Siberian Husky Dog says I Love You Talking Dog

(Huskies howling)
“Aroooooo!” Speak! (Shiloh growls) Hey, I love you! I love you! (barks) I love you! (growls) I love you! I love you! (growls) I love you! (barks) Oh! You love me? I love you! I love you! I love you! (growls) I love you! (growls) (laughter) Hey! Don’t eat my chair! I love you! (barks) Say, “I love mamma!” (growls) (laughter) I love you! Are you being silly? I love you! (growls) I love you! (growls) I love you! (barks) I love you! (barks) That’s a good girl! I love you! (growls) Hey, that’s Shelby’s toy! Hey! Say, “mamma!” (barks) “Mamma!” (growls) “My mamma!” (barks) Now say, “I love you!” Say, “I love you!” (growls) Oh! That’s a good girl! I love you! (barks) (barks) ♪ ♪ ♪

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71 Responses

  1. mpourmpoulithra says:

    beautiful babyyyyyy!

  2. Andrew Smith says:


  3. Hella True says:

    Thats soo adorablee (:

  4. S S says:

    I HATE YOU, making me so jealous, shes so cute when she looks directly at the camera, those beautiful big eyes

  5. Luchia Ichigo says:

    Not as good as Mishka saying "I love you" but still cute 🙂

  6. Shadowthehedgehogzx says:

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute X3 , shes sooo adorable X3 , i love u to shiloh ^o^ (hug)

  7. Christina C. says:

    aw! So cute 😀 She's getting better and better haha 😉

  8. Diogyk Kygoid says:

    0:56 <== she's soo beautiful :* :*

  9. Shadowthehedgehogzx says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs thank u ^w^

  10. Jen M says:

    I wuv you!!!! cute overload! lol :D:D:D

  11. Rawgee says:

    Nice vid again Jess! My kids love'em! I was wondering which software do you use to edit your videos?

  12. The Big Crunch Project says:

    I loved that video. I find it adorable dogs speak. Can't believed she tried to bite your chair. Does she do that often?

  13. The Big Crunch Project says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Yeah, she was certainly excited. I guess making a 50th video could do that. Congrats!

  14. MsBorderCollieLover says:

    Oh I just.. Aww I can really see the love… Great video:)

  15. SulliMike241 says:

    What can I say, I'm a dog lover.

  16. Teri Turnmire says:

    That is so awesome! Marley sometimes says "I don't know" when you ask him what something is on t.v. Dogs are so much smarter than many give them credit for!

  17. Rawgee says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Thanks!

  18. Chester908 says:

    50 vids already! time flew by fast.

  19. Kendra The Shiny Eevee says:

    My mom had a husky and he'd talk and whine all day.

  20. oly355 says:

    this is the kind of moment with an animal, where there is no existing words for the Joy it brings. how loving your animal can be, just because they love you. I don't think there is a word, in english, french spanish or even german for what I just saw there. joy, love and absolute beauty itself. love your vids.

  21. Sarah J. says:

    She's adorable! Can shelby do it too?

  22. whiskerchild says:

    Look at that gorgeous tail- I miss those Huskies! Mine spoke the same way.

    Great vid!

  23. Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

    Shiloh is so smart! She is definitely communicating with you! : )

  24. Luchia Ichigo says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs Thats true^^ Huskies seem to be very talented for speaking

  25. Morgan Daves says:


  26. Hollie By Golly says:

    Daww. Did you teach her to talk, or did she pick up on it on her own?

  27. 123321n says:

    im a big fan of ur dogs!! but i think Shelby would do it better than Shiloh!

  28. Mark Pajak says:

    Siberian huskies have been bred specifically to say "I love you".

  29. califgirl101 says:

    Oh my goodness! Shiloh is just toooooooo darned cute! Just look at her cuteness! 🙂

  30. Santiago San Martin says:

    lol "don't eat my chair" XD

  31. KalKaiba says:

    What a cutie!! Your dog is BEAUTIFUL!!


    What a Cutie!!
    Paws up

  33. BlackLabLover9 says:

    OMG!! How adorable is Shiloh!! I love her!

  34. taskmant says:

    hehe just like mishka 🙂 does Shelby also talks like this?

  35. taskmant says:

    ah sorry didnt see the second video 🙂

  36. lisaannejane2 says:

    That is just way too cute – she really loves her mommy!

  37. scaleop4 says:

    man she is beauty full.

  38. Lovelylady42582 says:

    i love this one!

  39. califgirl101 says:

    *smiles* I can never get enough of this adorable video! Shiloh is just too cute! Oh wait…Shelby is just as sweet too! Didn't wanna leave her out! Sorry guys!

  40. teakbridge101 says:

    Shiloh really looks like a little mouse at 0:10…I don't think I have seen a dog this happy. Scientifically, that sounds bad, but just looking at her, that is not simple panting, she is really happy.

  41. Ken Jones says:

    She is a true beauty. I just uploaded a video of my SIberian singing, you should check it out 🙂

  42. nicki ruby says:

    Too cute

  43. marble455 says:

    i ♥ how huskies have a wiggly fluffy tails

  44. marble455 says:

    is she sick? why is she barking like that

  45. Almondjoy says:


  46. Kristina C. says:

    Her voice makes me think of when the chimp said "No", in rise of the planet of the apes… It was much scarier though.

  47. Ivy Sparkleclaw says:

    Move over Mishka! Shiloh and Shelby are in the zone! hehe

  48. Jenn S says:

    That pup has people eyes i swear! how cute!

  49. TripleTify says:


  50. blissaru says:

    Huskies are best!!!!
    Mine's a wolf hybrid. 🙂
    Yours is so sweet!! Love her!

  51. ryan saan says:

    Luv you Shiloh

  52. Danso Jones says:


  53. Mary says:

    The 9 people that disliked this video must be cat people.

  54. 00YsoSerious00 says:

    im a cat person but i love dogs too! i have a cat and a jack russel

  55. 00YsoSerious00 says:

    and i liked the vider 🙂

  56. kenzington02 says:

    Haha, so cute! I just love how she talks!

  57. Dub Crep says:

    nice dog i want 1

  58. Yara Yara says:

    Cute doggy ohh(:

  59. jewl 721 says:

    Shiloh wen she say I love back it's so silent, but u can hear it. love ger to.xoxox

  60. Military Wolf86 says:

    shes adorable x}

  61. Ana Merino says:

    I cried while watching

  62. Kelly September says:


  63. Brittany Wilkins says:

    Rest in peace shy girl…

  64. Love Husky says:

    I miss shiloh

  65. heba hassan says:

    So funny but i miss her…

  66. smitty webenjagermanjensen says:

    Shes whispering it. Thats so cute im gonna die.

  67. Fun with Andy says:


  68. Vishal Chanana says:

    “I LOVE YOU”

  69. Mangy Tangle says:

    she has big pupils and its…CUTE 😍😍😍😍

  70. Andy says:

    Thanks for all the good times Shiloh!

  71. Aura-Folfie says:

    Oh sweet Shiloh, we all miss you to this day as well as the other dogs.

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