Serie Emozionabile 2019 | Ep. 02 | Escursione in slitta con Husky Village

I am Lorenzo Tilli
I founded Husky Village 16 years ago
to allow everybody experience the dog sled driving. Our staff is trained to receive disabled persons, in this case visually impaired that will be
specifically prepared to know by touch lashings, dogs and the equipment. Husky Village joined Emozionabile
from the start of this project, because we fully support their values. Hello, I am Tommaso Salvagnin
I live in Schio in the province of Vicenza
I am 30 years old I’ve always loved animals, mountain and the snow. Thanks to a friend of mine, I found out this portal Emozionabile Which gave me the possibility to try this experience provided by Husky Village. I am very excited, I have never experienced something like that so let’s see… Can’t wait to start! An amazing experience, a lot of feelings, the wind blowing in the face, the snow moved by dogs running, the barking dogs, the driver’s orders…
So many feelings and emotions and now that I know the portal Emozionabile
I will surely try another experience.

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