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  1. Custard Cringe says:

    omg the music video has an amazing story line to it

  2. sof bear says:

    Alguien q hablé español :'v??
    Por sierto…buena la música ;3

  3. game force75790 says:

    We have turned the song into a fnaf song

  4. Ginger Loves Warriors says:

    And that, kids, is how we met.

  5. i'm a hater says:

    0:52 " você pode tentar correr, mas não pode se esconder "

    Partiu estados unidos, bye Brasil

  6. Bia Fox says:

    Eu tô viciada nessa música;-;

  7. Chris 64 says:

    Found this song a few days ago and I can't stop listening! Thanks SIAMES, this is a new favorite! 🙂

  8. Garl Vinland says:

    "Inside you, there are two wolves. Both will fucKING KILL YOU RUN"

  9. Ozo the smit says:

    The goddam animation when the girl hits the wolf with the skateboard is great and I love it

  10. SUNKEN SATURN says:

    To me, this feels like it's trying to say that you can't run away from consequences no matter how hard you try. Every action you take results in something, so face it head on. You might not fix the problems you've created, but it's better to try than to run away.

  11. Tenya Iida says:

    I have pretty strong legs but damn I can't escape this wolf lmao

  12. RECRIDO says:

    1:39 GET REKT

  13. Sun Beats says:

    who's hearing egg mayo at the start
    like if you hear it

  14. Fandom Girl says:

    I think everyone’s life problems are somehow connected and if you both have been running ror so long from them you realize you can’t run anymore. There will be consequences for you’re actions but facing them is the only way they will go away forever.

  15. alex gieiming YT says:

    I love garl and scieit bord

  16. Kenzy Garety says:

    pls make part 2 i keep on watching it

  17. Aaaa Bbbb says:

    Everybody outhere talkin' about the music N' shit but fr the animation quality in these animated music videos gets better and better

  18. Policia Federal Gameplay's says:

    I remember use this song to make a “comic” named

    “The rescue of sebas”
    Its was abaout my friend my bro and me my friend sebas
    Was drowning so I disides to help but how I couldn’t take him up my bro who have a afraid of get drowned so he doesn’t enter in the pool just rescue sebas and we awake from A DREAM ;D

    But now sebas swim like a pro lol :v

  19. RCYBER_X04 says:

    Wolf symbolises consequences
    Three character are the protagonists in this moral
    Cigarette, safety and alcoholism are all the cause of these consequences aka the form of the Wolf 🐺
    In anyway how everyone describes it

    The guy in the end who bravely fought the wolf also bravely fought his problems symbolically/ metaphorically
    Similar to everyone else I guess

  20. RCYBER_X04 says:

    Bro even tho these are songs they send powerful morals


  21. Bruno Briseño says:

    I M M A P U N C H A Canis lupus

  22. MrMotherfuck123 says:

    89 Mio views ? Overrated.

  23. Blank Blank says:

    This song makes me want to find an old abandoned warehouse and kick down every door and window

  24. TheCutiGirl PIZZA says:

    At first, I thought this was furry stuff, but one day I accidentally clicked on it, and I'm happy I did.

  25. Xia V says:

    Damn literally everything about this is amazing.

  26. Stanislava Tkacikova says:

    my faworite animal is wold xd

  27. Rat King says:

    egg layer

  28. Lego Taylor says:

    EPICC im revisiting this song and omg i dont regret being curious. also DIS ART

  29. 귀찮 says:

    How awesome song!!!



  31. EcologicNickel says:

    I think it might be quite obvious the theme to this song could be about your problems, but how about if it was facing your fears or something around that topic?

  32. Kaitlin Falconio says:

    This song reminds me of love and trying to escape from bad things that happen in your life. Beatiful song

  33. Sidney Robinson says:

    I want a sequel

  34. Arhaan Kaura says:

    you could tell me that animation was from an anime and I WOULD BELIEVE YOU

  35. random nightguard says:

    me playing at hard be like: 1:39

  36. Just-Some-Menace says:

    please make another video I loved this so much.

