Siberian Husky – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

the famous Siberian Husky is powerful
and compact dog with wolf like appearance and independent personality There are top
10 interesting facts about Siberian Huskies number one origin as you can probably
guess from their name Siberian Husky is a dog from well Siberia and this is a
very old dog breed 3,000 years ago a semi-nomadic tribe from Siberia called
Chukchi people developed the sled dog that would help them with hunting and
pulling their sleds they developed the Chukchi dog a relative to today’s
Siberian Husky number two They love winter – Huskies can live in
very cold areas especially thanks to her thick double coat it keeps them well
insulated they form undercoat and water-resistant outer coat their almond
shaped eyes help them to squint and to keep the snow out and they are known for
wrapping their tail around their face while sleeping
this way they can make the air they breathing warmer number three blue eyes
Siberian Husky is one of the few breeds where the blue eyes are very common many
Huskies are born with beautiful bright blue eyes and did you know that they can
have every eye in different color this is called heterochromia and it’s also
fairly common at huskies number 4 talking obviously dogs cannot talk but
if they could Siberian Huskies would be speaking non-stop they are one of the
most talkative dogs in the whole dog universe they are especially known for
howling groaning and grumbling number five tons of energy – nowadays Siberian
Huskies are primarily kept as family companions but if you are thinking about
getting one be prepared that they have a lot of energy and you need to help them
exhaust it and it’s up to you how you will do it Huskies like walking jogging
or swimming but since they were bred for running jogging is probably the best
option and they make extraordinary jogging bodies number six snow nose – not
only the husky eyes have special colors the snow nose is very common among this
breed there’s snow nose dark pigment on the dog’s nose well faith during the
winter when days are shorter and weather is cooler. snow noseis a common
condition that causes the nose or parts of it to lighten to a pale pink color
number seven friendliness Siberian Husky is known for super friendly personality
which makes him very popular among masses but this might be a little bit
problematic if you are looking for a watchdog Husky is just too friendly even
towards complete strangers they will probably invite the burglar into your
house if they have the possibility number eight escape artists Siberian
Huskies are known to escape from everywhere they are independent dogs and
they want to be free Huskies will independently find away from almost any
unsecured yard you should install high fence that is buried several inches below
the ground number nine shedding Huskies are high
shedding dogs very very high shedding dogs
maybe you’re read in some articles that they shed twice a year but from my
experience they shed all year long you should brush their coat regularly to
remove the dead hair and minimize the shedding but you should never shave
their coat never even if you are living in hot weather region it’s not only
insulating in the cold it’s also insulating in warm weather if you shave
your dog he will be more prone to heat stroke or sunburn number 10 not a wolf a
lot of time people tend to think that Huskies are wolf cross breeds that is
not true they are purebred dogs it is true they are related to wolves but that
is true with all the dog breeds even with the shih tzu tell me in comments
what do you like the most about Siberian Huskies and what is your experience with
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    Is the Siberian Husky your favourite dog breed?

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    love this breed,such a lovely looking dog,good video.😊😊😊

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    I like their talkative ways.

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    beautiful dogs <3

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    They are so talkative

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    Huskys shed every single day trust me I vacuum a lot!!

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    I have a husky puppy that is a brownish red and have two different that are blue and green eyes

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