’s very rare, I typically just always go
for black and I really like Trooper. So this is my favorite formula, I really like
this brush tip because it’s very nice and thing. It makes it really easy for me to get along
the inner corner of my eye. So the next staples I would recommend would
be Urban Decays Afterglow Blushes. I wear these almost all of the time, some
of my favorite shades are TMI, Rapture, Fetish. I like Score, X-Rated, so any of these if
you like them I would recommend them because I feel like I get all day wear with them and
they’re really easy to blend out. Most of these are matte, a couple of them
have a little bit of shimmer. Score and Rapture both have shimmer, but I
feel like it’s like a subtle satin shimmer, so it just gives you like a nice lovely sheen. If you’re looking for some highlighters that
have a similar nice formula, the Urban Decay highlighters are great. Aura is like a really nice iridescent pink,
and Sin is like a very pretty like white gold tip color. So I think either of those are gorgeous. The shade Fireball is more meant I think for
deeper skin tones, because I can wear Fireball as a blush, but it’s kind of like a peach
with a pink shift. I think it’s really pretty. So the highlighters are nice too. For setting powders I would recommend the
Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder. Since NARS is no longer cruelty free, while
I am using up the light reflecting loose setting powder that I have, I’m not ever going to
repurchase it. So I would definitely recommend using the
Cover FX because I think it’s also a very nice powder, and I like the texture of it,
it’s very finely milled. Okay the next thing I would recommend would
be picking up some setting sprays. I personally love Urban Decay All Nighter
as well as Chill. If my skin is really, really dry I’m going
to use Chill. But I use All Nighter most of the time, and
I also additionally like All Nighter for whenever I’m going to foil eyeshadow, basically I will
just spray my eyeshadow brush with All Nighter and then dip it into the product and then
put it on my eyes. The next staple I’d recommend is something
like Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner. I use this after I use my makeup brushes every
time because I like clean brushes. It’s really easy to use, you just pour it
into a little dish. You dip the brush in, you do like a figure
eight with the brush on a towel and it cleans the brush off. So I like this, it does have like a vanilla
mint smell, that sticks with the bristles, and so if you’re sensitive to scent I would
get a sample of this in store to make sure it’s not going to trigger any migraines. But I love this and I’ve been using it for
years. It’s basically how I clean my brushes all
the time, because then I don’t have to worry about any of like the hard water in my house
ruining my brushes, because that’s happened to me before. I’m going to switch to tools and other things,
now that I’ve gone through my staples with you. One of the things I would recommend picking
up if you don’t already have some would be makeup brushes. I love the Urban Decay Pro makeup brushes,
particularly I would recommend the Urban Decay Moondust brush, which is great for loose eye
shadow, or for really glittery shades like the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows. It also works really well with the new Urban
Decay heavy metals palette. I’d recommend the Iconic brush because that
is a great one and done brush. You could use that for a single wash of color,
you can use it to blend out color in your crease. I also really like the Urban Decay Taper Blending
brush, I like the Urban Decay Angled Eyeliner brush, either of those are great. The Tapered blending is good for helping to
blend out more in the crease. The Angled eyeshadow brush is great for applying
eyeshadow or for doing your brows, it’s kind of a multi purpose brush. Some other tools you might be interested in
considering would be something like the Amika Perfect Hair Straightening Brush. It’s one of those brushes that you can use
to straighten your hair, and like you brush through it. It’s supposed to save time. I personally have never tried one but I have
a lot of friends who really like them, so it might be something to look at. If you’re thinking about getting something
like the Foreo Luna, during the sale is a perfect time to get it ’cause you’ll get 20
percent off if you’re VIB Rouge like I am. I personally like the Foreo Luna for sensitive
skin like mine because you can use it every day if you want. I only use it once a week right now, for a
while I was using it once a day. But it’s really good at basically deep cleaning
your skin without irritating it because it has like these little, I want to call it plastic
but it’s not plastic, it has like these little nubs that it uses to help clean your skin. If you flip it over the one I have at least,
it has like these little ridges so you can use it to kind of massage around your face
and give yourself like a little facial. Whenever I have like a really bad sinus headache,
not a migraine, I can use it around my face and it will help relieve pressure to make
my head feel better. So that’s been like something I really like,
plus the charge in it lasts forever. I think the charge will last almost a year,
it’s ridiculous how long it lasts. One of the items that’s on my wishlist that
I probably won’t buy, that I was looking at was the Dyson Hairdryer, because it is ridiculously
expensive. So expensive, and my husband was joking around
that we should just get it and be done with it, to have like the be all end all best blow
dryer ever. Because it is supposed to speed up your blow
time by like 50, 75 percent, something ridiculous. So I would say if you were considering something
like that, that this would be a good time to pick it up. It’s on my wishlist, it’s probably not something
