SixBlindKids – Dog And Puppy Play Date! (ft. ArnieTheBeagle)

– [Mom] Joel, he is like a huge dog! (uplifting music)
Oh my gosh! – [Dad] Hi buddy.
(dog barks) – [Mom] Oh. Come here fella. (dog barks) Easy now.
– No jumping. – [Mom] Joel, if I saw–
(dog barks) I like you becoming– Look at him shedding, oh my gosh! – [Dad] Oh no! – [Mom] Look at that! Oh my gosh, you’ve gotten huge, big boy! – [Joel] Yeah, I feed him just as much as you feed Arnie.
– I missed you! – So keep that in mind.
– I missed you! – I feed him just as much if not less than you feed Arnie, so keep that in mind. – [Mom] Okay, less? – Like how much you givin’ him? – I give him about two cups a day. – [Dad] He’s shedding like crazy. – [Mom] Crazy. He’s huge, David. – Hey David.
– Hello. – Come here Bobo. – All right, I love you. – [Dad] Do you want to say hello to Bo? – David, come here, honey. Come see him. We’re trying to calm… Here, you just got to get down, yeah. All right. All right, you can see him later. – [Dad] Okay. – [Joel] We’ll be here. – [Dad] Later on. See you,
have a good day, David. – [Mom] He’s a good boy. Look at my pants, honey. – I know.
– Oh my goodness. You’re so huge.
– You can brush him and this doesn’t ever stop. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, Joel. You can see the Australian
Shepherd in him. – Oh I know it.
– Big time now. Say hi to all your YouTube friends who haven’t seen you in a while. Say, hi everybody! Yeah, I’m gonna do that, honey. Oh my gosh. – [Dad] You want to go out back? – Yeah, ‘Cause Arnie
will only go out back. – [Joel] All right, well, do you want me to bring
him back there then? – Yeah, let’s do that.
– All right. (uplifting music)
– Oh my goodness, you’re such a good boy. – [Joel] Okay now he looks bigger than the last time I saw him. – [Dad] Okay.
– Can you just settle down? Bo, look who I’ve got!
– Who’s that? – [Mom] It’s Arnie! – [Dad] Let’s check each other out. – [Joel] Let ’em smell. – Is he okay?
– Yeah. – Alright.
– Very good. And then they’ll start to play in three, two, one. – [Mom] Should I let ’em off the leash? – [Joel] Is he good off-leash? – I can’t believe how
big he’s gotten, honey. All right, I’ve got all you men here, if he gets loose then… (uplifting music) He’s just gonna hang with Bo. Hopefully Bo won’t go into the woods. – Na, he shouldn’t. You’re okay, now you wanna play. Okay, this is weird, he’s ignoring him.
– Now he’s gonna play! – [Joel] Okay, play time. There we go. – [Mom] They’re gonna have
fun, Joel! Look at this! – [Joel] They look like they could almost be brothers.
– Look, honey, they’re having fun! Aw, they’re both gonna like this. – [Joel] Yeah, you can already tell. They’ll be fine. (dog barks)
– That’s so awesome! He’s acting like Bo. Well tell him! Arnie you have a friend! As long as his tail’s wagging I think they’re good together. And they’re both just big babies. – [Joel] Now, the only thing
is Bo will steal his toys and will hide them and he does get a little toy aggressive sometimes, but.
– That’s okay. ‘Cause Bo, he’s cool with that, I mean– – [Joel] Bo doesn’t like to share. Toys at least. Everything else he’s fine with. – You can really see that
Australian Shepherd in him. – [Dad] Yeah, no kiddin’. – [Mom] Oh my goodness. – [Joel] Hey, don’t eat grass. (dog barks) – That is cute, they’re gonna have fun. I think they’re gonna spend
most of the day outside. – [Joel] Maybe. Alright, your problem now. – Gee thanks, Joel.
– My problem, thanks. – Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. There’s probably like deer
pee or something and– – [Dad] I’m sure there
is so much out here. – This is gonna be fun. My anxiety level kinda
went down a little bit. – [Joel] They’ll be fine. – [Dad] Arnie’s first play date. – And he was so bored yesterday too. He hadn’t been feeling
well and he was bored and I really did not know
what to do about that. Solution! Bring Bo over. Arnie, are you so excited
that Bo came to visit? Come on. (uplifting music) You’re a good boy. You definitely have the
more mature child, honey. – [Dad] Yeah, well, he’s– – [Mom] You got the more mature pet. – [Dad] He’s very much pulling. – I think the two of them, their personalities are so similar, and I do know, I see
signs of calming in Arnie. So there’s hope. – There is hope.
