Dogumentry TV, producing the best Breed documentaries on YouTube The Siberian Husky is a strong compact working sled dog originating in Siberia They were the perfect working dogs for such a harsh grind This breed is hardy able to integrate into small packs and quite happy to work for hours on end If you are considering a siberian husky is your next pet here are [5] things you should know Number 5 house is a great pet for homes with children? [however] small children should always be supervised when around any breed of dog as an added precaution Teacher children how to approach and touch [dogs] to prevent any hair or tail pulling on the part of either party Number 4 7 husky should be exercised 60 minutes daily to keep them from being bored siberian Huskies are long distance Runners and make excellent doggy companions Do not [exercise] a siberian husky in hot weather Maintaining your own active life through hiking and other outdoor sports will keep you and your siberian husky healthy happy and out of trouble number 3 the Siberian Husky Shed a lot especially during spring when they blow their coats with all things being equal this is an easy breed to care for [severe] [in] Huskies living in Cooler temperatures tend to shed a lot less than those living in warm climate you can avoid matting and Excess hair or your furniture if you commit to brushing your dog’s coat at least once a week go in the year and daily during the shedding season Number two the Siberian Husky rarely works barking as a territorial [call] and huskies like wild dogs are almost uniquely Non-Territorial while parking is not their thing howling is Which can be very frustrating for your neighbors? The best way to Avoid excessive howling is to have a properly trained and [low] exercise [set] very much and number one So everyone else either pack [dogs] the breed has developed in Harsh environments that require teamwork to survive They need an owner who is a clear leader of the pack This makes training easier, because you will find that your dog respects you But don’t be surprised he tests the limits your position in the sack and tries to take control from time to time And then you have it five good things to know if you’re considering owning a siberian husky is your next pet you

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100 Responses

  1. Ismail Muhammad says:


  2. Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made says:

    THANK YOU for all the hard work this is the BEST dog channel ive have YET to find much love from houston🤘🤘😏

  3. Louie 9000 says:

    do some more videos on French mastiff's (aka Dogue de Bordeaux) you have hardly any videos of them.

  4. Louie 9000 says:

    do some more videos on French mastiff's (aka Dogue de Bordeaux) you have hardly any videos of them.

  5. Vom Traumjäger Rottweiler Kennel says:

    Beautiful breed!

  6. Aman Chase says:

    He does have German shepherd videos I saw them in his video

  7. anal says:

    you need to suck on a few helium balloons

  8. معارج حسن says:

    Alaskan Malamute,please.

  9. معارج حسن says:

    Can they use treadmill???

  10. Bryan Salazar says:

    not that correct about the barking though

  11. Evxn _ says:

    I have a siberian husky his name is …. niko

  12. DOC BAINL says:

    The coats on these huskies 😍😍👌👌

  13. Soufian Khaled says:

    Now THIS is a video!

  14. LOGAN says:

    Please these are small dogs so don't think they will be big they usually weight about 35 pounds about a Great Pyrenees puppy

  15. Keemo9 says:

    Way more than 60 mins. My 10 month old Sibe gets approximately 3 hours a day.

  16. Eshan Sanghera says:

    can you do thevrhodesian ridgeback pls

  17. Carol Mcauliffee says:

    love siberian huskies so loving best breed ever❤

  18. kevin mucyo says:

    Alaskan malamute next please

  19. Dexter Green says:

    Closest breed to wolves

  20. Joshua May says:

    Do all about living with English setters or Great Dane please

  21. Shane Gill says:

    Do malamute please!

  22. Kayla Leger says:

    I had a white husky lab mix and he shed so much

  23. RAJU Mondal says:

    only for two minutes???? 🙁

  24. Michael Carter says:

    This breed too stubborn but their adorable and friendly

  25. Melissa Meadows says:

    There needs to be an All About Living with Siberian Huskies video.

  26. Alyssa Meirink says:

    “Rarely barks” is highly misleading. siberian huskies are very very talkative breeds.

  27. RCV Vlogs says:

    can huskies live in indian weather

  28. Android Killer says:

    is Siberian Husky's are good for Indian atmosphere??????

  29. Sean Cross says:

    Do a video on Samoyeds

  30. Inspectah deck says:

    Huskies don't tire easy .

  31. Venkata Madhavi Satti says:

    This dog is equal to the best.

  32. Sammy S says:

    1.they don't care about you 2.they try to escape 3.they shed like a mofo 4.they break things because fuck you 5.i love em 🙂

  33. jasmine says:

    You need to do poodles

  34. None says:

    Um my husky is smaller than the normal husky and shes 1 year old i was just asking at what age do they stop growing?

