Shiloh the Husky | Our First Siberian Husky

Today, I’m going to share with you
the story of our very first Siberian Husky, Shiloh. She was also one of the founding dogs
of this channel. When we started this channel back
in November of 2009, we started it with Shiloh and Shelby. Some of you, may know who Shiloh was. Some of you may not! So, this video is basically meant
to introduce you, to whom Shiloh was. Shiloh was born on
November the eight (8), of 2001. She was born in a puppy mill,
in Missouri. She was shipped from
Missouri to Arizona. She was put up, for sale
in a pet store. The pet store that she was
actually placed for sale, was where Jamie and I,
where working at. This is why we really knew,
what pet stores where really like. Pet stores that sold dogs.
If I, tell you the horror stories that you see on TV and you heard… They are true! Shiloh came in to the pet store
where we used to get the puppies in. Like, every Friday. Shiloh came in with about
twenty (20) other dogs. They where also
stuffed in little cages. She was terrified as most
of the puppies where when they came into the store. She was listed as being
nine (9) weeks old, but she definitively
looked younger than that. Our vet at that time, was actually
believing she was younger as well. Shiloh was a very, very sick dog. For some reason,
I was drawn into her immediately. Is really easy to say,
“Oh! I love all the puppies that came in!” But, there was something different
about her. At the time, Jamie and I had never
discussed about getting a Husky. This wasn’t really… We had talked about getting
a ‘Shiba Inu’ but, we never talked about
getting Huskies. Anyway… Shiloh had like a green stuff
coming out of her nose and her eyes. She would sit coming out both ends. She would cower in
the corner of her kennel if you tried to pick her up. She wouldn’t look you in the eye. I decided that Shiloh was gonna be
my project dog. So, I would find her home. For three (3) weeks I tried everything. Since she was so fearful and she was
so sick, no one wanted her. The manager of the store finally
decided, they were going to
“Move her to a new store”. Which I knew, it was a lie. Usually, if we had dogs that
were really sick after a few weeks, if nobody wanted them, they would
use the line, “Move it to a new store.” They would actually put them down. I knew, they would be going
to put Shiloh down. I called the headquarters of our store
we where working and actually operated nine (9) stores at the time. I called and I said,
“I’ll take her!” “I’ll sign the waver to take her!” Their response was,
No joke! “Well, she’s $1,400 dollars!” Shiloh was for sale for $1,399 dollars. This tiny sick, Siberian Husky puppy
from a puppy mill… Was $1,400 dollars! Mind you, I didn’t even paid that much
for Memphis and she’s a “show dog.” Jamie and I, felt as we had no choice… We managed to find the money
and we bought her. The long story, short… Two (2) weeks later, I was fired
from the pet store for telling a customer, the truth about the sick dogs
in the pet store. Shiloh has never seen grass before.
She has never been in a house. She had never rode a car and she
had never sat into somebody’s lap. We took her home and we began
her slow healing process. Her immune system was
extremely compromised. That would actually ended causing her
a lot more issues through her life. We had many visits back and fort
with the vet. As a puppy, a lot of money was spent
on medications and a lot of time. But slowly, Shiloh began to trust us. Once she started feeling better,
I started taking her to ‘Petco’ for the socialization of the noise,
the people, other dogs. She was actually, almost two (2) years old
before she finally warmed up to people. Like people could come to our house
and she actually realized, “Hey! People aren’t so bad!” She wasn’t two (2) years old
before that actually happened. To back up, a little bit. As I said, we where in Arizona
when we got her. When Shiloh was six (6) months old,
we moved back home to Michigan. She saw the snow for the first time. We continued to work with her,
to help her become the dog
she was meant to be. As I said before, she had issues
her entire life. At five (5) years old, she got
very, very sick. She developed an infection
in her digestive track. We were told, there was
no surgery for her. There was not a whole lot
of options, at the time for her. We were given some
expensive medications and told… “All we can do, is hope for the best…” “Hope the medication will work.” That was it. We basically brought Shiloh home
and prepared for the thought that she might not make it to the
end of the week. We never thought she would live
through the illness. The way, the vet talked about it,
we didn’t think she was going to make it. They did not think,
she was going to make it. Somehow, day-by-day… She got better! Once she was fully healed,
we decided that we needed to get her a friend and
we needed to get another dog. That was actually we we found Shelby. But, again… That story’s for another video. As time moved forward, Shiloh became
a really amazing dog. She was smart and she was sweet. She was a little trouble maker
when she wanted to be. She was really good at being a
“BAD DOG!” But, being cute about it! She was not a very high energy Husky,
