Simon’s Cat Logic – Collection

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  1. claudia vazquez says:

    subtítulos en español por favor!!

  2. bitethedevil says:

    Nicky has such beautiful eyes. <3

  3. Krosis Lockwood says:

    13:40 Hearing Simon's Cat's meows from the man itself… So friggin funny xD

  4. Kiranuke:130 says:

    I Love youre animations

  5. Sandy Luna says:


  6. DeistPaladin says:

    Can I request an episode on why cats like to sleep on top of you?

  7. Adam Mullarkey says:

    3:50 I must say, it's interesting how Simon is reading his book backwards!

  8. CloresaFlower says:

    well my three cats are picking with toys like or dislike with cat toys

  9. April M Fox says:

    My Pearl gets a wild hair up her butt and goes charging thru the house, up and down both sets of stairs, then all thru the upstairs bedrooms, back down the steps, slides around the corner to the kitchen, shoots down the basement steps, runs all around the basement, comes back upstairs and then naps for three hours in my reborn dolls boppy cushion. She won't let me put my dolls in it. She loves it but hates cat beds. Go figure.

  10. Luke Attrill says:

    Like if:
    – You love cats
    – You have a cat
    – You love that cat

  11. Scott Bryant says:

    yes we love this

  12. Michael A. Bell says:

    We have an unofficial cat sanctuary. When we moved into our current home there were a couple dozen feral cats of all ages roaming the neighborhood. When we moved in we already had 3 spayed females who were accustomed to coming in and going out as they pleased, so we always had food and water out on the patio for them. Before long we were feeding 25 or so. We didn't mind, many were in tough shape. I purchased a live trap and was able to trap a few and take them to a no kill shelter. I would have to make a donation when I took them in, twice I took them 30# of kibble and a bucket of cat litter. After the 2nd trip during a conversation with an employee I found out that they had been killing the feral cats because they required too much time and resources to tame. That stopped that. So 10 years later we have 9 ex-ferals that we caught as kittens and tamed living in/out as they please additionally we caught and tamed 11 or 12 for adoptions We have 3 kitties that just strolled on in and decided they wanted to be adopted as well. Currently we have 15 ferals we still can't approach, but my daughter have named them all and incredibly remember all of them!

  13. Regy Vinckx says:

    My cat is named Storm, long-haired, completely black, green eyes and completely mental aswell 🙂


    Watch out Mayweather… here comes the next Muhammad Ali!!!!

  15. Dymeczka says:


  16. KoTu says:

    "crazy time" is called "głupawka" in polish :]

  17. Lilly Pebbles says:

    My cat always get's her crazy time when i do the dishes or anything near the kitchen. she does the little ' thriller' pose and fluffes up her tail and then she runs around like crazy…o-o; in general her tail fluffs when she is playing with toys….

  18. Megakoresh says:

    Oh i thought this was gonna be about why cats hoard shit under furniture, but it's just all the videos released until now stiched together to make the channel feel more active than it is… Disappointing.

  19. Brooke Anne says:

    I love how that cats change color.
    But I don't understand how the cat doors will only let in your cat.

  20. Leo Luxx says:

    I have noticed the cat likes to wink at you and also casually closes her eyes and then opens them. Any thoughts?

  21. Josef Tuček says:

    super super super 😀

  22. Nicolas Rueda says:

    Good cat nice great

  23. Lamar L says:

    Found a dead squirrel in the kitchen yesterday. 🙁 I think out fat lazy cat gets her share of exercise.

  24. Chris Mni says:

    Just lovely!

  25. Kombinatka says:

    Thank you for translation in Polish! Your films are amazing and I have watched every episode.

  26. tomtrex23 says:

    My dog dose this but my cats boring and just sleeps or gose out and brings a dead mouse back 😂

  27. epicICYLfacial says:

    Am I supposed to take advice from a person who calls the cat's lifestyle "sedate" instead of "sedentary"?

  28. Ben Aaron says:

    Great collection.

  29. Christy VB says:

    This was awesome! Especially the bit about cats not being able to focus really close. Makes a lot of difference in how to play with my indoor cat and her favorite bird on a stick toy. Thanks!

  30. OghamTheBold says:

    Rod ? Owen Smith : he entertains his cat – with his 29" rod – mine is just average : lived with the shame for years – my stray cat gets minimum exercise – unless it runs around my trainers : I have huge feet

  31. Aiden Lavallee says:

    My cats do that.

  32. MaximumDoodles says:

    Oh Simon, always so silly ouo

  33. Kimberly Clark says:

    thank for make me smile and giggle

  34. Picfanek says:

    3:49 simon is reading backwards 😀

  35. Sasha P says:

    ужаснооо!!!!а где мультик????

  36. DimoN • Play says:


  37. Leo Xander says:


  38. Людмила Горяева студия [ГОР] says:


  39. Skunks & Co says:

    All my family watching Simon's cat…even our cat Pedro <3 keep going please !