  35. Kika Es says:

    You just got a new subscriber 🙂

  36. Amy P says:

    These dogs are so fun.  They are vocal and will definitely tell you like it is!  LOL!  But they have to be trained and treated well, and NOT TEASED BY CHILDREN.  This is why many children get bit.  Parents need to teach their kids that dogs and animals in general don't like to be teased.  When they howl it's hilarious.  They are wonderful dogs.

  37. DrakotheHusky says:

    ive seen 2 malinois videos 1 being 26 minutes and one 18+ but less then 3 minutes for a husky lol . why cant we get something in depth with huskies…

  38. Ene Eme says:

    I hate dogs, would fuckin kill them sell them to the Yulin festival some of the dogs cuz I couldn't stand how annoying they are. then I found this husky and I think that's my spirit animal she listens likes me and had a bond since.

  39. Vishnu Sudheer says:

    Please do a all about living with siberian huskys .

  40. Just your Average gay says:

    My husky barks alot

  41. Sreeparna Paul says:

    thanks for the information..

  42. Doccifer says:

    Warning don’t play rough with huskies I learned that the hard way my tooth went back a few inches

  43. Angel monique Miranda says:

    I like Siberian husky

  44. New Thought says:

    Great tips, thanks.

  45. Shelley Lannon says:

    My husky is the ONLY dog I have ever had that has a sense of humor! My dog is a comedian….I love my dog soooooooo much! He runs the house, but, I don't mind…I let him do dishes and vacuum too!

  46. Raul Arcangel Guillarte says:

    This video is spot on. I liked everything except Samuel L yelling profanities at the end. Kids watch this video.

  47. Professor says:

    Such a beautiful breed

  48. Crystal Kittycat says:

    I have a Siberian husky and he is aggresive do not think they are not ok

  49. Ronnie Buicks says:

    Kill the cussing at the end of the videos, not a cool way to end an excellent video. Probably why you get some dislikes.

  50. 23dannyt says:

    English motherfuker do you speak it !!!!!

  51. Adi Darawshi says:

    Bad voice changer 🙂

  52. Jei Aguilar says:

    Your voice sounded that you are witness against a big cartel

  53. Katie Schultz says:

    What about Samoyeds?

  54. ravi gupta says:

    lovely breed

  55. Professional Commentator says:

    Where I live it is to hot for my husky so I had to sell him 🙁

  56. Casher59 says:

    My husky pup growls and barks at me when I play with her

  57. Rui Cayanan says:

    Please mention other critical information that we should know. How good they are as a guard dog, watchdog, working dog, etc. it helps a lot before deciding getting one. Every video I watched, they are missing telling this.

  58. J. Juárez says:

    Too late, I already own 2 husky 😌 I'm in trouble😥😅

  59. Solomon Shaffer says:

    Nice video, but found the swear word in the song at the end of the video absolutely unnecessary and offensive. I have four small children and do NOT want them hearing those kind of words. Consider improving your video greatly by eliminating the offensive content.

  60. Game Vortex says:

    No 1. Not to sound like a black guy pimp through the auto tune

  61. 100,000 subscribers with 4 videos please says:

    My husky is too deadly, even when the fight starts.

  62. Brooke says:

    I have a 5 month old Husky. I've had 20 dogs and put together they don't have this dog's capability and intelligence. I am REALLY glad she doesn't have thumbs.
    And she is SO pretty that standing next to her is embarrassing. LOL

  63. Go Ham says:

    stop with the slowed down voice. its fucking creepy

  64. Husky Studios says:

    It's actually 2 hours per day

  65. Marthayolanda VelezAuses says:

    HUSKY HUSKY HUSKY HUSKY 😮😮😮😮😮😮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😄

  66. Andrii Sherstiuk says:

    The video is not about SIBERIAN HUSKY, but about the Alaskan Malamute

  67. Abigail Lipps says:

    I want a husky mix. Train it in agility !

  68. Taseandra Dawkins says:


  69. Harvey says:

    They should be exercised a lot more than said in this video , all depending on the age of the dog anyway , because not giving the husky enough exercise does cause it to have a lot of aggression and also makes more tired.

  70. Uhppy says:

    Mine barks a lot in the house when she wants food I honestly don't know what breed she is the best say she Siberian but I say she's Alaskan Klee Lao but then I'm like no but she has long fur on the back of her back and has longish sort fur if you know what kind of breed she is please help me I think she's a mix with Siberian and something you can see what she looks like on my videos

  71. arezoo arez says:

    U have a rapper voice my dawg

  72. brenda says:

    My sibirian husky is soooooo cute I walk her play she protects me she found a small snake and killed it for me she tells me when she has to go to the bathroom all she does is wait next to the door and starts howling at me and I’m just 11 and I love her oh her name is Luna moon 🌙

  73. brenda says:

