– So what do you think Shi? Your mom went to the shelter today. Took some videos of some dogs,
for the shelter’s YouTube channel. And they have a husky there,
and his name is ‘Chico.’ We wanted to introduce him to you guys… So we’re going to show you
a little bit of video of Chico in the shelter. There’ll be a link in the sidebar if you guys want to donate to the Huron Humane Society. He’s a pretty boy. He’s 10 years old,
and he needs a home. So we’ll show you the little bit
of video we took of Chico. Right? What do you think Shi? Maybe somebody will see it and want
to take him home… Right? Maybe? (dog howling sounds)
(background music begins)
♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (background music ends)

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12 Responses

  1. Ramez Abiad says:

    this is so heart breaking

  2. Wilbert Ray Fields says:

    Did sambady take CHico home I want him

  3. Anthony Concepcion says:

    Aww man I wish I saw this before I would have adopted him

  4. shopkins yay Delgado says:

    Shys dead

  5. Julie Prachnau says:

    I feel bad for him

  6. amber brewer says:

    The sad part is when he try to dig out I cried because I really love Husky and emotional El animal over so animal movie and made me cry since he doesn't home

  7. Molly Dean says:

    Why is this so sad

  8. Ellie Higgins says:

    Chico is the cutest thing l wish l could But l got u dog

  9. Smoo Fin says:

    My God, I’ve never seen Shiloh before, but he was a beautiful dog.

  10. RIP Shelby Xx says:

    So sad Shiloh died now this pup 🙁 he needed a home waaa

  11. Hannah Grunwald says:

    I would TOTALLY adopt Chico

  12. Jilly Bean says:

    💕🐾 Just subbed to both channels and I'm going back to check out the old videos. I want to learn about their journey so far 💕🐾

  13. rachel diane ames says:

    RIP CHICO the husky

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