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– Sit, beg. – Whoa. – Good girl.
– He’s standing. – I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m a crazy dog. (upbeat music) – [Kids] Hi. – My name is Jules. – My name is Yanna. – My name is Alissa. – My name is Raleigh. – My name is Dane. – Today, we’re going to
show and tell our pets. – Is it a cat, is it a cat?
– What color is your animal? – It’s a cat. – Orange. – Does it have fur? – Yes.
– Can it fly? – No. – [Woman] Why don’t we bring
the pet out and we’ll find out? – It’s a cat, it’s a cat,
it’s a cat, a cat, a cat. – You will see what is it. – I knew it, winner, chicken dinner! – The cat’s so cute.
– It’s so cute. – Wait, what’s its name?
– Simba. – Simba?
– Simba? – He is super nice, he is patient, he doesn’t have ears and he likes to play. – That’s nice. – Oh god, he just licked me. – How long ago did you get him? – He’s one, they had
kittens, like three kittens. I was like, “Which one should I pick?” – How big was he when you got him? – Almost the same thing,
but kind of smaller. – Two inches? – Yeah, like that. – [Woman] Do you think that
he could be pet by them? – Yeah. He’s fluffy. – Do you want to pet him? – Mm hmm. – He’s so cute.
– Hi. – [Jules] He’s so cute. – Your eyes are so big.
– His eyes are so big. – [Woman] Can you say goodbye to Simba? – [Kids] Bye. – [Jules] Bye-bye, Simba. – Can we open?
– Okay, open. – [Yanna] Hey, is it a gecko? – It’s a leopard-tail
gecko and he eats worms. These are worms. If you’ll hold this?
– Sure. – Are you going to pick up the worms? – [Jules] Yes, if he jumps
out at you, don’t scream. – I want it to jump out at me. – Okay, first you have to
find the worm which takes– – Let me see, let me see. Oh my god, oh, oh, it’s a live worm. It’s a real alive worm. – Is he gonna eat it?
– Eat it, I dare you. – Try to tell him. – You should eat. – Eat.
– Eat. – [Kids] Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. – No, he doesn’t really care. – Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you his name. His name is Dart from
like “Stranger Things.” – Oh, Dart. – [Woman] The next person to share? – You can open. – Aww. – She loves people, so
she’s trying to escape now. – Can I?
– You can hold her. – I’m not holding her. – I got her for Christmas, last Christmas. Her name is Penny. So she like loves new people,
she’ll go crazy for them. – So, what kind of dog is it? – Oh, its’ a Maltipoo which is a Maltese mixed with a Poodle. – Make a trick, make a trick. – Sit, beg. – Whoa. – Good girl.
– He’s standing. – I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m a crazy dog. – Can she bark? – Yeah, she does these little roof roof. (imitates dog barking) – Oh, it’s running, it’s a-running away. – Get back here.
(laughing) She wants to explore everything. – She’s like “Yeah, I want to eat.” – [Woman] All right, you
want to say goodbye to her? – Bye.
– Bye. – Bye, Penny. – I can’t get that door open. – Yeah, yes. – A bird, that’s so cool.
– What kind of bird is it? – It’s a yellow-sided
green-cheeked conure. – Does he sit on your finger? – Yes. – Will she fly away? – If she flies on you, just be calm because of my friends
kinda freaks out, so. Coral, come on, come to me. – [Alissa] She’s biting you. – Ow. She’s very feisty. So I’m probably not gonna
be able to take her out. But you can tell that she’s kinda rainbow, has blue feathers and I can
make her poop on command. – You can? – [Raleigh] Poop, poop, poop. Poop, poop. – [Dane] Oh, what the… – Gross. – Did you guys even get that on camera? – [Raleigh] Poop. (deep distorted voices) – [Woman] All right, there’s one left. – It’s definitely him, you are next. – [Woman] How about
everybody close their eyes? – I think it’s a dog, I think
it’s a dog, can we open? – Yes. – It’s huge. Oh god, it’s so big. – Can you ride it? – I used to, not anymore. – Why is it so big? – I got him like six years ago. – Wait, how do you get it in the car? – Do you have a big trunk
or a big car or something? – We don’t have a big car, actually. – Oh god, I’m scared,
I’m scared, I’m scared. Make him sit. (kids laughing) – Logan. Logan. – I’m scared, I’m scared. – Okay, are you sitting on me? – Yeah. I think he likes sitting on you. He doesn’t usually do that, I’m surprised. He never, ever does this at home. – Yeah, he really like to sit on you. – [Woman] All right,
should we all say goodbye? – [Kids] Bye. – Goodbye, I don’t think
he can get off of you. – [Kids] Thanks for watching. – HiHo Kids. – [Kids] Bye. – Your dog was the tiniest,
his dog was the biggest. – Yeah, I think mine was the tiniest. – No, no, no, yours was the tiniest. – Your dog was like the size of this room.

