Shaitan Murga – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Tea vendor, from where did you get this rooster? This is my special rooster, he has many specialties. Oh! What is so special about this rooster? Oh! I forgot to bring my wallet, I will pay you tomorrow. You will pay tomorrow? Kaalu, please check. How much are you going to hit? Help! From now onwards nobody can fool me, this is my rooster’s specialty. That he can search money anywhere and remove it. Oh no! This is a dangerous rooster. Hey tea vendor, give me back the rest of my money. Yes, I’ll return it back to you, but from today onwards don’t try to fool me. But tell me, what do you give this rooster to eat? How is he so intelligent? He likes to eat wheat and millet together. But how can I afford to give him that, they are so expensive, so I just give him the simple seeds to eat. If I get this rooster, then it would be great. Mr. Rooster, you have eaten a lot of grains, now it’s time to do something for me. Go, whoever you see first, go to him, remove money from wherever he has kept, and come back to me. Hey! Why are you hitting us? We have already given the money to the tea vendor. Tea vendor, we had already paid the money then why did you ask your rooster to follow us? Hey brother, I am myself worried, my rooster has disappeared. You trained him as a thief and now he has run away with our money. Come on Patlu, let’s complain Chingam Sir about this. Stop! Hey Motu Patlu, where are you both going? Chingam Sir, we were coming to you only. Chingam sir, there is this rooster. What? If this is the matter then we will catch him red handed. Motu Patlu, listen, you both take some cash and walk on the road and I will hide and follow you. As soon as the rooster comes, I will catch him. Kaalu, look there, that fat man flipping his cash, go son go. Oh my god! This rooster is really robbing the cash, hey rooster, stop, stop in the name of law. I think, we need to make a brilliant plan to catch the rooster. Idea! Motu, as soon as the rooster will start eating the grains. Pull the rope, the basket will fall on the rooster, and we will catch him. And I will go and sit on the tree with net. If the rooster escapes from the basket then I will throw the net on him and catch him. All the best! They are planning to catch you, go and show them your power. Chingam Sir, throw the net. Patlu run, he is coming, he will hit a lot. Oh my god! He is a much trained rooster, he knows Kung fu, karate and all, run. Oh my lord! I haven’t seen such a dangerous rooster ever in my twenty years of experience. But now, how will we catch him? First we need to know who is the owner of this rooster? From where does he comes and where he goes back? Whom does he go back to after robbing the money? Patlu, my friend, I have a very good idea, come on, let’s follow him. Look, how proudly he is walking, come on, let’s follow him. Oh, so he is the real thief. John, your game is over, give us all the money right now. And go to Chingam sir by yourself, now. You were robbing with the help of this rooster. And you are the one who robbed this rooster the tea vendor’s shop. Kaalu my son, look, they are here to fight with you. Look rooster brother, we haven’t come here to fight with you. Yes, now we don’t even have money, look, our pockets are empty. Patlu, help. Kalu, my anger is very bad, don’t come in front of me. I guess, this rooster is a black belt champion in Karate. Enough, you black rooster, I haven’t raised my hand on you yet thinking you are a rooster. But now it’s enough. Hey Patlu, this Karate master is very fast. My mind doesn’t works on empty stomach, please do something. Kaalu, look here please. Hey! What are you doing? Stop it, how much grain will you eat? You have a stomach or a go-down? Chingam Sir, help. Don’t just stand and watch the drama. It is impossible to escape from Kalu’s trap.

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    I like motu patlu

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    Please kunfu motu jaldi upload karona

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    I am first

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    I am a wow kid

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    nice cartoon
    I Love motu patlu

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    so nice murgha???

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    john n motu are the best of comedy wow love it

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    बकवास है

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    8 yupp

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    i like john

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    dami movie

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    love u

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    nice episode funny

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    I like

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    the funniest is chingum sir and jon

  19. Jan Bubly says:

    the funniest is chingum sir and jon

  20. Md Dulare says:

    Ooho supreb

  21. Muhammad Asif says:

    Shaitan Murga! india me .. haha

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    I am 100000 Viewer

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    Doesn't work

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    Johan is the best baki sb waste

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    so nice

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    Dhruv dhramesh bhia patoliy

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    nice cartoom

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    Cool ?.

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    I love motu patlu

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    nice video

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    I like it

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    I like this

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    Awesome cartoon

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    Super hits cartoon

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    Tamill please upload

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    very good motu patlu

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    not good episode

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    ha ha ha

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    ha ha ha

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    Very Amazing Cartoon

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    nice cartoon

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    Wow wonderful creations

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    Bhot funny episode

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    Nice motu pathlu

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    When will you give new motu patlu video on the channel

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    Sir please, all of us like more than a moto patlu video, please do not you please send us a video, please two please

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    i love motu patlu

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    Nice video

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    Wa motu patlu

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    Very nice episode

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    Wow kya mast cartoon

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    Ñíçê cartoon

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    Motu is the comedy king ?

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