Siberian Husky Names: How To Give Your Dog A Name (4 Weeks Old)

what up what up what up
it’s your boy peepee he knows about that TGIM thank God it’s Monday something
like that TJ I’m looking to it my favorite was
start what inspirational speaker motivational speaker and I guess me
Shannon just woke them up so oh yeah by the way we’re gonna lose a little bit
bigger bigger cage for them little bit more space because you stood on them to
be running around because it was a puppy and you think that dog has good sense of
smell but poisoning anyway they seem to something seems to like the summer then
become so yeah today I think I’m gonna make or
not think I know we’re gonna be giving them names not all of them yet but this
fear them that’s already pretty pretty honest example this guy this guy I’m
gonna name something to do with zig zag because of his because it’s like a system it’s so this is exacting
everywhere I know that’s odd little taken aback and that’s a boy by the way
and he’s be great great oh and you step on it and now you’re gonna walk walking
everywhere nice this is a gun and I’m gonna pull
out a ringa ringa because she has a ring all across in it just a little gap there
on the back so that’s two we’ve got we already have zigzag or Ziggy I’m not
even a human name just stop crying Oh hungry we’re gonna feed them as well so we have this is the exact because of a
zig zagging then we have this one’s the this one’s
the loudmouth I don’t know what I’m gonna name it yet but the same thing to
do this is my I actually don’t know I’m gonna quit yet I was smoking off Blackie
but that’s so because there’s just black pattern on the back as you can see and
she used to be the smallest one this one I’m gonna call fries not something to do
with freedom because yeah yes free dos I’m just like as free three
dots on his back the bomb to sometimes look like a is connected but yeah so we
have so we have we have the exact we have ringer lucky which is not Selenia
price and they actually all for the money they’re just zigzag ringa blankie
and fries the other one that’s obvious I’m sorry about the lightning because
it’s actually snowing today is what the 13th and this is the first notice
hitting today it’s been snowing a little bit
you see where you can see the snow on top of the fence or it snowing right now
about this camera can see so so enlightening it’s actually daylight
somebody okay I know there’s two already names this this guy here is gonna be
cool kid see I’m gonna cool him titty because you can see on his back
there’s see yeah but there’s a tee and I see there so I was those two layers
together yeah you ever get city or titty city I’m not gonna call him see so I’m
gonna call him kit see that’s a boy this is Dottie Dottie has a little white dog
you can see the new Wyandotte here right here so this is going to be Dottie Dottie titty ringa fries Blackie zig zag
this guy this guy has no pattern as well is he’s not black he’s just um he’s
gonna have lighter shades there but he doesn’t have no parents so the only
people that don’t have a name yet is was guilt sexy if when at night she
starts crying I guarantee anyone if he if you ask
anyone would you think that sound is coming from I guarantee you they’re not
gonna say a pup she sounds like a like a chicken that’s getting murdered like I
thought I don’t embarrass myself and try and make that sound you know but it’s so
bad actually gonna record it one day she’s like it’s like dice that’s
actually how she sounds like so yeah there’s two people that this free is
keep saying people this free pups does not be named yet there’s another pup
goddess piss everywhere man I have to clean my slippers now this guy’s also
not be named yes he’s got brown brown I can’t wait for the I can’t wait for the
camera all right I actually have a camera that
the dump is so dumb it’s a dumb reason I can’t use a camera because I lost the
memory card and I just call me boy – by newer I’m gonna so yeah um we’re gonna
feed them so just the food the food is designed for the pups so has the high
calories vitamins and nutrition so watch then we’re gonna study this isn’t the
first time to eat because all I need to get them all laughter change that
blanket those are those diapers trust me there’s so much work to take
care of these and that’s why they live imagine when you grow up or if they
don’t your patron is gonna be crazy looking his own PC step dude yep that’s
the guy down with us I didn’t taste that okay why I do want to wake them up
because um they ate like five hours ago which dishes that eat you know and so I
need to eat now because you know start crying soon because they’re crying
you’re gonna they can they can climb out when they get old together and then some
just step on one on top of each other and they’re gonna find food or don’t
need to actually leave the future clean this space a little bit or the good thing is that they’re
sleeping so I don’t need a second second bowl I just let DZ in there now just lay
down with me the bad thing is I have managed in only 14 do we have we have
price triple we have ringer this is a girl and that’s a girl so these are boys
this one don’t have anemia but he has this significantly he has this actually
white line here so this black dawn is actually in the in the in the white area from what nits witness she’s actually
been the most aggressive one like while play fighting growling and older so this guy just right now went back and
then yes so I didn’t know the quality is bad and keep mentioning that it that’s
how that just means it’s bothering me that much so yeah that’s pretty much it
unless you guys stone or watch them each I don’t think I should I let them all
fight over the food okay oh oh oh I didn’t get that he was he was right in
the corner his head just went boom he went up to two seconds he’s staring okay
cuz because they don’t open you’re just gonna stop pushing gonna get another
Bowl okay now I need to push them because
they will China come on dudes dude shit man what’s your problem okay Karina had
something first just go had some food they’re still gonna eat everything
everything that was in the ball is gonna finish yes they will step on it and they
were just eventually you okay so how do you stop the cordon
change the blankets put them all back there in this whole area so yeah this is
week four as of now they was born on Monday there was literally born on
Monday and today is Monday 14th of November so as of right now they are
literally four weeks old and that’s the whole point of me cry in these videos
like weed week to week free before this videos gonna be named week four so in a
week time when they are five weeks old I’m gonna release a video when they are
five weeks so she’s my hand is though I just it’s not just in his blood on my
screen under my eyes and I come out on the video come on man the chest was from
here it’s not just any way you get you get the point so yeah so yeah man thanks for watching
subscribe let me know what can do better let me know what can be better let me
know one doing wrong because this is actually my first vlog like this is my
first time I’m vlogging because I don’t really do this I don’t want like
attention and some people said I make this channel just to get attention know
if somebody knows me to knows I don’t really like attention I stay away from
attention I’m a I’m an intro a person so so I was gonna say she just pooted
they’re not people again I don’t understand
no don’t so stepping it oh that was a save I just saved a mistake so yeah
thanks for watching if you like the if you like this channel or wherever tell
your friends no promoting it for free haha yeah man

