SHE’S POOPING EVERYWHERE!! (What happens when dog eats chicken bone)

look at that old look at oh did you just
want one here no see it so dark where did you go come in this way
good morning afternoon like guys is outside wait wet grass and whoa Andy
doesn’t feel good and this is like the 14th time today
no 13th 11 or 13 Kate or myself has taken her out see it seems like she kind
of has a stomachache or something there you go I think she ate a chicken
bone I’m like I’m like 98% sure because I heard a crunching noise and it was
when the kids had some b-dubs if you walked into a room with a chicken
leg and walked out she didn’t have anymore
India ended up taking it from her everybody at least laid it on the ground
she been pooping up a big big potty storm I ended up doing a bunch of
errands today you guys haven’t seen it yet but like the last week you’ve been
following her Instagram you know like a roller coaster of emotions and life
happening today was a decompress get back
like on track sort of a day you okay so it was a reset day in driving sitting
like three miles of the apartment has been crazy who are getting ready for the
Eclipse and we are like right Nashville which is like the center of all the
action and it seems like every one of their mom has come here and it’s a toad
is it a toad they toad we’re gonna tow didn’t you
smile what are you good no see you hmm smart guy smart guy sitting underneath
the light so just to go like within like three miles of our house and it’ll
taking us an outward today would usually takes maybe five minutes actually got
Kate started on Game of Thrones she never was able to watch it fully just
started season two you look better this morning she looks really really
lethargic I’m keeping today’s vlog a little short
what’s good is that we have other videos edit it and you’ll be able to go check
those out this away you need to go sleep we’re doing I told the kids that we’d be
doing a bike ride tomorrow tomorrow morning if they lived or asleep Gavin is
fighting it as always when he doesn’t take a nap during the day he doesn’t go
to sleep early and it’s so hard to like make him go take a nap during the middle
of the day I just realized I have sunglasses on at night update vlog still
have shot every single day since my birthday and these vlogs are going to
get better now that we’re like super focused on this and a lot of office
announced today we just have the day we had today you had be the better happy
and we

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2 Responses

  1. AND WE DANCE. says:

    *Update* She is doing much better, I had to take her out one more time after this and that was the last of it.. thanks for all the love 🙂

  2. Drew Esponda says:

    Mine to I’m crying I’m scared he is my best

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