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[ Music ] [ Background Music ]>>Why would I give to Gonzaga? I mean because first
and foremost, you can transform lives at
Gonzaga and we do that better, in my opinion, than any other
institution I have ever been to. Now, you’d say [inaudible],
you’re very biased which I am but I’m not speaking out of
that bias at this moment. I just have to tell
you, there is something about that crazy experience
I’ve been describing. This wonderful experience of
empathy, of art, of faith, of academics, of categorial
explosion, of philosophy, of humanities, there’s something
about this crazy experience. Gonzaga’s got, the synthesis has
got, this very peculiar weave and we just do it better than
any place I’ve ever been to. True, we might not
have the resources of some big research
institution, but that’s not what
we’re trying to do. What we’re trying to give
to people is heart, is soul, is mind on this categorial
level. So then of course
when it gets applied to the professional schools,
engineering or business or law, education or scientists
or whatever it may be, that at the end of the day,
that person is not just going to be a thinking machine. It’s not just going to be
a professional implementer. He or she is going to be a
person who knows the profession, a person who has a deep regard
for the world and a deep regard for faith and a deep regard for
the common good and a deep care about one’s culture
and a deep desire to transform the common good. These are people who are
gonna make a difference. An investment in a Gonzaga
student is an investment in a Gonzaga student. But at the very same time, it’s
an investment in the culture. It’s an investment in all
the organizations they touch. It’s an investment
in the common good. And in my view, it’s an
investment in the kingdom of God and it is delivered in
such a uniquely good way. It’s actually flabbergasting. [ Silence ]

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