Siberian Husky Howling Do your Dogs Howl? – Fan Friday #18 Howling Dog Howling Husky

*Huskies howling* “Aroooooo!” It’s Fan Friday! Today’s question is very simple! Do Shiloh and Shelby know how to howl? Let’s find out! *Huskies howling* Really? You won’t say… That all… You are insane! *Huskies howling* That all? That’s all you got to say? That’s all you got to say? You girls are silly! So, what did you think guys? Do you think they know how to howl? You think they are pretty good at it? We think, they’re pretty good at it! Happy Fan Friday guys! We didn’t get any pictures or packages in the mail, so we don’t have any of that to share with you guys this Friday. So, just this one question… Where kind of busy! *To Shelby* Are we busy? Want to tell, what where busy doing? Where getting ready to go on a huuuuge camping trip next week! We actually won’t be home on Friday or Monday. I’m gonna try to get some videos set up to automatic upload But, will see if we have time to do that… We are taking Shiloh and Shelby camping and my sister and a friend of ours. Aren’t we? Where going camping? *To Shiloh* Do you want to go camping? Hiking in the woods? Gone hiking in the woods? I know you are so exited! *To Shelby* Are you so exited? Where very exited! Labor Day weekend, we’re going on a big camping trip. So, like I said, we’ve been little bit busy lately. Is a good thing, known right? Is a good thing! So, again thanks for watching you guys. Will see you on Monday and if you wanna see us before Monday… Be sure to check out our second channel, our vlog channel at (Without The Snow Dogs) And yes, it may be called “Without The Snow Dogs” but, Shiloh and Shelby makes frequent appearances. We named that (channel) because we didn’t wanted that channel to focus on the dogs. We wanted it to be more our lives in general. This channel is mainly about the dogs. *To Shelby* Right? Cause you guys are awesome! Aren’t you? Oh! The battery on our camera is dying! *To Shelby* Ok! Say bye! Wanna wave? “Byeee!” Just kidding! *To Shiloh* You wanna wave? “Byeee!” Alright! Thanks a lot you guys! Will see you on Monday! Like I said, check out our vlog channel and you can see us sooner than that. Good Byeeee! We wanted to let you know, we had chosen a winner for last Friday’s T-Shirt giveaway, for us hitting one million views… We contacted the person to make sure that they want the T-shirt. If they don’t, we will pick somebody else. so, not going out to, just yet cause we’re still waiting on a response. *To Shiloh* Look at that big yawn! Ain’t that a happy girl? Happy, happy Shi! If you would like to mail, any drawings or letters, pictures, postcards or packages to Shiloh and Shelby for Fan Friday, you can mail it to If you have questions for Fan Friday, Please leave them in the comment section below. Or post them on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks you guys! *Jamie speaks* “Would be cool to see em, but I’m…” *Shelby whines* *Jessica speaks* “Listen, what are you doing?” *Shelby whines* *Jessica speaks* “Are you talking to em?”

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