I’m going to buy, because I really don’t want to blow like 300 dollars or whatever it is
for the blow dryer. But it is something that I’ve looked at and
thought, I wouldn’t mind having it but I’m not willing to buy it. One of the big ticket items that I was looking
at for myself was the Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Laser Corrector. I’ve had some friends who recommended that
to me for dealing with like the fine lines around the eyes. I’m not going to lie, it’s something I’m looking
at getting and I might end up getting it just because now’s the time to get it. There are a couple of things that I do know
for sure that I’m going to be buying. I mentioned the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner,
I’m also going to be buying two of the Kat Von D Glimmer Veils. I need Shockful which is the bright pink and
Televator, which is the bright purple. I have like five of them because I’ve just
been buying a couple here and there. I have, let me swatch them for you, I’ve got
Thunderstruck, which is like the gorgeous peachy gold. I used a little bit of that for my lip look
today. I’ve got Dazzle, which is the red, I also
used this for my lip look today. Such a beautiful bright red. I’ve got Razzle, which is like a magenta,
pinky purple, which is why I didn’t originally get Shockful or Televator ’cause I’m like,
oh I’ve got the magenta shade it’s kind of in between both. I’m not going to need all of them, and then
I’m like, yes, yes I do, I need them all now. I’ve got Reverb, which is the blue, which
I haven’t worn yet. I actually need to put together a look with
this one, ’cause I don’t think I’ve worn it at all. The last one I have is Wizard, which I’ve
used Wizard before. I really like it, it’s like the black one. But they’re all so freaking gorgeous, that’s
why I’m like, yeah I need a couple more of those. The other thing that I was looking at, that
I really want is this Urban Decay Makeup Brush set, it’s like the Urban Decay Most Wanted
Brush set, and has like a little brush case. Even though I already own a lot of Urban Decay
makeup brushes I don’t own that and I really want the case. So I’m like I’m probably going to buy this
on sale, ’cause it looks just, it’s something I would like and use. Okay so now I’m going to move onto the palette
recommendation portion of my video. The number one palette I’m going to recommend
for you, if you love makeup like I do, is the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette. Yes it has stupid packaging, I mean the outside
packaging looks fine but the interior packaging is really obnoxious because of the mirror
in the middle. I’ve gouged one of the eyeshadows, but the
eyeshadows in this palette are phenomenal. Like I have been using one a day none stop
for I don’t know, since I got this palette. Like I have on Angel Fire today, on my inner
lid. I love the colors in it, I think that it’s
great. It’s a great palette to work with any other
palette that you own. So if you are a fan of sparkly multi-dimensional
metallic, this is the palette for you. If you like bright colors, there’s some great
colors in here. If you are a neutrals person and you want
to dip your toe into colors, you might even like this palette because it has so many neutrals. Like it has like the neutral side and then
the fun side. I think it’s one of the best palettes that
Urban Decays put out in a long time and I’m really happy with it. So I think it is absolutely worth picking
up, especially on sale. So the next product I have to show you is
probably going to come as a shock. I was not going to buy the Too Faced Just
Peachy Mattes Palette, but then I had a couple of friends locally here who were like, “Oh
my God this is the best palette ever, you need this palette. You love mattes, you got us hooked on mattes. You need this palette.” So I bought this palette and it’s actually,
I’m wearing some colors from this palette today. It’s got to be the best palette that I’ve
bought from Too Faced in a long time because I hated the original Sweet Peach palette. I thought it sucked and was crap. This one I actually like, it’s really similar
to Urban Decay Naked Heat or Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance. Not exact dupes, but they have a lot of similar
shades. But the formula for these shadows is really
good. I really like the compact case. I mean look how big this is, it’s not really
that big. Like it’s barely bigger than my hand. I was surprised I fell in love with this palette,
and I bought it. If you are somebody who likes all match, I
definitely recommend it. Other palettes I would recommend would be
the Urban Decay Moondust palette, that palette is still available. It’s another great companion palette, just
like the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette. It looks great layered on top of basically
anything. The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette
is a fabulous palette to pick it up if you also want a different mattes palette. Urban Decay Naked Heat is also pretty popular,
all of those peachy and terracotta colors. I’ve had several friends buy the Viseart Golden
Hour palette and absolutely love it. So if you haven’t tried any Viseart, this
might be a good palette for you to pick up. It actually looks really nice, I like the
color scheme for it. The only reason I’m not buying it is because
I already own a lot of Viseart, and I already own a lot of those colors. Finally I think that if you’re one of those
people who have been coveting the Natasha Denona palettes, maybe you would want to look
at the Lila palette and buy it while it’s on sale. I certainly wouldn’t pay full price for it,
in fact I still have major regrets about buying the Natasha Denona Purple Blue palette, which
was like really purple, blue, brown, ’cause it was mostly brown with a little bit of purple
and blue. So while I personally wouldn’t buy the Natasha
Denona Lila palette I understand that some people might, especially if it’s on sale,
