SHELBY HAS SURGERY 😥Husky goes in for Surgery at the Vet

All right, Shelby we’re on our way to the vet Shelby is having surgery On this foot to remove a bump All right let’s go So for those of you that may be new and may not watch our vlog channel at snow dogs vlogs you may not know this Already Shelby has a fatty tumor between her toes, and that’s what she’s having surgery for today. I know She loves the vet’s office. She gets so excited like Memphis when we get here so it’s between our two toes right here And they’re worried that as it grows. It’s going to hurt her joints to make it hard for her to walk so today We’re coming to get it removed and we’re also coming to get teeth cleaned so fair warning the rest of this video We probably are going to be in the surgical room I’ll try to give you guys a warning if I show anything that might be graphic I know we’re going to go inside the vet’s office right now because you’re excited You want to go see everybody shelby want to go to the vet you want to go to the vet you’re already here. Let’s go inside So shelby just got all her pre-meds now. We got to wait ten minutes And then we’re gonna go in the back was it fun. did you get to go back there play with everybody. Are you excited to be the vet no, I Know I know Hey, shelby is your medicine kicking in? Just being vocal like always. Shelby, you feeling sleepy I dont know guys. I feel funky All right, we’re getting Shelby ready. Shelby you already look super sleepy You look super sleepy. She’s getting her IV. These awesome people are going to hook them up hook her up to her stuff Look at all the crazy things you guys never get to see Awww there going to take good care of you. Alright, so this one puts gives her air. is that what this one does? this one monitors her co2 output make sure that she’s breathing enough The ones we’re going to put on her legs Those are Ecg and those will monitor her heart And then we have this one here that does her Pulse and measures her oxygenation of her tissues oh, and blood pressure And blood pressures you get hooked up to all the things Shelby’s pretty much asleep ready guys They’re hooking her up to all the things so the CNC machine over here can monitor all of her vitals and make sure she’s okay So because Shelby is actually going under we’re going to go ahead and have them clean her teeth, the’re not super bad But it’s better to do instead of putting her under a bunch of times and then the bump on her toe Is right there. They’re going to remove that afterwards. Here is Shelby foot they got it all shaved and now you can see That’s the bump and you can see it’s actually spreading her toes apart We’re going to get that gone They’re pretty much done with her teeth So they’re looking better Now we’re just going to get the bump done She’s being so good might be because she’s sleepy All right, we’re getting everything ready Dont worry I want to show you guys all the yucky parts no blood and guts We won’t we won’t make you guys will just make you uncomfortable to see and shelby like this, but trust me. She’s okay She’s all right? So now Shelby gets to go from this little fun area here Into the surgery room over here. So they’re going to move her in there, so they can take the bump off of her foot She won’t even know though. She’ll be sleeping the whole time There they go taking shelby So now She’ll get to be in there, and then they’ll remove her lum This is all the fun behind-the-scenes stuff you guys don’t always get to see They’re hooking our back up to all that same equipment. She was hooked up to out here So they can check her vitals and things like that because they had it over there, and now they’re doing it in here I’m not allowed to in there though She’s in there. She’s doing good Alright, so Shelby’s all done She’s still kind of out of it. She’s got her foot all nice and wrapped up She’s just slowly waking up right now We’re just kind of chilling while She wakes up so we can get her in the car and take her home We’re going to come back tomorrow and have her foot rewrapped, but I’ll talk to you guys some more once we get home All right, we are in the car. She is awake sort of Shelby Look like you’re kind drugged up there Good thing you had that nice comfy bed all the all to yourself. All right. We’re taking her home and I’ll explain a little bit more about what the doctor said as soon as we get there All right before I get too far into this video I wanted to let you guys know the limited edition Shelby shirts that you guys asked for there’s only like four days left There’s a link down in the video description below Part of the proceeds we will be donating to other huskies in need you guys had asked for that We wanted to make sure we got it up, and I think there’s four days left so now let’s get to the story of what’s going on and We made it home Shelby was still a little cold after surgery so we gave her a blanket for a little bit here and make sure she gets her body temperature back up to where it needs to be a Lot of times they have to use like heated blankets and like the surgery table that Shelby was on was actually a heated surgery table and it helps to regulate their body temperature while having surgery Shelby was still a little bit cold when we left so we Just said we’ll make sure to give her a nice blanket. So she’s got my spirit. Hood blanket Snuggling on the floor right here we put her on the bed, but she wanted to be right here So we’re just going to make sure that she’s not shaking anymore, and she’s doing okay? so update Shelby had what we’re pretty sure was a fatty tumor between her toes on her foot and When Dr.. Ryan removed it he said it was a little more complicated than he thought it was going to be and that the Fatty tumor didn’t behave like a normal fatty tumor So they are going to send out the piece that they took out from between her toes and have it tested they will test it for cancer for Other things just to see they’ll also test it to see if it was just a fatty tumor Which is what we’re still hoping but we just want to be sure so we are having it sent out Shelby did really good during the surgery she only had one small complication She did regurgitate while under anesthesia If you don’t know what that means basically she like puked a little bit while she had a Tube down her throat which is not a good thing because They can get fluid in their lungs So they had like a suction thing ready because you know it does happen from time to time And they told me they were pretty sure that they were able to suck all the fluid before it went back down into her but we have to watch her for the next couple days to make sure she’s not coughing because Normally what that will do is it can cause a dog to get pneumonia? She’s so sleepy So anyway, we just pretty much have to watch her for that for the next couple days, but so far She hasn’t coughed at all so we’ve been doing pretty good She’s very sleepy the other dogs are like right here, oakley was just in her Kennel. She’s now right here Going back to her kennel. They were very concerned when we brought her in Memphis is like That’s my sister I gotta make sure she’s doing okay So yea there is your Shelby surgery update Thats all I really have for today you guys I wanted to do a new treat video today since Fourth of July is coming up I wanted to have it up today, but because of this and because we just got back from Vidcon in California we didn’t have time so I figured I’d just share this with you guys today and Let you know what’s going on with our Shelby girl our Shelby girl. Alright, you guys well We hope you enjoyed today’s video if you new to this channel and you like what you saw kind of hard to like a surgery video, but Don’t forget to hit that like button subscribe to this channel if you’re new share with your friends all the things I always ask you to do because it really does help us as Always you guys thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big. We will see you again soon Let’s to go back tomorrow and have that big old bandage redone And then after that we can pretty much do it on our own, so if you want to see more updates of Shelby I mean, she’ll be in the rest of the videos this week You’ll see her again on Friday for fan Friday, but you can also check us out at slash snow dogs vlogs starting this Monday You’ll see more updates of Shelby. We still have more Vidcon vlogs to upload What do you think? Okay, we’re going bye guys I am you

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