  40. Emily Burt says:

    Do all cats purr? Like a wild cat in the wild

  41. Ellen Skipper says:

    My favorite cat, Figaro (Lord rest his soul), used to have this morning routine w/my mom. He would wait till she was about halfway down the hall, and then gallop after her to wrap his front paws around her ankles. Our hallway floor was wooden, so sometimes, he would literally slide smack into her leg as he galloped and jumped to grab her ankles!
    Some mornings, I still expect to wake up to his heavy gallop and Mom yelling his name! Lol!

  42. Mumbl TV says:

    Why we love it to pet cats?

  43. Dream Team Toy Adventures says:

    So cute! Love these

  44. Jenny Abrahall says:

    Ok, Todds crazy time is small hours, and probably now (11pm) infact I can hear one of his bells ringing now! Btw he also go's to the loo with my mum. P.s my old cat pussca used to actually sleep under the duvet with my mum all night, even if he was crammed between my parents, btw he also used to wait outside the shower door for my mum, he would just sit on her clothes till she came out and cuddled him probably, RIP pussca, I will always love you xxx

  45. Juguetes y Fun says:

    great video!! i subbed!!!

  46. Alex James says:

    New episode please!!!!!

  47. Julie Langlais says:

    love! love! your vidéos!

  48. diez tormenta says:

    Is very sad we have to cut sex life from our baby cat next month. What is your advise proper time to do this?

  49. катовская кот says:

    я русская

  50. Philip Paul says:

    Does the cat expert have her on channel?

  51. Footage for video says:


  52. Tracy Crofutt says:

    You should make a color book of your drawings, I would be first in line to buy one !!!

  53. Mc.furrball says:

    what animation program do you use

  54. black dress says:

    Obaaa tradução

  55. Мультфильмы Лучшее says:


  56. The Classic Life of a Cat says:

    my cat feels the need to watch me poop and shower… and sleep, not to disturb me later… just to be sure I'm safe. it's actually 2:05 a.m. and he is with me 😻😸😂

  57. Sandra Smith says:

    I want a Simon's Cat (doll)
    stuffed animal!! how can i get one?

  58. alexthebold says:

    How come Simon always sleeps in a single bed? Doesn't he deserve the luxury of a double bed?

  59. Claire Henry says:


  60. Yao Cabrera says:

    Where are the spanish subtitles?

  61. Series Consideration says:

    I like to call a cat's crazy time "The Zoomies."

  62. Lera Lesser says:

    I draw cartoons about the CAT too. Rate it please ^_^

  63. nuip says:

    If I get 666 likes I will sell my soul

  64. Мультфильмы says:

    а у меня водка замёрзла

  65. Khajtriana McGirl says:

    lol I just leave all inside doors open, I don't even bother trying to keep them out.

  66. Jude Ku says:

    My youngest cat, Twiglet, is an absolute menace when it comes to the bathroom. She knows that when I come out, I can't see when she scurries under my wheelchair, and so I don't know she's in the bathroom until I hear her annoyed Let Me Out meows some half hour later!

    She's also a black cat, and she knows she can't be seen in the dark, so she'll squirrel herself as far into the corner and under my bathroom table as she possibly can, thus again going entirely unseen. I've now taken to shaking the shower curtain, knocking on the table, and even sticking my foot under the table in an effort to make sure she isn't hiding! There are so many times when she doesn't respond whatsoever, and gets shut in the bathroom again LOL

  67. N00B G4m!ng says:

    200th comment

  68. Fabius Maximus says:

    cats are just awesome and so easy to manage , however its still a predator which needs the opportunity to go outside in my opinion

  69. M. Alexander says:

    What's the other kind of purr??? The vet said there were two kinds. Fancy telling us what the other is?

  70. PengyPlays says:

    6:36 My cat does this when I am around him ._.

  71. Sara Allen says:

    .,n,b. .v

  72. Emeric Switch, you’re awesome, anyway says:

    Haha my cat is afraid of the broom

  73. Koraljka Cvrk Sajko says:

    Lol with tears…so life-like! 😂

  74. DeRose says:

    Me my cat every time I go to shower she stings a sprint to go into the bathroom with meto go into the bathroom with me

  75. evil jess Sickles says:


  76. Helen Ronan says:

    my cat Pushqin..afraid of vacuum cleaner…and Pumpqin..afraid of all human except his famili..

  77. pcalico_ girl says:

    watching these with my own cat getting in the way of the screen

  78. Yellow- San says:

    muy bueno, pero por favor colocar subtitulos en español 💙

  79. Ricardo Kutz says:

    Kitty Doc is a Hottie 😉

  80. Kayla Biever says:

    Can you please do a cat logic on this? My cat 10 year old Calico female. She grabs one of my socks or underwear in her mouth and walks in circles on my bed with it dragging between her legs. She meows during this. Sits but then circles more tries to sit and continues circling. This can last up to five minutes at a time. She always looks unsure and frustrated when doing it. I try to tug of war with it but she gives a sort of unhappy meow. I really want to know why she does this. Thank you.