so it might be a good one to check out. The last portion of this video is for my friend
Lila. This is a mini Anti Haul (#11), to go along
with my recommendations for the Sephora VIB sale. Number one, I’m not going to buy the Fenty
Beauty Galaxy palette because I think the swatches make it look like crap. I’ve watched several videos on this palette,
I haven’t seen any videos that have looked good. I’ve seen one friend of mine who’s been able
to make the palette look beautiful. But everybody else the swatches make it look
like crap, so I don’t need it. I already own the Urban Decay Moondust palette,
and I prefer the, I really do like the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow formulas because
I own a lot of those single too. So I just feel like the Fenty Beauty Galaxy
palette is just not for me. The color payoff isn’t there, I don’t like
the color choices and I don’t like the formula. It just basically looks like glitter that
doesn’t want to stick to the skin at all. The next product I’m not going to buy is the
Tarte Bazaar Blush palette because I do not like the big Tarte blush wheels, because there’s
always at least half the wheel that I would not wear. When I looked at this one I feel like it’s
all of these warm shades. I might wear two colors out of the entire
thing so it is just not for me. I really wish that they would do like a cool
version, and a warm version, rather than just all of these warm shades that look so similar
on the skin. I feel like unless you’re somebody who wears
a shit ton of blush every day, you’re not even going to be able to finish one of those
palettes. Next up would be the Kat Von D Saint & Sinner
palette, now I love Kat Von D, you know I love Kat Von D. The Pastel Goth is one of
my all time favorite palettes, I really love the Alchemist palette, I love Shade & Light. Shade & Light glimmer wasn’t for me, but I
like all the rest of those. I love the Metal Matte palette from last years
holiday palette, that was amazing. So when I saw the Saint & Sinner palette,
I was deeply disappointing. I don’t like the colors in it, I don’t like
the random layout. I just, I’m not going to buy it because I
don’t think I would wear it, I think it would just sit there collecting dust. I don’t like the shape of the palette, it’s
just not for me. I really wish that Kat Von D would have put
out something similar to Pastel Goth, or Metal Matte. Just something more fun with more brights
and less brown. The next palette I’m not going to buy is the
Too Faced Boss Lady palette. That palette looks like basically every other
holiday palette Too Faced has ever put out. I don’t see anything new, original, interesting
in it, so I’m going to skip that. Next up I was really excited initially to
see that Violet Voss is now in Sephora. I have one palette from Violet Voss that I
liked, it’s the Drenched Metals palette. It does have a weird like smell to it, like
it smells a little bit like crayons, for lack of a better term. But the colors perform very well, they’re
really like … I would say that they’re like a sheer build able formula, so it’s really
easy to blend out but you do have to build up the color. I’ve used it on my friends a lot, and they
really like it. So yeah I love the Drench Metals palette,
so when I saw that Violet Voss is going to be at Sephora I was like, oh let’s see what
they have. Everything they have looks identical and brown. It’s like a whole sea of browns, so when I
saw that they had the Taupe Notch palette I was like, oh it looks like cool tones, no,
not really. It’s still mostly all browns that look nearly
identical. Not going to buy it, not worth it to me to
buy a palette of nearly identical brown shades, that are just like subtly different. That you won’t even be able to see the difference
on the eye, so boring. The next palette I’m not going to buy is the
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. Now initially this palette caught my eye because
it has some pretty purples in it, but then I realized it’s mostly all brown with just
like three or four different purples. Because basically it’s just three or four
different purples, ugh, I have plenty of purples in my collection, it’s pretty easy to dupe. I will say that I’m really interested in the
mini palettes that Huda says she’s going to be putting out, but not this one. Last but not least, what I’m not going to
buy is this Silk pillowcase from Sephora. You can buy a Silk pillowcase on Amazon for
one fifth the price of the one on Sephora. So don’t waste your money on Sephora, go check
out Amazon, because I’ve bought a nice mulberry silk like anti aging pillowcase on Amazon
for a fraction of the cost of what you pay for it on Sephora. Anyway, those are my recommendations for the
Sephora VIB sale, for picking up some staples, some palettes and of course products I’m not
going to buy. I hope you really enjoy this video, if you
found it informative, entertaining, fun or helpful please give it a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos, it makes
my day. If you haven’t already you should consider
subscribing to my channel, so that you don’t miss seeing my videos, and you can check out
my cute poodles. This is my baby Nyx and she’s gotten so big,
she got her first big girl hair cut today. So she’s in a modified continental, and I
think she looks absolutely adorable. But she’s gotten pretty big, she’s about 25,
27 pounds now. She’s looking at the camera like, yeah, yeah
all these bright lights I don’t like them. For those of you who haven’t seen her before,
this is my big girl Phaedra. She’s about 42 pounds right now, normally
she’s around 45, but since she was sick she went down to 41. Ginormous lap poodle, super sweet. Love you baby. Let me know what you’re going to pick up from
the Sephora sale, or what you’re not going to buy in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching.

