Shiloh and Shelby Open Their Christmas Gifts! Siberian Husky Dog Opens Presents

(Huskies howling)
“Aroooooo!” – Did Santa Claus came? Look!
You already have a present. Can I have that present? (growls) No? What you think?
Want a new present? That’s for Shiloh. Let’s get Shelby a…
Look! Presents! Which one you want? Huh? Here’s one… Shelby, here! You open this? You’ll open it? Shiloh is good at opening. Will give this one to… What is this Shelby? Oh, it’s a ball! Alright Shiloh! You may be good at this. Here Shi! You want to open that one?
That’s yours. There you go! Shi, here! Open it up! Wanna help her? Open it up! You got it! What you get? What you get? It squeaks! I promise! Look! I’ll promise! Look! (squeaking sounds) Okay, so this… Okay, choose another one. Okay, you can open all the presents. – They can play with them… – Huh? – Shiloh! Open them up and
Shelby will play them. – This one’s for you Shi! – Is a duck! It’s your favorite toy! Here it is! Is a duck! Is your favorite! You get a duck too Shelby! Oh! Oh! That one’s out! Time for another one. You want to open another one? This one is for Shelby. Okay, that one is for Shelby though. You can open it. That’s for Shelby! Are you gonna open it Shelby? Are you going to figure this out? Shelby, look! Can you open it? Shelby is gonna get this figured out. Right here Shelby! Look! Well, this is for Shelby. Here Shelby! Want this? This is for you too. Shiloh’s got hers. What you get? Look! Another duck! She’s like, “Nope! I’ll take the pig.” Look it! A duck!
(squeak noises) Want it? Nope? Another present… That was not… Not yours. Here! Open this one! Shelby, here! (squeaking noises) What you get? What is it? What is it? (squeaking sounds) Okay, this is for… Okay! Alright, here! This is for both… Wait! Wait! Wait! This is for both of you. – Shelby! – Shelby! Look! Come here! – Get it out of there! – Oh! There’s a… No, you aren’t done yet!
Here Shelby! Right here! Shiloh, look! Shiloh! She’s like, “Give me another present!” You are bad as a child! Were not done with this one. Oh! Shelby is getting it. – Get it Shelby! – Get it Shelby! Here! Alright, look! Shelby here! Look Shelby! Shiloh is like, “Alright! More presents!” Get it? Did you get it?
Here, look! (squeaking sounds) You got a duck? You got them all! That’s all! You got all the presents. You got them all! See my cool hat? – Yes! We saw that! – What you guys think
of my hat? Look! It’s got mittens! Aww! It’s got mittens! It’s got mittens! Don’t even bit my mittens! – She’s like, “Hey! Play with me!” – Shelby likes that duck!
– Yeah, she does! – Shiloh’s got… – Where is your ball? – They are done! You got them all! You got all the presents Shi! You did it! Good girl! Merry Christmas! Happy Christmas!
You had a happy Christmas? Yes!
(kisses) Happy Christmas! Kiss the camera? Give everybody kisses! Here! Ready? Here! Good catch! Ready? Get it! Get it Shi! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! (growls) You got it! Get it! She’s like, “Hey! Look at me!” Here’s my tail! Can I take that duck back? Can I have it? Can I have it? How about now? How about now? What? You guys, are gonna tear this one apart? Shelby’s got that toy. She’s eating that one. Shiloh’s already relaxing. What we have here? Follow the trail of fluff! I think, this duck is dead. Somebody killed it. One toy down!
Couple more to go! (squeaking sounds) ♪♪♪

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87 Responses

  1. Jacon says:

    aww, so cute :3

  2. Milo Maltese says:

    adorable! I posted a vid of my dog opening his presents aswell 🙂

  3. BeautifulDreamer2 says:

    Aw, never knew dogs could open gifts 🙂 Precious.

  4. Emily Hood says:

    We got my new Siberian husky his own harness for when the snow comes. He's been begging us to put it on him since Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  5. Chloe says:

    Your dogs probably are so happy to have such great owners that give them gifts

  6. Tricia M says:

    Brilliant babies!x

  7. The Big Crunch Project says:

    That Shelby. While Shiloh's busy relaxing, Shelby's chewing up some poor duck. That yelp she did in the beginning was the cutest thing. If it took Shelby a day to chew up a duck, I'm sure it won't take long for her to chew up the rest.

  8. chocolateandbooks says:

    lmbo at Shelby saying "noooooooo" (I can't figure out how to type the growling, rolling undertones).

  9. chocolateandbooks says:

    My husband was watching over my shoulder and I was telling him how you make all the dog safe treats. I can't make any for my golden because she has so many allergies, but he said you may know of a recipe. Do you know of a treat I can make that does NOT have any corn, wheat, dairy, soy or beef in it?

    Believe it or not, she's also allergic to human dander and five kinds of grass, lol. She is a sweetheart and so well behaved, but you would not believe what we spend on medical care for her.

