Shiloh and Shelby get a New House! Siberian Husky

(Huskies howling)
“Aroooooo!” (Jess) – Where we going? (Jamie) – We’re leaving! Leaving the old house! (Jess) – Are we going to the New House? (Jamie) – So exited! (Jess) – Shelby’s like,
“Just open the door.” “Open door!
Open door!
Open Door!” (Jess) – Ready?
(Jamie) – Let’s go! (Jess) – Let’s go! Good Lord, Shelby! (Jess) – Look! (Jamie) – Are you coming? (Jess) – Come on! (Jess) – Look where we are? Look, where we are! Come here!
I’ll get you untangled. Come here so, I can untangle your feet… Where are we? Huh? Like, “Whoa!” Where are we? Oh my goodness!
The door back here is locked. Girls, you can’t really go in this door yet. Shiloh’s like,
“Can I go in?” (Jamie) – Yeah, you know where the door is, huh? Should we go around? (Jess) – Yeah, I’ll walk around… (Jamie) – OK… (Jess) – What is it Shelby? What is it? (Jamie) – What are you doing monkey? They had dogs… (Jess) – What is it? What? What you think? (Jamie) – Nah! (Jess) – Don’t lean on your sister. Walk around this way… (Jamie) – Yeah, the previous owners.
Did have a dog. Come on!
Let’s show them,
the other kid. (Jess) – Alright Shelby…
Good Lord! (Jamie) – Oh! Hold paw paw…
(Jesse) – I’m not a sled! (Jamie) – It’s bright. Yeah… (Jamie) The key.
(Jess) – Gotta go in the new house. (Jamie) – Hey, don’t you paw! And is dark… (Jess) – Here I crash… Alright? Wanna go in? Hey! They are like,
“We’re too checking this house.” Go Shelby go!
Come on Shi!
What do you think? What do you think? Huh? Shelby’s checking everything out. She’s like,
“I’m going!” What… What’s going on? What is it? This your new home girls! What you think? I still got move some stuff around,
but it really is your new home. They’re checking it out.
Where’s my Shelby?
Here’s my Shelby! I know there’s food
and you can reach it. What do you think of that? Huh? What you think of that? I got so much stuff to clean
and take care of. We do… Well looks like they got a lot of,
Checking things out to do.
Don’t you? A lot of checking things out to do. Shelby’s gonna like that door.
She can look out the window there. What do you think of that, huh?
What you think of that? I think, this is gonna be Shelby’s favorite place.
She loves looking out windows. (To Shelby) – Did you watch her? Is this is your favorite place now? Between that window and
this window over here. I think, it will be her favorite place. They seem to be doing okay. Shiloh still sniffing every little thing. But, they seem to be doing okay. (barks at Shelby) Oh! She’s running! There she goes! There she goes! (barking) (growling) (laughter) I see you! Say, there’s too much stuff. It’s not fun way to play! Are you happy, huh? You’re happy? Shiloh is like,
“The couch is in my way!” “I can’t play if the couch is in my way!” Having a good time? You’re having a good time. Aren’t you? (whispers)
Yeah! She’s having a good time!
So are you! Shelby, are you checking out the yard? What you think? Huh? Here’s Shiloh,
checking out the yard. Soon enough, you’ll have the run
of the whole yard, Shelby!
Soon enough! We know you’ll like to run.
I don’t know if you’ll like to run so much. What you girls think, huh? Shiloh and Shelby had finally got to see,
the new house. We thought to put… get together,
bring the computers over… Other than that,
we’re pretty much here. We get to all spend the night…
Tonight, here at the new house. Yay! Hopefully, I’ll have time to do
a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ video this week. If not, I’ll put something up
letting you guys know. I may have something in works already, so… Let’s see! (background voices)

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