  37. Blyat Bois says:

    this song makes me want to no joke fight a group of wolves to keep three people i randomly met safe

  38. ana the cat gamer aj says:

    WOW this is freaking beautiful what do you use to animate this animation is so edgy love it!

  39. TalenGryphon says:

    Walter's bass work is amazing

  40. Cameron B says:

    1:39 me when i noticed the boss is too strong

  41. Airam Glam says:

    2019 esta canción es asombrosa!!🙌👌💕

  42. RhX says:

    Two years later and this still gives me goosebumps to this day. Can't say that about many songs now, can you?

  43. sin conexión a internet :'v says:

    Me gustó la música

  44. Nico Metal says:

    Son geniales!! y son argentinos!!! me emociona aún mas!

  45. Gamers United says:

    "deal with your fuckin probleme's already Goddammit"

  46. Далбаёб на AfiLe says:


  47. HodgePodge says:

    Why does Astro Soups video make so much sense now

  48. Renea Blackheart says:

    Ok so I have a habit of representing people who I have been in a toxic, possessive friendship with as wolves in my art. Meanwhile, I represent myself as a rabbit
    You know
    Wolves eat them

  49. 뚱이 says:

    아…………자면서도 생각나요~~~~~~~~~~~goodgoodgood

  50. lola gacha says:

    you can't run ♡

  51. Okuyasu Nijumura says:

    Nice song.

  52. Kim Brucker says:

    Okay, but I'm really intrigued by the girl and her story in this video? Going on the theory that the message is that you have to face your problems in order to defeat them, why did the girl hit the wolf with her skateboard before running? Was it to show that she went about facing her problems all wrong before running from them? Or that she tried to beat them back, thus making it worse when she did run?

  53. nicholas gomez gray says:


  54. ItzSukii says:

    To me the message is, no matter what your problems are, you have to help others with theirs. And they will help you with yours. This song really is helping me with some tough times, thank you so much.

  55. Pictot says:


  56. Dan says:

    please someone else tell me you hear "eggmayo eggmayo eggmayo"

  57. epiccutiewolf /midnight says:

    2:33 when you accidentally hit your friend in minecraft and his 100 dogs start trying to kill you

  58. H2zus_k29 Gamer says:


  59. Yetusthatfetus You no see my name says:

    The message is that you can’t run away no matter what you will have problems in you’re life but you have to get the courage to face you’re problem just like the biker

  60. Agnieszka Cegiełka says:

    when the song began i hear "enter it"

  61. BERMUDA ŞEHRİ says:

    Rasher dan geldik 😀 ❤️

  62. Someone Else says:

    this is basically how isekai animes are when the protagonist is out for revenge

  63. DuzkiProductions says:

    90 mil views. We're getting close to 100 mil!

  64. CombatDroid0112 says:

    Dude the wolf turns into no-face from spirited away in the restaurant. Anybody else?

  65. APPSDROID iPhone says:


  66. ENDERTALE says:


  67. edwin joel franco pauta says:

    buena canción
    es de mis favoritas

  68. Cotton Unicorn Candy says:

    Who thinks these transitioning schenes are amazing af

  69. Cotton Unicorn Candy says:


  70. Ashly Flores says:


  71. another gamer says:

    Everybody:talking about the moral


  72. Юрий Многолесов says:

    Dis music its very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Splenyxx says:

    As a wolf lover and a wolf, don´t like to potray the wolves as evil.
    A wolf potrayed as a problem to get rid of fills my heart with rage, because wolf blood is rushing trough my veins.

    The girl hit the wolf painfully instead of trying to face it, which ain´t taking her anywhere but trouble.
    To me, the purpose actually is to BEFRIEND the problems instead of to defeating them.
    I love wolves very much, and no matter what they do, I won´t be on the side of the one who kills them.
    I just want to hug them all :3

  74. ThatOneCrossoverCup 8916 says:

    Guy: Alcohol addict
    Girl: Smoking addict

    Wolves: Stop it, get some help.

  75. Micah Madison says:

    The fact that he was willin to fight that bitch 3:03

  76. d w says:

    i feel like these music vids give the songs another dimension
    like idk, but whenever i listen to mr fear, summer nights, or this, ill always think about the music vids and the stories.