    Well I guess I have to walk and exercise with her know more often

  74. Yiannis Katsamakis says:

    I would do a lot more than 60 minutes. 2-3 walks per day with the last walk being about 1-1.5 miles and then every Tuesday and Thursday I would run with my husky 3 miles. All of that with toy/play time in the backyard and weekend trips to the dog bark. A bored husky with full of energy is a bad and frustrated one that WILL get into trouble lol

  75. P Babu says:

    I will buy itsoon

  76. 21 Savage says:

    My huskys attempts to attack any dog that walks past when we go for walks

  77. ifyoueverfind78 says:

    i have a husky mix…..she loves children , one thing though when she was a puppy, she d bite e thing, and for kids, careful of them biting…but they tend to gravitate and love kids. as mine does, she goes up to kids and babies all the time and want to kiss them, and cuddles…what i learn of a husky, is they are the most stubborn dog, and they love challenging your authority. the flip side, is they are the sweetest, most loving adorable dogs,creatures you could imagine. this is my experience. with my husky mix, i m her life and shes mine, its a full time job. its not like have a cat, i take my husky everywhere i go, and she can t be left alone. if i go to a doctor, then i have a dog sitter that she is comfortable and she cries when i leave. huskies are adorable, and they re the hardest dogs to take care off, but you ll fall in love. when she was a puppy her energy was off the charts, six hours a day walk, now four hours a day…most huskies need more like two hours a day…mine an exception, mine be be a little wild also, ie some coyote or wolf.

  78. J. Elizabeth says:

    My husky sleeps 19 hours a day and rarely makes noise lol. People stop their cars to stop and talk to us. I’ve seen pictures of people’s dogs they’ve had in their wallets for a dozen years. There’s something else about them.

  79. David Billings says:

    I always know who owns a husky because they have hair all over them. I've had one for two years and have lived in hair hell. They never stop losing hair all year long. Hair all over the clothes in closet and on the kitchen table and bed. My wife got this dog without my permission. When I walk hairs look like snow.

  80. Vincemasta100 says:

    What’s the background music??

  81. Hokunin says:

    So practically they are like wolves.

  82. ashley says:

    I don’t understand why my husky is so aggressive with our other dog, and she’s very protective about her food and treats. She isn’t very vocal. And ever since our other dog( not the one she attacks) passed away a year ago, she hasn’t been too interested in toys. And she seems smaller than most huskies I’ve met, I don’t know if this is normal or not? help.

  83. Hari shankar.S says:

    Hi bro make uh video top 5 large breed which can be raise in apartment 😎😎😎😍

  84. auro priya says:

    I love them

  85. Anthony Cruz says:

    They are not good with small animals!! A lot of training is required in this area to prevent accidents. They will kill squirrels and cats, and maybe small dogs.

  86. Sprinkles are for Winnens says:

    my siberian husky,max,is soooooooooooooooooo cute, but he has worms,so we decided to watch this.

  87. hanahaki winter says:

    I'm getting a full breed husky in spring and I have another dog. My fur babies…

  88. Liza C says:

    These dogs are not meant to be around kids.

    These dogs shall not be in a warm environment.

    This is not your average dog, they have a very native behavior pattern compared to for example a doberman. They are not pure companion dogs.

    THIS BREED DONT GO ALONG WITH SMALL BREEDS. Of any kind And RARELY with other breeds in general.

    Dont buy one for their beautiful looks!! Do you research.

    ( if you are determined to own one look in to show lines!! They do a lot better with this .
    NOT working or race lines! )

  89. K1ROX says:


  90. iitaehyung _xx says:

    I just got one today and I have such trouble getting her to sleep
    But she can only sleep in the back so we let her sleep but she keeps scratching the door and she found a hole through my garage and tried to get in

  91. Knockout Noda says:

    The end😂😂

  92. john wyne says:

    Inline skating with husky is a lot of fun..

  93. k karthikeya says:

    I’m going to take dog husky is it for family and kids
    Male or female which one is good

  94. Ajay Bansal says:

    they shake while sleep is it good

  95. Biggie Little says:

    My husky puppy is already bigger than the dogs shown at 4mths.

  96. Tom Kuntz says:

    Huskies HAVE TO be on a leash at ALL times!! They are the most DISLOYAL OF ALL DOG BREEDS!!!
    If you want a loyal dog who listens to you, is loyal when you call, NEVER EVER get a husky!!!!!

  97. Tom Kuntz says:

    Name me ANY other breed of dog THAT IS MORE DISLOYAL THAN A HUSKIE???
    YOU CAN'T !!!!!!!!

  98. Olive Faye says:

    How to lose weight??: #1 buy a husky!!
    •best workout buddies ever!!😂😂

  99. Dude Awesomness says:

    60 minutes of play??? My Siberian husky puppy can play for 3 hours without losing any stamina, Meanwhile I’m exhausted

  100. 09shark boy says:

    I Like dogssssssss ilke wolfs wolf dog friendly

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