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100 Responses

  1. Wowens Dale says:

    omg we want more of this 💗💗💗

  2. Rizkha - says:

    I see Jules, I click

  3. aja 0811 says:

    that dog is bigger than the kiddo >.<

  4. immaryreyes says:

    This vid with short animal exposures 🙁 kinda wish the pets were shown a little longer 🙁

    But that poop on command was impressive 👏🏼

  5. SummerBrze says:

    "If he jumps out at you, don't scream." 🙄🤔

  6. Isabelle Hollingworth says:

    my dog is way bigger then that and way fatter XD we had a dog that was skinny and the same big thing but you passed

  7. Abhilasha Supe says:

    That was the most disobedient gecko ever. Why couldn't it EAT , with all that prompting too ?! 🤣😂

  8. 今回今回 says:


  9. ecarghtiaf says:

    is Dane's dog a Great Dane? lol

  10. TheOfficialPixel says:

    I have the same bird, I actually can do the poop command too lol.
    My bird's name is Monpé, he loves icecream. ( Strawberry )

  11. A&L ASMR says:

    Ugh another Nick Jonas ad

  12. Siona Thomas says:

    I love Penny the Maltipoo that I wish I had it 😔

  13. akbar falah says:

    New kids

  14. Sweet.T says:

    Like that Alissa just said "I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared" but didnt freak out or scream! Wouldve scared the dog too xD

  15. Anthony Sten Amundsen says:

    Which one did u like the most?

    Penny : 1st

    Simba : 2nd

    Logan : 3rd

    Bird's : 4th

    Dart : 5th

  16. Queen RiRi says:

    Omg that little doggie is so cute 😭❤

  17. Devendra Bajpai says:


  18. Xxomg_judiXx says:

    This has nothing to do with the vid but I need help💀

    So we're going to have culture day at Wednesday in school, and I said i could search for music(bc I'm Stupid) so if any of u know Japanese (family friendly, I don't want to get anyone mad) music please help❤️💀

  19. Kiara Alanis says:

    PLEASE do more of these 😭

  20. coolkies21 says:

    ''your dog is as big as this room!''

  21. devi chakkvarathy says:

    Who does have not have a pet here?
    Edit: me : )

  22. Rakshanda says:

    Every bad thing that ever happen to me : I WANT IT TO JUMP OT AT ME 😂

  23. Lukas GC says:

    My Aunt's family lived in small town in Indonesia, and they looked after a great dane! Fortunately their neighbor which was an Islamic orphanage did not mind at all and the orphans visited to play with the dog instead ❤

  24. Unspoken Wolfie says:

    Girl: wears a cat shirt
    Also girl: brings her pet cat

  25. Michelle E.G. says:

    Who could ever give a thumbs down to Hi Ho Kids?

  26. OGG_scorpion says:

    Goodbye simba
    Rip simba

    If you know what I’m talkin aboooot

  27. Calvin says:

    That little girl has weaponized poop

  28. dollyparts666 says:

    The poop on command bird KILLED ME

  29. izzy abu says:

    it is such torture to watch annoying kids verbally abuse animals lol

  30. Ed Byrne says:

    That boy trying to control the big dog was hilarious.

  31. Ruby Wong says:

    Omg I wish I could pet the last doggo 😍

  32. StriderEX9 says:

    Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! 🤣

  33. Fhnanshcn Hmdbafab says:

    The little girl: he has no ears

    Me: that’s a Scottish fold

  34. Panchi says:

    Same pinch, my bird also poops on my command, I say Haagu Haagu and there she poops. LOL!

  35. Iliana says:

    We want more pet show and tells!
    I love seeing kids and their animals. ❤

  36. rio xia says:

    Awww all those animals were so cute and those kids were so sweet, Simba the cat has such big eyes! He’s adorable

  37. zombinow says:

    Kids reactions never get old or boring😊😊

  38. Ilovepotatos says:

    I have a wallaby as a pet

  39. Lindsey Pindsey says:

    Some of those kids are so loud. I feel bad for those poor animals.

  40. Kris T says:

    I love how excited kids get over simple things. I miss being that way.

  41. Penny Quist says:

    Why do everyone call their dogs 🐶 Penny so much 😂😂😂😂

  42. gauko_ BTS says:

    When the girl said that her cats name is simba,I immediately got a memory of my own cat simba
    It was Persian,grey and white,and a boy
    It died because doctors put expired vaccines on him
    And I'm really sad 🙁

  43. D 99 says:

    "She loves people, so she's trying to escape now" IF THAT AIN'T ME LMAO

  44. laluschka says:

    why would you put a bird in a cage??