  81. Nika Rogar says:

    +Simon's Cat I ADORE Chloe ❤👑🎀🐱

  82. Nika Rogar says:

    +Simon's Cat 🐾🐱💕

  83. Sarah xxx says:

    my cat never to thinks like that. You cant see him rum often. He sometimes walks around and look for someon to kuddle. Sometimes he plays outside. but he normaly lays on a couch, on the floor or outside in the sun. you cant play with him. If you come with a play-thing he stares at you like you were crazy and walks away.

  84. Beverly Krebs says:

    Jess looks remarkably like my cat, Pady. Pady was more like my child than she was a pet. She went to live in Heaven and wait for me there in April 2016, but she still comes to visit me often, usually just when I need for her to be here. If I knew how to attach a photo here, I would. If you want to see what she looked like as a kitten, you could look for me on Facebook under my name Beverly Krebs, I have her photo as my profile picture right now, and there are dozens of photos of her in my photos there. Just send me a friend request and leave me a note so I will know who you are. By the way, I love your cute little animated videos. My daughter tells me that there is merchandise with the "Simon's Cat" theme at the local bookstore! I saw that you have things also on your website – I will have to go shopping there soon! :- ). If you ever have a plush cat available for purchase that looks like Jess (and Pady!) I will be first in line to get one!!! Thank you for all the hard work you do with your "Simon's Cat" videos and cartoons – I enjoy watching them very much. God Bless, Beverly

  85. alexbpeck888 says:

    I once had a cat who could jump up and turn the doorknob and actually open the door.

  86. Barbara Findlay says:

    I love Simon's Cat
    I can watch this over + over. I can so relate to these videos. Thank u

  87. Maj_Cyric says:

    Cat crazy time in my house = Cat on Kitty Crack.. Normally happens before breakfast… Which i then get the toys out and play then feed them…

  88. Lilas Y says:

    I wish my cat be like simon's cat
    Like if u :
    1-love simon's cat
    2-your cat like simon's cat..
    Answer that question…
    *Do you love simon's cat ?
    *love😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻simon's cat…

  89. kwc love says:

    I always had my kitty in the bathroom with me whether showering or whatever. She would sleep in the sink or hang out on top of the commode if I was doing makeup. Why fight keeping them out? She was a part of my daily routine. RIP Sweet kitty

  90. Luis Antonio Hernández Dauajare says:

    Was that a Doctor Who reference in 17:25?

  91. Luis Antonio Hernández Dauajare says:

    I have two cats. Since I live near a wooded area and I adopted them when they were kittens (they were abandoned) I do not let them out. Once a big black flying thing went through the window into my house, ! thought it was a night moth, until I heard it screech. It was a bat. While I was trying to take it out my older cat Nelson leap almost 5 feet in the air and caught it. I spent the rest of the night checking him for bites (none, fortunately) and the picking bits of blood and wings from the sofas.

  92. Maricel Sereda says:

    I can't understand why there is a dislike button? XD

  93. Лариса Нестер says:

    В С Ш А стерилизуют бесплатно и ещё дают с собой обезболивающее Нет проблем Дочь раз лет в пять стерилизуется уличных котов и очень долго нет котят

  94. Jandira Nascimento says:

    O gatinho menor é filho dele?

  95. Jandira Nascimento says:

    Please… Coloquem dublagem!

  96. Kate Brown says:

    All my cats have crazy cat time. They run, chase each other, and occasionally ponce on a foot. I recently set up my fish tank, and my cats love cat TV. Goldfish on every channel. I have a beautiful moon pearl betta named Earl. Earl the pearl. They love to watch him swim. I only had one cat I had to re-home. She hated all other cats. She wouldn't play with them, She peed all over the house, She would hide and seemed terrified even of her sister and was just completely unhappy. A friend loved her and would visit just to pet my cats … I didn't have to sweet talk her into taking willow. Willow is much happier in her knew home and has since stopped peeing everywhere. Now when I visit I get to love her cat, a sweet calm kitty. All my cats were feral as kittens. Very young kittens. One came to me so young that she didn't even have her eyes open. Her mom was hit by a car, by the time the liter was found she was the only one still alive. She was very thin, nothing but skin and bone. She was so hungry she took to the bottle in about 2 seconds. Now she is a happy, healthy cat. I don't mind fostering kittens, by the time they are weened I am almost relived to see them go to their forever homes. Some I want to keep, but I don't have room for dozens of cats. Kittens grow up eventually. My dream is to have a cat shelter. A huge cat shelter for any cat, stray, feral, unwanted, special needs or abandoned. I have the land, Ten acres.. I just don't have the money. But I can still dream about it. Maybe some day my dream will come true.

  97. Gabriela Zayas says:

    I live alone so when I go to the bathroom I don't close the door. If my cat is sleeping, in some oher remote room oing whatever he does, he comes at once to make me company! 🙂

  98. Nastase Carmen Nastase says:


  99. Black Mafia says:

    slam into the window never gets old

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