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7 Responses

  1. diffrnt4grrls says:

    Great reviews and recommendations. I disagree about the Saint and Sinner palette. There are only a couple brown shades but rest are a lovely mix. The colors are fabulous! There are brights. I can complete a whole look with it. It's much more exciting in person than online. I will check out that Blur stick! Your eye makeup is gorgeous!

  2. Kyoko Vo says:

    The eye look you came up with is very pretty.

  3. Jade Eden says:

    Love the anti haul included.. very easy to get swept up in the VIB sales and make unnecessary purchases. Very helpful!

  4. Kimmaline says:

    Cinema Secrets is GREAT, and like you I use it all the time. HOWEVER, it isn't great for natural hair brushes. I've used it on mine, but for those super expensive Wayne Goss, Hakuhodo, etc brushes, it really isn't great. I didn't know this until a makeup artist friend told me.

    The up side, however, is you won't get water in the ferrule. So, personal preference?

  5. Carol Steele says:

    I ended up picking up a Dermaflash, The Sephora Pro Editorial Palette, the Huda Beauty warm brown obsessions and mauve obesssions palettes, First Aid Beauty anti redness serum and the triple eye concealer cream, and a Beauty Blender liner designer pro. I am not cutting myself off from buying anything else (for the rest of the month 🙂

  6. Sweet Insanity says:

    I love this vampy look on you and the straight hair makes you look younger. I love seeing all your different hair styles!

  7. Jennifer Esquivel says:

    I love your videos!!! I have to admit I was a little sad that you are passing on the KVD Saint & Sinner Palette. I was really hoping you would review that one.
    I love all your recommendations!!! I’m hoping you test out the Urban Decay Distortion Palette.
    Your fur babies are beautiful!!!!

  8. Liz Torres says:

    What is a VIB sale?

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