  77. Bunnybear71582 says:

    this is such an amzing and unique animation!!

  78. Stiich - says:

    Eu vi sa porra tinha nem 1m de views e agora 90mvpqp

  79. G0blin says:

    ok so when is the anime coming out?

  80. branyofficial says:

    everyone talkin about the message and shit and im here like

    that animation is motherfucking n0ice

  81. Superkick party says:

    This is teenage nostalgia

  82. Andrex 1855 says:

    ponganla en velocidad 1.25

  83. Issac Rissler says:

    I think that the wolves being black is like that because they do represent our problems. and we don’t notice them or act like they don’t exist .but when when they try to do something about them or someone mentions them the wolves show their eyes. and we realize that we need to deal with them so we try but can’t do it on our own. and at the end when the motorcyclist loses his motorcycle which he treats as a cheat to escape by admireing things. when he is trying to help someone else with the problem they have and with him losing his cheat he knows that he will never escape so he goes after all of their problems at once willing to sacrifice himself for the rest of them

  84. Kaira the cat :3 says:

    es hipnotizante 0w0

  85. xXKatakuriFanGirlXx says:

    Well, it’s been a while now

  86. pedro RODRIGUEZ says:

    i love thise song si so awesome i love it

  87. AnnaOtherStuff says:

    it's really interesting, having rewatched and replayed this video so many times and looking at the comments a lot… a few months ago all the big theories were about addiction and fighting against addiction while now it seems like we've broadened the overall theory to emphasize how the video is about running away from / fighting against problems.

  88. Gael DE FRANCA says:

    1:56 That reference to princess mononoke

  89. Gerard Atlas says:

    I just noticed something deeper about this video than I initially gleaned;
    I knew that the wolf chasing the three people was the representation of them using alcohol, smoking, and literally running away from life (or possibly 'taking on the problems of others') as an escape from their problems… but 'as you run from your problems they get worse' is represented here as well; as they run from their wolves, they multiply and eventually start to transform into an entirely different, nightmarish monster. The way the transformation occurs is very interesting; it always goes wolf > wolves > flashing to monster and going back to wolves > more wolves for a second > 50/50 wolves and monster > more freakish monster > monster keeps mutating and the artwork starts to depict falling. You have a problem; you run from it and it becomes a bit worse; you worry and look at the future panicked at what the problem may turn into; the problem isn't yet out of hand and you're given a final chance to correct it; the problem becomes a monster; the problem goes out of control and you begin your downward spiral.

    The first person, the one on the moped, I am not sure if he is running away from life, or if he uses 'taking on the problems of others' as his escape from his own problems. Consider the ending scene; moped guy is crying, is fed up and sprints at the wolves head-on. The other man and woman, whose main problems are drinking and smoking, sit back in awe as moped guy handles all of their wolves at once.

  90. cloud bunny says:

    Не знаю, поймёте ли вы меня, но… Эта песня шикарна! Анимация просто превосходна! Сочетание анимации и песни бомбезно! Всё в ритм. Нет таких слов, которые могут передать красоту всего этого. ПРОСТО ИДЕАЛЬНО!! И стиль рисовки шикарен

  91. Grand Magus says:

    That feeling when i saw this clip when it had only 300 views

  92. Justin Joens says:

    So this is what it takes to make a moped look cool…

  93. Avacodo Eater says:

    Damn, for someone who smokes she can really run

  94. Fomalhaut ¿ says:

    Is it just me or the title "The Wolf" was intended?
    I mean, some songs use the generic "Lone Wolf" one..
    But in here, it feels like it's implying that the three individuals in this MV are the wolves themselves.
    Like they're wolves, wanting someone to accompany with them.

  95. Jax Regona says:

    dank as fuck

  96. Musawwer Khan says:

    Last time I watched this was in 3rd grade. Wow this looks so modern even from now on.

  97. ホフマン日向 says:

    You can never run from your problems, if you do your problems will get worse and consume you

  98. Raistlin Thompson-weaver says:

    Their is a lesson here and i'm not the one to figure it out.

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