“Sit,” “Down,” “Stand” and “Watch Me” Tutorial

Alright, hi everybody, in this video I’m going to be demonstrating the first thing that I taught Harlow which is “Watch Me,” and a combination of “Sit,” “Down” and “Stand.” Very useful for service dogs and pets alike, I think they’re very often used commands, so it’s quite easy on how to teach it, and even though she knows it I’ll definitely walk you guys through on how I taught a puppy that has no idea what I was talking about. For “Sit,” you’re going to show them the treat, and you’re going to pull it up above their head
*CLICK* and as soon as their bum hits the floor
you’re going to click. So you show them the treat, pull it above their head, *CLICK* Good girl! Now, if your puppy is having problems, you can help them out by “forming,” which is: you’re using your body and pushing their body to where you need it to be, gently, so while you’re pulling their head up, push their bum down,
*CLICK* and click as soon as it hits the floor. Then you can start introducing the word once they consistently get the body behavior right. Harlow, stand and *CLICK* Good girl! Very good! Your puppy has – sit down. Sit! My hand signal I use is I just bring my hand up. Now, we’re going to teach D-O-W-N What I do is, I show the puppy the treat, or the adult dog if you’re teaching them, and I curl the treat underneath their chest
*CLICK* and they’ll fall Into themselves. So, one more time, they’re in a sitting position curl it under their chest
*CLICK* and they’ll fall Into themselves. Sit! Now if your puppy’s having – ah ah if your puppy’s having trouble, you can use forming again, where you bring it down and slide their feet out for them. *CLICK* Good! As soon as their chest hits the floor, that’s when you click. When they get the behavior down, start adding the word “Down,” or “Leg,” whatever word you want to use. Now, we’re going to do “Stand.” Wait… *CHUCKLES* Stand is quite easy, all I do is show her the treat, and I bring it away from her *CLICK* See? Ta-da! That was easy, right? So one more time – well, not one more time, I’ll show you a couple times, I just keep saying that. Put it flat, four fingers together, between your thumb and hand, show them the treat, *CLICK* Good girl! Now, if your dog won’t move up from a sitting or laying down position, this is where the leash comes in handy – wait Harlow wouldn’t get moved from her “Sit” or “Down” when I first started teaching this, so I hold the leash. Visually seeing the leash is also moving is a good Incentive for your dog to move. So I just hold this *CLICK* Good girl! As soon as your dog stands up is when you would click. Down! And then you can practice all three together. Stand! Sit! Down! Good! Sit! Stand! Stand!
*CLICK* When your puppy gets good at all three,
I suggest mixing it up, go from “Down,” to “Sit,” to “Stand,” to “Down,” to “Stand,” to “Sit,” all over the place, so they get really good at all of them. Thank you, Harlow. Okay, now we’re going to do “Watch Me.” This is my most used command by far, it’s great for getting your dog’s attention around distractions or reining in their focus no matter what the reason. So, the way I teach this is, I take the treat show them the treat, point to my *CLICK* forehead As soon as they’re staring, it doesn’t matter if they’re looking at the treat when they start,
as soon as they’re looking at your face, *CLICK* treat. Harlow, watch me! *CLICK* Good.
Now, if you have a dog that’s going to jump for food in your face and knock you over, instead of pointing in front of your face, point to the side, where your eye is Say “Watch Me.” That way, if they jump, at least they’ll go over your shoulder, instead of just right in the middle of your face.
So, now. Eventually, you’re going to wean out the food, but it’s going to be very slow for some dogs. Practice this literally fifty times a day, I don’t care what you’re doing, if your dog’s off somewhere, say their name – Harlow can be off playing and I’ll say
“Harlow, Watch Me,” *CLICK* and as soon as she looks I click and treat her. It’s meant – the more you practice, the more they’re going to get it. If they’re not interested, use a higher value treat, okay? And high-value treats, I use her kibble, and it could be hot dogs, or string cheese. So just practice that as much as you can and really it’s that easy. Eventually, you can wean out the treats and it’ll be a lot more convenient. So, Harlow, Watch Me! *CLICK* Good! Now I don’t need a treat in my hand,
she knows when I say “Watch Me,” I want eye contact, and she’ll get a treat afterwards, or some praise, or something like that. Okay, well, I hope this video has given you more insight on how to teach your dog “Sit,” “Down,” “Stand” and “Watch Me.” Very useful commands for service dogs and pets alike. So, feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have. You can also find her on Instagram, her Instagram is “Helper” underscore “Dog” underscore “Harlow” you can DM me there ’cause I’ll answer as soon as I can, and thanks, for tuning in, I hope I helped.

