Siberian Husky runs with Bike! Springer Bike with your Dog

(Huskies howling)
“Aroooooo!” Today, we’re going to show you guys… My favorite thing to do with the dogs in the summer. This is my Springer. It attaches under the seat. Goes down, to the big spring. Attach this to your dog. The big spring absorbs 90% of the pull, while biking. We’re going to have Shelby ready and
take her first. Shelby has her harness on and before you put
the harness on, you see that? I was putting the ‘Musher’s Secret’ on
Shelby’s paws. Just to help make sure, they don’t tear.
She doesn’t have ‘boots’. You can use ‘Musher’s Secret’ or dog boots. Since we will be going for a while,
my choice is ‘Musher’s Secret’ on her feet. Shelby’s got her harness on. I got this made at They are custom fitted and they got adjustable ones
and I got hers, before she was fully grown. Now, let’s hook her to the bike.
Let’s go Shelby! Bike ride! Is best to, let her run on the grass. We’re running by the river… On the bike path… I’m on the bike. Now, I have both hooked up. Shiloh’s a lot slower… Now, that we’re done biking… There’s two (2) tired Huskies. Are you tired Shi? Are you sleepy? Are you tired Shelby? I heard that… Are you sleepy? Sleepy girls! Good girls!

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57 Responses

  1. tomdt105 says:

    i'm aboot 99% soore you're canadian é?

  2. SandraJDevore says:

    Lol I tried this very complicated with since my Husky wanted to chase after all the birds she saw

  3. tifany bailey says:

    working breeds were bred do work. this = energy. i hae had my husdy for 7 yrs and e is just as enrgetic frome te day i got him. i u don t want to put in te work don' have one. i thought a week off was cool a year ago. he escaped hand i found shep 16 miles from home at te parlk were i run im and e was so diry. and was still not tired!! i hooked im up to my bike and we went home. tank god he was alreigt

  4. donovan williams says:


  5. 2DogsVlogs says:

    LOL, just walking I have to stop at every tree for a sniff. Do you know where I can get a springer from? I've tried Google but it always comes back with demonstrations.

  6. danielh35 says:

    Do your research. If you are not willing to exercise these dogs then they are SUPER destructive.

  7. donovan williams says:

    thanks im a coologe football palyer I can hanle it thanks

  8. danielh35 says:

    I own two 1 year old Sibes. They have chewed through my coax, brake lines on bike and truck, Porch Pillars, AC copper tubing, Digs up garden, Digs craters and sheds like a mother. I have had to adapt my yard so much for these dogs and the only way you can really stop this is to exercise their asses off and spend a lot of time with them. If you can provide that then go for it!

  9. Marc Ng says:

    Just a short note you might wanna consider, i think it would be safer if your dog pulled from the left side off the bike as to avoid getting a nasty accident with the gears of the bike

  10. Ziorac says:

    Except then (in right drive sided countries), the dogs would be on the side where all the traffic passes. Or pedestrians/other cyclists. Seems safer to be in between them and passing traffic and just teach them to keep a safe distance from the bike.

  11. Ziorac says:

    Man, I wish I could get my dog to run like that by the bike. I just hold the leash and he's trained like that (though he's off leash most of the time), so a thing like that is a hassle, but that speed… I'm lucky if I can get him to run for 30 seconds. He's so lazy.

  12. Marc Ng says:

    well that's great!

  13. KENNETH REEDER says:

    I liked it a lot it made me smile.

  14. KERRY Rhodes says:

    I notice that you still have the dog on the leash as well as the springer. Why is that please? I thought the springer meant that you were "hands free" as the springer connected the dog to the bike. Im looking at getting one of these as just now I run mine on a loose leash held in my hand. Id welcome your thoughts

  15. Reality Weaver says:

    do your husky have babys i need a husky

  16. robert browne says:

    love your idear

  17. sandra amin says:

    That is actully a great excersise it is like selding but in the summer and there is no

  18. lance lolzerpants says:

    59 ppl got confused with likes and dislikes

  19. D3NZ3L says:

    Your videos are awesome

  20. Tomo Flynn says:

    That look awsome

  21. Shelby Allison says:

    Shelby seems like a really common name for dogs no matter the gender 😀

  22. TheMessiah says:

    Thankfully banned in the UK

  23. Craig Koebelin says:

    I had my 45 lb / 21 kg female husky pulling my bike and she pulled me over, I was holding the leash in my hand, I see the wisdom in your system, when my husky no longer stops to sniff so often it will serve us well,

  24. Bethie Boo says:

    They look so happy. Seeing them nap was funny I figured they had to be so tired from all that running haha!

