Siberian Husky – 8 vrolijke feiten

The Siberian Husky One of the most beautiful & intelligent dog breeds in the world But this breed does have a certain reputation because it ‘s a pretty difficult one So people ask themselves: Do I fit to be a Husky owner? Well, let ‘s look at this matter from a dogs perspective Because the Husky has a bucket list of his own… and there are at least 8 items on that list Number 1: We love dirt & we love digging O, by the way: dirt is not the same as ‘dirty’ because that ‘s just a human concept as well as ‘cleaning up’ is So ‘cleaning up’ most certainly is NOT on our list And we don’t like it at all! Number 2: We have a very strong prey drive It isn’t really about the food, it ‘s just in our blood So that peaceful cat that can be our friend indoors…. … may be our prey outdoors Or the rabbit, the chicken, the mole, the goose, the duck…. … any small animal or any careless fish Number 3: You might say that if you set us free, we love to run away But for us that means that we’re just exploring our surroundings And sometimes, well…. we get into places where we can’t get out off anymore Or we only took a oneway ticket… and you will have to help us to get back Number 4: We like to talk back and try to make some sense Or we imitate noise whitout any sense at all And we try to talk you out of really stupid things! That brings us to number 5: our rhythm When the weather is nice and warm and you want to go out…….. we just want to ly down On the other hand, when it’s cold & freezing & icy…. and you want to stay in… we want to go out And we want you to come with us! not once, not twice. O no, all the time! Number 6: everything is ours! When we get a pillow, we take out the filling and make it ours Outside belongs to us too, so…. And if that doesn’t work, we try another door or even the wall Off course you love the garden and the beautiful flowers in it Well, we love them too, so we’ll make them ours And in due time they will look like Death Valley Or even worse: the surface of the moon Number 7: We like to take the lead And that makes perfect sense, because for ages…. you have put us in front of the sled, and not behind it So we take the lead and we just pull! Which brings us to the final item on our list: Number 8 Being a leading dog means that we interfere in everything you do From shifting gear…. to taking the roundabout the right way And when there is food involved, your behaviour has our very, very special attention That brings us back to the question from the beginning: Do I fit to be a Husky owner? Well, let me give you an answer that does not fit that question: If you are prepared to accept the Husky ‘s bucket list… and appriciate the 8 items that are on it…. then maybe, just maybe…. You are fit to be owned by a Siberian Husky Thank you for watching! And hope to meet you in the next bus or Husky video

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3 Responses

  1. Han Verdi Husky & RV says:

    Just ask the dog!
    Are you fit to be the owner of a Siberian Husky? The best way to find out is to ask this breed! #8 Husky bucket list. With a joyful nod and with a (real!) wink at the end. Have fun watching. And if you like, subscribe, leave a thumb and/or a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP.

  2. JosephusNB says:

    made me laugh … recognized it 🙂

  3. Kjay Sounds says:

    De stem is goud

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