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  1. Lilly Burkhart says:

    I love you guys so much!! Thank you!!

  2. Christina Winters says:

    I just recently got a new puppy and Its been a struggle to get her to sit and lay down but this video has really helped thank you so much!!!

  3. ella scott says:

    hey its me from the club form rte i know u might not notice the is my doggie ( i hate saying dog ) i was wonder how do you get harlow attention????? keep on smiling!!

  4. Nightshade says:


  5. Marvin Grey says:

    This is great for newbies like me! 🙂

  6. Unicorn Aj says:

    I have a new chihuahua rescue and I've used the hand but she just keeps standing on her hind legs to you have and tips or tricks for me?

  7. May B says:

    Started using kibble instead of treats and she really seems to like it. Before she didn't like the kibble but now she does and I love using it!

  8. mario urbina says:


  9. Maryam alkhaldi says:

    Amazing commands .. the way ur teching her is really cool

  10. Just a random person says:

    I've been trying to teach my dogs to sit for a while and they haven't learned it fully yet,, so thank you for this video because I'm gonna get a clicker and use these techniques to hopefully teach them! I have 2 chihuahuas and a Lhasa Asa so they're small lap dogs, but it would be really nice to train them! I also had major surgery on my knee several months ago (tumour removal) so I have to limit my walking and it hurts to do basic things (ie: getting up for a drink, putting away things while cleaning, etc) so I hope that your other dog training videos can help with that too! Thank you so much ❤️

    I'm so glad you have such an amazing service dog like Harlow, you two are an amazing pair and it's absolute astounding how much she helps you in your daily life with what you're going through. You're an inspiration ❤️☺️ stay strong girl!

  11. Daniela Cruz says:

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  12. whimsical endeavors says:

    Thank you. getting a pup in December. even though not a service dog but esa, it will need training

  13. Alrighty Aphrodite says:

    I'm getting my puppy to be a service dog next Friday 🙂

  14. kpopfan forever77 says:

    I'm late but what does the clicker do?

  15. natalie ramsey says:

    Watching to remember exactly how to train commands and all I could think was "it was soo hard to teach my pekinese mix to lay down ?" cause he has short stubby legs ? it was a process ? I probably spent more time teaching him that than any other command or task throughout his whole SDiT faze.. largely cause I had a hard time finding any information on specific ways to help teaching down for dogs who aren't very far from the floor so bringing a treat down and in is more likely to make them stand up ?

  16. Stagbones says:

    I'm starting owner training this week with my puppy! These videos are so great, I've down so much dog training for shows and tasks but its been a long time and clickers weren't as popular back then! Thanks for creating this useful content 🙂

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  18. ForeverCellist says:

    My dog knows sit but it's been hard to teach him to lay down. I'll have to try this!

  19. Marianne Buck says:

    Hi! This video has been so helpful! My dog is a rescue, she's about two years but is very well behaved. she now does sit, and lie down very well. But every time I try to get her to stand up, she will stand up, take a step and then sit down again. I can't get her to stand up and as soon as I hold out the treat to give her she will sit or lie down straight away. Any advice?

  20. NaomiHelenn says:

    There isn't much help in the UK with service dogs. Please continue to post training videos as they are a huge help!

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    I have a Morkie and I tried sit, but when he sat I tried to get him to stand up to do it again, but he wouldn't get up ?

  27. Elisa Fox says:

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  28. Rickie Lee says:

    You're so beautiful Jaquie

  29. -JerryG- says:

    Where do you get the clicker.

  30. Angela Guenther says:

    Thank you for the info on getting the pup to look at me. I have trying to teach her and this way looks quite easy. Thank you again.

  31. Got7 BTS says:

    I've just been laughing because Harlow's paws keep slowly sliding apart on the tile. xD

  32. screw sarahtonin says:

    this video is great! however i would not recommend (when teaching a puppy to sit) pushing even slightly on their bum, as their bones are very soft and obviously still developing, therefore it can do damage. instead, you hold the treat above their head, and move it backwards until they sit 🙂 this is how i taught my labrador to sit and now he can do it by me just pointing to his butt hahah

  33. Sleek S says:

    My 8 weeks old Harlem is a bit wild at times.

  34. Rakel says:

    What can i use if a don't have a clicking ?

  35. Ana Larson says:

    Always love watching and rewatching your tutorials they are great and clear. I have trained dogs for years so I do know a lot of this, but it has been a long time since I had a puppy and disabled so having these videos helps me to refocus and also a pat on the back when I am on target. I never knew just how much harder this gets as you get older and more disabled, thank God I have help. Blessings Jacqui and to all your loved ones and keep sharing! 0:)

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