  10. gummi557 says:

    paws up!!!!!

  11. Sandra says:

    my dog opens presents too, she loves opening and playing with them 😀

  12. Newbiegirl101 says:

    (") ^_^ (")
    Paws Up!

  13. chocolateandbooks says:

    Oh yea, be careful with the squeekers. Our dog loves to destuff too, but we take the squeeker away once she reaches it, they can be a choke hazard 🙁

  14. Emma Hallene says:

    Haha, I have a enormous 92 pound black lab and he just loves squeaky toys! Last Christmas I got him this cute aligator with 17 squeakers all together… he never stop for days!!! Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  15. hickoryhouse says:

    my siberian husky had some squeaky toys, but seems to prefer my new oven glove for some reason !

  16. borysmilosz says:

    you have very talented dogs 😀

  17. WillyM79 says:

    I absolutely love your dogs

  18. Jen M says:

    lol haha how cute 🙂 Our toys don't ever last very long. there will be stuffed guts all over the house

  19. Curtis Kinoo says:

    So Very, very cute indeed….. Man, I love dogs!

  20. Teri Turnmire says:

    I think Marley is still on present overload! I hope you all had a great Christmas!!

  21. Zerogreelynn says:

    I don't know about you, but i think Shilo likes opening presents -nodnodnod-

  22. Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

    Shiloh is the experienced present opener. The duck toy was fun while it lasted! : )
    We have had lots of "trails of fluff" from Tommy's toys too.

  23. KITTYKITTYBO says:

    Too Cute!!! We have three cats and a bird- the only shopping my husband does is for our pets and me. He does a great job- pet bed, animal plant "dog house" it's soft and our one cat loves it b/c its covered. They also got toys, treats(seed treats for bird). The only present they opened themselves is one I bought for my brothers kitty-had to re-wrap that one. Poor Duckie…Doggies!!!

  24. pupdaddy42 says:

    Cool hat!

  25. Alyssa S says:


  26. SulliMike241 says:

    I enjoyed my Christmas up in Detroit. Got myself a new DVD, a new pair of boots, a new hand bag, and new PJs.

  27. SulliMike241 says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Cool.

  28. 999AnnA999 says:

    that hat is so cute! where did you get it?

  29. NightCat Moon says:

    your dogs must be so lucky to have owners who treat their dogs with so much care and love. and actually treat them like they are your kids and not a family pet.

    i'm sure they must of been so happy to open their presents. i got my dog a toy too. she got a goose. 🙂

  30. christopher byer says:


  31. CamsArtisticJourney says:

    What a great vid! We got Ace a rope toy with a tennis ball threaded through the middle, I'm surprised its lasted this long, but its all slobbery now when he drops it in my lap to throw it! LOL!

  32. blahpfff says:

    they are so adorable

  33. ShadowSlayerX87 says:

    seems you guys enjoyed Your Christmas Love The Outfit i think its cute lets see i got a About 5 New Games, Several Wolf Shirts, A Necklace With A Wolf Fang On It, Some Books ( Two On Wolves And One On Wrestling ) A DVD Called A Man Among Wolves,

    I Really Hope You Guys Had Fun I Know I Did

  34. Padfoot7411 says:

    Lol my husky would be just like Shiloh (she looks like her too) and would be like "more presents…aww…no more I'mma go relax now"

  35. jessi259 says:

    Cuuuute, thems two are like kids when time to open gifts at Christmas 🙂

    When Shiloh look at the camera look at him eyes, so cute and Shelby really love the orange Duck ! xD

    (Sorry fot my English, I try to do my best) <== ^^

  36. Patrick Cooley says:

    I love this…they are so cute and super smart! Thanks for sharing these awesome vids. I love your Huskies!

  37. chocolateandbooks says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs I must have been so into watching the girls that I thought I heard the word flour when I didn't (most flour is wheat based). When we're plowed out, I'll have to go to the market for the ingredients and make them for her :).

    Thank you for bringing smiles to so many of our days. I have shared your page with all the animal lovers I know 🙂

  38. The Big Crunch Project says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Aw no, they got another one. Those ducks are done for.

  39. Cherrysnoww says:

    Awww they're so happy and cute! 🙂 My other husky looks just like that when she opened presents 😀 Our other lady didn't get the idea of what's going on 🙂

  40. Darksassy says:

    lol that toy got murdered fast

  41. chandlerj333 says:

    our chihuahua has a green santa "bobo" like that, but it's about 10'' shorter

  42. Shannon Cousino says:

    I got my husky a squeaky plush football and wrapped it in Ohio State paper and bought him a stocking too and hung it up with ours, he plays with all of his toys! I wish my dog opens presents like shiloh! Haha great unwrapper!