  45. MyWasteOfTime says:

    "If he jumps out at you, don't scream" LOL yea good luck with that 🙂

  46. NinoMations! ! says:

    Its HUUUGE
    Me: That’s what she said TvT


  47. Sohag Poddar says:

    OMG! I HATE the girl sitting on the right side wearing a pink top and black jeans with her hair clipped with a pink clip… Because… WHAT? She hates and is afraid of DOGS!!! I hate people who are afraid of or hate dogs. She is AFRAID of an animal which loves humans unconditionally and are VERY Loyal… Be filled with SHAME , IDIOT!!!😠😠😠

  48. Anisha mohammad says:


  49. Helen Gilbert says:

    I have a maltipoo

  50. Kertu Kulli says:

    The bigger dog was SOOO CUUUTTEEEEE😘😍😍😍😍😍😍🐩🐕

  51. Hina Tariq says:

    Alissa is so lively ❤

  52. Samantha Studios says:

    I want to do this :((

  53. Ava Williams says:


  54. Lusanda Mthembu says:

    The third girl had such a beautiful voice

  55. Leigh Anne Thomas says:

    God bless these little ones

  56. Kimimi R says:

    The boy's name is Dane, and he has a great dane~

  57. ufmg99 says:

    Great Dane is one of the most peaceful dog ever. I think poodle is more "dangerous" than him 🐶🐩😁

  58. Laura Yem says:

    Owwwww, so cutiiiiiiiiie !!! 😍😍😍✨👌
    The lil boy big dog, so funny 😂😂💕

  59. Cover Girl says:

    My dogs name is penny too 🥰🥰

  60. Innara says:

    Why do people still buy animals as a present for Christmas? Why do they buy at all if there are lots of them in the shelters waiting for love after being rejected? And this cage for this parrot… it's so SMALL! And most of them need at least one friend 🙁 I love hiho but that makes me sad..

  61. Farzana Hesari says:

    Im looking stranger things

  62. katie jacobson says:

    when the kid named Dane has a Great Dane….😂🤔😂

  63. floofy says:

    Not over the fact that the kid with the Great Dane was named Dane, that’s too cute

  64. Lena Scholz says:

    This was really adorable. Those cages need to be bigger though and the bird would probably like to have a friend…

  65. Naeelah The Awesome says:

    I just finished scrolling through all 143 comments. I liked almost everyone except for the few hate comments 😪😁

    Edit:I just liked this comment too 😉

  66. Elizabeth Greene says:

    I have a eyelash crested gecko named Billie Eyelash

  67. OwenFrom OKC says:

    The lizard said to the food *NOPE*

  68. Kayden OwO says:

    I have three loper gekos a snake and a dog

  69. Paulette Shah says:

    Awww the cat and puppy soooo cuteeeee

  70. aLiLMiSSMe says:

    If that was my cat he would have ran over my face, clawing my eyes out and would have ran out of that room.

  71. DaSoggyWaffle says:

    I luv this one with pets

  72. Obama Llama Duck says:

    When did a poop be so impressive

  73. Owlcitylove2001 Booboo500 says:

    I love it!!!…😱😍😄😃💯😆❤️😁😊🥰😮😎😘😀☺️

  74. Lando Bleu says:

    The Great Dane though

  75. Nicole Harn says:

    Typical Great Dane 😂 total lap dogs

  76. Alan Ng says:

    Alyssa + Dane…..Just saying

  77. Taysia Brown says:

    How cuuuute😭

  78. Evelyn Chapa says:

    They should do kids try not to try food🍔🍕🌮🍟🍱🍫🍩

  79. Toto49ish says:

    Love the Great Dane

  80. Obama Care says:

    thank you to listening to my constant begging and putting jules in a ton more videos 😌 its very much appreciated

  81. Liaccemis World says:

    The last one is bigger then the kid

  82. hisashi araya-kjeseth says:

    They are so precious 😍😍

  83. kate carew says:

    Great Dane leans “he’s never done that at home”
    But it’s what they do?!

  84. Serah Thuo says:

    i love these

  85. Aston Cliffe says:

    0:49 he looks like my friends cat

  86. кристина кристина says:

    OK the big dog is soo cute❤️❤️😍😍❤️❤️

  87. Just ME says:

    Poor little birdie! He is all alone and only got a mirror as company, which is known to be very harmful 🙁 .

  88. Enya Murphy says:

    is it just me or does watching little kids handle animals makes you anxious.

  89. Oscar Ritson says:

    That bird looks like mine

  90. TheChaoticLoser says:

    The bird poops on command lol

  91. Sunny Bryant says:

    I used to have a Great Dane but he passed away a few years ago I love them

  92. SKRsoul says:

    That gecko should be called Sharpay.
    It looks fabulous.

  93. Jessica Diaz says:

    2:00 my organs yelling at me when i accidentally starve myself for 2 days

  94. Brown Coffee says:

    tHeYrE sO oLd nOw
    Although I'm turning 10 this year-

  95. IzzyDizzy Gacha says:

    Is that Ari from Maiden Animation

  96. xXÑáñámî HâmádãXx says:

    Kids try Malaysian snacks! Like if your a Malaysian and agree with me Hiho Kids are amazing!♥️🇲🇾😁

  97. Hafizz Rahman says:

    4:03 I thought it was a horse for a second 😂

  98. J Reek says:

    The poor lizard just seeing people say eat eat eat. I know there only children but would you like it if someone told you to eat eat eat

  99. Baby bald head Baby bald head says:

    I crazy I crazy I that crazy dog

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