like most Huskies are. But, she had her days. She was a little tiny thing. We started our ‘YouTube’ with
Shiloh and Shelby. We started to document their lives and
I’m so glad we did. As Shiloh got older, her health issues
became more and more complicated. She had many digestive issues.
She had food allergies. We had to cook her special foods. We had to limit some
of the things she ate. It was a constant battle,
to keep her weight on her. Because of her digestive issues,
we could not even put her on raw because she had so many issues. She had low iron and because
she was so small… Loosing weight was really dangerous for her. At some point in time, she actually
became anemic. We had to constantly make sure
Shiloh was getting foods high on iron. We had her on medicine and
would feed her extra liver, to boost her iron. A little later in the story,
we moved to our new house and that’s when we added Oakley to the pack.
Again, that’s a story for another video. Shiloh really seems,
to like Miss Oakley. Oakley was much calmer than Shelby.
They kind to seem to get along, really well. Again, as time passed,
Shiloh got older. As it tends to happen, she eventually started
to show signs of something major being wrong. She was having issues with her eyes. She started to develop muscle loss
on one side of her face. After a lot of trips back and fort
to the vet, it was assumed she had a tumor pressing on her craneal nerve. Since she was anemic, they really
could not do surgery because, of the way her blood was. Even if they could had, the chances
of saving her where slim to none. In her condition, the chance to take
really wasn’t worth the risk. Shiloh was eleven (11) years old,
at the time… We basically came to the realization
that along with the advice of our vet, that no matter what we did,
we would loose her. Putting her through a major surgery
would not make her end of life any better. It would make her suffer even more. We brought her home and we tried to make
the best of her last few weeks. Eventually, Shiloh loss control of her
lower jaw muscle and we had to help her eat. Every day, she would let me feed her
and she was very happy to do it. I would had to put
food on her mouth. Help her to close her mouth,
so she could control her tongue. But, she could not control her jaw. It was very trying to say the least… She was really happy to let me do it. Until one night… There was just one night,
she just decided, she did not wanted anything to do with food anymore… She just wanted to be with us. This is where the story gets sad…
Those of you that had been around, know part of the story. That night, we actually picked up
Shiloh and put her on our bed. She could not get up on our bed
anymore on her own. We would put her up and she couldn’t really
jump down without getting hurt. So, we thought of make sure to do that. That night, we put Shiloh up on the bed. She… Pretty much stayed there all night. By morning, it was real bad. She was very confused. Pretty much blind.
The pressure in her eyes had changed. She really could not see anything. We knew, her time had come,
to go over the Rainbow Bridge. Jamie and I took Shiloh
to the vet and made one of the hardest decisions
we ever had to make in our lives. We chose to let her go… Shiloh passed away very peacefully
with Jamie and I . Our dear friend Greg was there to support us. Shiloh passed away on
January 17, 2013, at the age of eleven (11). As of this day, I’m making this video. This Wednesday, will be
five (5) years since Shiloh passed away. For those of you, that continues to ask
day after day… “Who was Shiloh?” Because, a lot of you
are new and don’t know. “Where is Shiloh?”
“What happened to Shiloh?” There’s the story of Shiloh. She was the Husky who started it all.
(‘Gone To The SnowDogs’) She was the Husky who made us
get the Huskies that we have now. Shiloh is the reason for our
YouTube channel and Social Media. She’s the reason that we are,
on the path we are on. I just wanted to say,
thank you… For loving her, even those of you
that did not knew of her when she was around. Those of you that had gone and
come back to watch her old videos to learn who she was. Thank you for sharing her life
with you guys. You guys shared her life with other people
and shared her joy and happiness she brought to us. She also still brings to you, to this day. Thank you for being a part
of this amazing journey. Thank you for always keeping Shiloh
in your hearts. We loved her very much and
we miss her every day. But, we do know that… Without her… We wouldn’t be in the place we are now. We just wanted to say
thank you! Thank you for…
Loving what we do. Thank you for being part of our community. Thank you for always asking about Shiloh. Because like I said,
a lot of you are new and don’t know who she was. But, you do want to know who she is. So, I thought it would be a good idea
to finally make a video. Talking about who Shiloh was. Kind of an ‘In Memory’ video,
but at the same time… I don’t know… A tribute video… To Shiloh. Alright you guys… As always, if you are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw, don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button. Like this video and share it with friends,
to help us grow ‘The Pawdience!’ As always…
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big.
We will see you again soon.
Good bye guys.

