shockingly realistic Robot Dog “Jennie” by Tombot

Introducing Tom, but the world’s most realistic and affordable robotic companion animal in 2011 my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and of the many bad days We had early on by far the worst was when I had to take away her dog She had a beautiful two-year-old golden doodle a dog with ordinarily a lovely disposition That she had managed to train to be aggressive towards her caregiver Well, we had close family friends that offered to make a new home for her dog My mother losing her best friend and sole companion Was devastated and it broke my heart to be the one that have to do that This sent me on a multi-year research and educational journey to learn more about the science of emotional attachment and human dog Relationships I also learned a great deal about the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia or bps D and the benefits of non pharmacological Interventions convinced it was possible to make a difference for my mother and others like her I launched aambat in 2017 I’d like to introduce you to Jenny our prototype robot Jenny is the world’s most realistic and affordable robotic companion animal unlike mechanical toy animals Jenny is designed to look feel and behave like a live dog Jenny is covered with touch sensors. This allows her to feel where and how she is being touched and allow her to behave accordingly Jenny responds to voice commands Jenny want to treat Jenny’s patent-pending internal architecture mimics the anatomy of a real dog Providing her with lifelike movement in her head and neck realistic facial expressions make interacting with Jenny a personal and unique experience a wagging tail is a true sign of a dog’s temperament and Jenny is no exception a Built-in speaker allows Jenny to communicate with authentic puppy sounds Tom bought tracks user interaction data allowing the caregiver to understand how and when she’s being used tom Bots are made of hypoallergenic and antimicrobial Material and will never bite Tom bot is designed to make a lasting impression from the very first interaction We are on a mission to improve the quality of life for seniors with dementia one puppy at a time Please visit tomba comm for more information on our puppies and to see what else we’re up to

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