  25. Mike190 says:

    awww such tired cuties

  26. worlds best gamers says:

    awsome can you do that wihout going so fast?

  27. Jessica Thomas says:

    I just ordered a custom Alpine Outfitters harness for my sibe. I noticed in the video it pulls a little to the side they are attached on. Have you found any ways to avoid this or has it not really been an issue? Thanks! 🙂

  28. Crashtest Clay says:

    That is sooooo awesome!!!! definitely do this with my husky! thx

  29. Yuntao says:

    It looks like shiloh doesnt run as fast as Shelby.

  30. TyJames29 says:

    i loved ur creation,Your dogs look great….

  31. Alexander Shkolnitsky says:

    This is a nice video.Especially bike shots, but let me make a remark. I am an amateur filmmaker and suggest you to reedit video, deleting a shot when the bike is passing by a camera on sidewalk. It does look nice when previous shot almost identical to the following one. You better use only one of them. All the rest is good. Good luck.

  32. Theresa M Houghton says:

    I have had one for over 15 years and love it!!!

  33. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Buy a Springer here!

  34. 999AnnA999 says:

    Shiloh is so cute here, I miss her soooooo much.

  35. LadybugGirlShow says:

    Fun! 😀

  36. Ronan Clarke says:

    If I was a dog I would love to be owned by you 😀 Fair play to you for treating them so well.

  37. Heather Wharton says:

    I was going to start biking with my husky but I'm looking for a bike attachment.I was looking at that one and saw that Shelby was somewhat pulling the bike along as well…I didn't realize the Springer could be used that way too?I was hoping to get one where the husky could pull a little as well as me peddling of course.:) just curious..and how is the durability of the Springer? Pretty good? How do you know when your husky is done running?I don't want to over do it Thank you!

  38. Michelle Trzecinski says:

    Is this splinter work well?

  39. Michelle Trzecinski says:

    I know you miss Shiloh a lot…

  40. 60ajshakir says:

    How did u hold the carma

  41. ChickenOfAwesome says:

    Great seeing some one encouraging their dogs to do what they were bred to do! So many people where I live have huskies and I see them being dragged along while they try to take their dog for once-daily leisurely stroll round town 🙁 always makes me wonder WHY they got a husky and who is selling them to people who don't want to run and hike with their dogs. There's an unscrupulous breeder somewhere round here for sure 🙁

  42. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    Siberian Husky runs with Bike! Springer Bike with your Dog: Oh Shiloh! #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

  43. Charwolk Gaming says:

    Do u have to use a Springer because I don't have the money for one

  44. Colby O says:

    can u use petroleum jelly instead of mushers secret

  45. ThatPYChikk says:

    Any tips while riding? I tried to bike with my husky with a different side attachment on my bike and she gets distracted easily and doesn't quite get in the zone like your huskies do

  46. kaylie king says:

    do you live in TN beceause whar you live lookes alot like jakson TN down touwn

  47. Emily_Saddleseat says:

    Can you use vaseline instead of the expensive mushers secret?

  48. Sharada CV says:

    I have a 6 month old female husky puppy. I got a good bike, a springer , a harness and all the things needed to take her running with the bike and have set it up. My question is when is a good age to start this exercise? we were advised by the breeders to not start running with bike before 7 months of age. what would you suggest?

  49. JuliaG says:

    for aprox. how long do you cycle with them?

  50. Megan Koshy says:

    If i war a dog ill loved to be owend by u

  51. Lindsay Hayward says:

    I love that springer I want to get one for my border collie

  52. Lindsay Hayward says:


  53. BlackWolf 4000 says:

    Does this work with anytype of big dog?

  54. BlackWolf 4000 says:

    Does this work with anytype of big dog?

  55. Savannah Penn says:

    This video she was two years old but now she’s 10

  56. Savannah Penn says:

    1:13Very fast bike


    The dogs run so beautifully 🐺

  58. Mallow Tail says:

    Is it bad that I live in a country area so its not illegal to not use a harness, that I ride my bike with my dogs not attached and there free to go where they please?

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