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11 Responses

  1. The Forest Assassin. Shadow says:

    Okay the intro was pretty cringy but the puppies

  2. Emmeni says:

    The one at 8:36 could be named arrow, cos it looks like theres an arrow on its neck. The one with the 't' could be named Temi, instead of Titsu, sounds easier I think, and the loudest one could be named Vocal or trooper, i think they would sound super nice for them. Your favourite one 'which is mine too' could be called Tiny 😀 Oh and theres that one at 14:10, also my favourite one, could be called Snow, I think that name would suit its greyish fur. Hope that made helped 😀 Cant wait to see these pups grow up :))

  3. Tazmaniandevil6969. Pat says:


  4. Jay Jay says:

    This is the best video ever

  5. Darshna Rach says:

    Too late now but i think that at 4 weeks they should still be on milk alone. I believe you can buyilk for puppies. The food you hve given should be much more fluid like really runny porridge

  6. Darshna Rach says:

    More than the camera you should add lamps nd reflectors to flood the area with gentle light

  7. Darshna Rach says:

    Love your pma to getting constructive feedback

  8. SHAUN CAMPBELL9 says:

    I know this is an old video, but you should have name 1 dog "Nebojsha"
    Ok All the best
    Shaun of NYC

  9. Varg Siberianhusky_King says:

    Do you like Siberian Husky? Like it.

  10. Malaney Vlogs says:

    Bolt For the one that has the zigzag because it reminds me of a lightning bolt

  11. Destiny Perez says:

    Omg my dog died the exact same way she ate rat posion which isn’t good im sorry for ur cousins loss

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