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  1. Shannon West says:

    She is so cute❤️

  2. Ruby-Lee Howard says:

    How can Oakley be older than Shelby because Shelby has been there longer? I am so confused ?

  3. Rachel Green says:

    Shiloh looks like Oakley

  4. Nicole Basiakou says:

    That's why dogs or any other pet should be bought from stores.Because animals are not objects for us to buy. Btw Shiloh is adorable.

  5. Mangy Tangle says:

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  6. Duckkis says:

    I never knew Shiloh which is exactly why I'm here now, to learn things about her. Good that you guys saved her and gave her a good life despite all the issues.

  7. *•Zodiac The Dragonic Artist•* says:

    R.I.P Shiloh I miss her…. she was so so cute. Why was she sick? Like Oakley? I miss Oakley to… awww… I feel so so bad. For Shiloh and Oakley. Thank goodness Shiloh was not put down. ???? At least they both are in a better place.

  8. Lily Baker says:

    18 days till its been 6 years without her. I didn't know her 2 years ago and I was confused on y everyone was sad till I saw this and asked she looked so much like Oakley

  9. Center Stage says:


  10. CreoleLiveDoll says:

    I love and never tire of Shiloh's story and what a blessing you and Jamie were to her. I remember well, and jeez, still get emotional when I see her.? What a fun, pretty girl. RUN FREE SHILOH!????

  11. 20PINKluvr says:

    She looked exactly like Kira as a puppy but with blue eyes. Hope she keeps her white eyebrows

  12. Kelly Kocsis says:

    So said, I can see why you felt the need to rescue her and I'm glad you and Jamie were there for her. Poor girl, I'm sure she and Oakley are having tons of fun in heaven

  13. Nova says:

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  14. kayla thurmond says:

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  16. Michael Hartman says:

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  17. Gene Murphy says:

    I’ve always had Shelties except for my rescue Sheeba (SharBull/PittPei) I think I was her 4th whooman and she was about 7 months when I got lucky. I had an aging Shelty Prince and she was so gentle with him he was 15.5years when he went to the Rainbow ? Bridge next came Grape Nehi another Blue Merle they were partners for 13.5 years a kitten wandered in Frayed Knot and he was lost in the fire another story another time. I remember putting my nose against her beautiful red nose as she went to the Rainbow ? Bridge she didn’t like wiener dogs and had good reason she loved kids and women. How did a non-Shelty steal my heart as I have my 7th currently (Q-tip a double Merle very healthy)
    When I get to the bridge I’ll be able to run and play with all of them again
    Thanx kid dad misses you

  18. Linda Helt says:

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  19. Drawing_Tortilla says:

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    RIP Oakley dog 2004-2018

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  27. Patrick Ryan says:

    Oh, I've often wondered about Shiloh.. Thanks for filling new subscribers like me in.. You killed me with that Rainbow Bridge comment ????

  28. XxwolfieplayzxX says:

    For that person who fired f you just beacause the dog is sick does not mean you have to put them down if you can’t save her than it’s your fault and it’s not her fault for telling the truth!

  29. Deborah Sanders says:

    Muscle loss…
    Shiloh had muscular dystrophy! My cousins have it. In case you didn’t know, muscular dystrophy is when the muscles in your body start to erode away, leaving you paralyzed. There is no cure (yet). Hopefully a scientist will find a cure for this cancer like illness.

  30. Rancho The Dog says:

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  31. tiffany dodson says:

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    I miss her she was an so cute dog

  34. Kaitlin Cruz says:

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  35. Matt says:

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  36. ta d says:

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  45. Alisha Veits says:

    Wow! I truly can’t believe that I’ve been following you this long! Started watching your channel (the first on YouTube that I subscribed to) because of her and Shelby “talking” to the camera about their dinner getting made, needing it made faster! (This was pre-Oakley ❤️??) . Love to you and Jamie and Greg, Squirrel Friend, and to Baby Kira… Pet those beautiful girls for us!

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  50. Ash Marringle says:

    You had to put her down, didn't you? It's hard. You love your animal, not as a pet but as companion and family. It's really hard to lose any pet because your attached to them. I know how you feel. I had my cat, Dina, put down and it was extremely hard.

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    I also use to work at one and although we did not keep dogs, we did have rabbits that we got in whom were usually far too young to leave their mother. There was this one little rabbit who was so sick it was sitting frozen in the corner and my manager's response was not to take it to the vet but 'put it in an isolation cage in the back and let it die'.
    I quit shortly after.

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