  43. EricCris10sen says:

    omg just like my brother and i when we were young. I would open my presents and he would HAVE to be the first to play with them. hahaha and omg you are so hilarious with that dog hat on!!! Thank you for showing such amazing love for animals! You truely are a great person and friend to them.

  44. Lovelylady42582 says:

    my dog got beggin strips, snausages, and a toy santa in her stocking! I love the hat!

  45. Rainers says:

    Thats alot of ducks! Merry Christmas Shiloh and Shelby!

  46. Lawrence Olermo says:


  47. Kelly Dufourd says:

    That is hilarious.

  48. Lisa Cantor says:

    heyyyy!!!i got the new encyclopedia of the dog book which has all the dogs in the WORLD!!!i got an i home…..a lava lamp…and 2 scetch books and a remote controlable mouse……i love mice!!!and i got much more!!!my chihuahua got a fluffy bed!!but his girlfriend that has to stay over for a month took it over:(but chiqui really liked his gift.he kept smelling it.oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  49. Taintasaur says:

    Whenever I watch your videos that have squeaky toys in them, My ferret goes nuts! He loves the sound of them. He tried to figure out were its coming from XD

  50. Summer Gordon says:

    Awwwe so cute my dog got a duck 4 christmas and he just loves it too !!!!!!! Ur dogs are so smart ! I love ur hat i have the same one it is very warm 🙂 i hope u guys had a great christmas and a awesome new year

  51. bblinda129 says:

    my dog got presents

  52. kr4yzi32k says:

    Man bella just made 1 yr and no matter what toys I buy her , she freakin DESTROYS THEM!

  53. Lovelylady42582 says:

    its so funny how dogs love to make the toys squeek my dog does the same thing!

  54. Lisa Cantor says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs ITS SOOOOOO GOOD!i keep looking at the husky and the alaskan klee kai

  55. T De says:

    Did Santa Claus Come?

  56. Amanda A says:

    Well i dont have a dog but my sister does and i always send her dog 3 presents this year were getting a christmas outfit , a chewable santa and some toys 🙂 I LOVE UR DOGGIES 🙂

  57. Ivy Sparkleclaw says:

    what wonderful gifts! tell shiloh oakley and shelby i said hi!

  58. Chelifornia says:

    LOL where did you get that hat?

  59. chloerox76 says:

    Shilohs like a expert 😀 so cute

  60. Melissa Stultz says:

    Awww this makes me excited for Christmas!!! This is my first year having my pups with me for Christmas. Last Christmas was quite sad. My first dog I ever had (husky/lab mix) was deathly ill only at 6 months old. Now, I have a Siberian Husky who is 11 months old and he is sooooooooo getting spoiled this year at Christmas since it will be his first and as well for his sister Mara (Jack Russell mix 6 months old).

  61. wynta carter says:

    Speaking of christmas, I'm gonna get a dog in or by december its like a christmas present

  62. Ekowa the Siberian Husky says:

    thats so cute and smart i hope my husky can do that

  63. Gaymer Dominic says:

    She is a present opening pro haha.

  64. Microwaveddd says:

    Question where's Oklay

  65. Melany Marin says:

    How come its only ducks squeeky ducks no wonder their like give me another peesent by the way ie hat is cool

  66. Melany Marin says:


  67. Dirk Baeuerle says:

    Did you scent the present wrapping paper or was Shiloh so hyper that month?

  68. Gnasni says:

    Where did you get the husky hat?

  69. aldi prasetyo says:

    why did you have femaledog not males and do they need AC

  70. Citizen Convict says:

    What's the hat

  71. skyekimi says:

    Awwww poor Shelby her Fave thing she got for Christmas she ate xD

  72. Sandy Mandia says:


  73. Sandy Mandia says:

    And wow Shiloh actually opened the present on command I wish my suberian husky puppy did that 😀

  74. Kgyo100 says:

    Woo shilby kill a toy duck

  75. Sherry Holladay says:

    You all are just the best. We love watching to see what the next present is. Love that Shiloh opens and Shelby plays. We love ya Sherry,Maxi, jack and lLucy.

  76. karol torres says:

    So many ducks

  77. Christine Y says:

    Shiloh like the opening patr the best!

  78. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:


  79. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    She was so good at it

  80. John O Tron says:

    Amazing guys! Shiloh is such a good job at opening presents while Shelby loves playing with them, and Shiloh too. ^.^

  81. AlexGDCRE says:

    Love your hat

  82. Lalaine Mendoza says:

    That's so cute ps that's a cool hat ❤️

  83. terry palmore says:

    Shiloah was a cute and smart dog. I see why you miss her. Thank you for letting me know her by past videos!

  84. J & E Vlogs says:

    I fot that you had 3dogs

  85. Goldie Evans says:

    shelby is a good husky

  86. Joshua Gonzalez says:

    my ferret  got ferret toys and my pit-bull mix with a black got a bone

  87. Lindsay Hayward says:

    Shelby's like. see my duck I love it

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