– Bo is a good dog. – [Dad] Yeah he is. This is a little socialization. – [Mom] Yeah, a little bit. And both of them have wagging tails. I think they’re cool. Bo clearly is not stressed, which is good, and Arnie doesn’t seem stressed. Hi, Bo! I’m gonna walk with you. – [Dad] There’s lots of deer
stuff over here, I’m sure. – [Mom] I know. – [Dad] These dogs just love deer poop, and deer pee.
– Boy, it drives me crazy, but you can’t avoid it. – [Dad] And they live up
on this knoll up here too. The deer do. – [Mom] I got news for you,
they live by our swing set. – [Dad] I know, they live everywhere. – [Mom] I go out there in
the morning and wake them up. I see these little heads poking out– – [Dad] We have scores of deer that live in this little valley. – [Mom] Bo is like,
Arnie, you’re crazy man. Why don’t you just walk in one line? – [Dad] Instead of in a circle. – It’s Arnie’s fault.
– Right. – [Mom] A second handle
really helps me though. And the big wide collar. He’ll go to a harness soon, but. – [Dad] I think Bo needs a harness. – [Mom] Bo definitely, I can see that, he’s huge.
– He’s so big. – [Mom] And I don’t know if
Joel has one of those mitts. – [Dad] I think he does. – [Mom] But he doesn’t use it? – [Dad] Probably. – [Mom] Well, I think I
want one for my house. ‘Cause he’s coming back in November, I think, for a few days. Let’s go home boys. Say come on, Bo, let’s go home! – [Dad] He’s saying, come on, run with me! And Bo’s saying, eh,
we’ll just take it easy. I didn’t get this girth by running around. I get this girth by just
kinda meandering and walking. – [Mom] Just keep walking. So chill, I kinda like that. He’s much more chill than he was last time we saw him. Last time we saw Bo he acted like this. I think that’s what was stressing me out. Because I thought I was
gonna have Arnie 2.0. – Right.
– Right? He’s calmed down so much
I can’t even believe it. This is gonna be a madhouse this weekend. Oh you found toys, Bo! Good! Arnie you have somebody to play with so Mommy can drink some coffee hopefully. He wants to play. He’s like, give me my ball back. Play nice boys, okay? Come on, there’s lots of toys. Come on! (kissing) Come on! Look, there’s lots of toys, look! Lots of toys. Bo and Arnie, look. You guys can play. I wonder if they’ll play
tug-of-war together? I think I’m gonna let ’em do their thing. – [Dad] They’re playing follow the leader. – [Mom] Bo wants the toys and Arnie’s only interested in Bo. – [Dad] Right. – [Mom] He remembers us, I can tell. – [Dad] Yes, he does. – I can tell.
– He’s a big boy. He’s huge, Honey. – [Dad] I know. He’s a shedding shepherd. – [Mom] I think he should go on a diet. But, you know, he has always
been really husky like that. So I don’t know. Maybe our friends can let
us know in the comments if Bo needs a diet. (Arnie barking) Do you need to go on a diet, big boy? Or is that just your normal girth? (Arnie barks) And you know what, honey? Bo has, I didn’t think he would, but he has honored the boundary. I’m not sure that’s gonna
last all weekend but… Well, Hannah? – What. – How’re you feeling about all of this? – Not so great. – Is it total anxiety overload? – Yeah, and I can’t even get up. – You actually can get
up, just ignore them. – And I can’t put these dishes away. – Well just leave those
and we’ll take care of it. It’s alright, sweetie. Breath in and breath out, Hannah. Is this keep away? Oh Jesse is absolutely loving this. Right, Jess? Are you loving it? – Sweet girl.
– She loves the dogs playing. – You’re loving this. (dogs barking)
(laughing) It’s official, the house
has gone to the dogs. It is a mad house around here. What were we thinking? – I don’t know what we were thinking. – [Mom] Oh my goodness. This is what happens when you
have a whole bunch of kids. And they grow up and have dogs. I’m looking forward to the day that my grandchildren
get dropped off, though. Do you think that will happen? – I hope so.
– [Mom] I hope so too. I think we all want that. – Okay, okay.
– Okay, okay. Can you say good dog? – Say good dog!
– Good dog! What do you think, Abi? Bo is here. – [Abi] Hi, Bo. – [Mom] Come here, sweetie. They’re being wild, I’ll take
you straight to your stool. – Okay, okay. – [Mom] All right, you
want to be behind me? – [Abi] Hi, Bo. – [Mom] Let’s go Abi. Bo, you have a ball in your mouth. You probably want somebody
to throw that for you. There you go, just climb up, honey. They’re being wild but they’re actually– – [Dad] They’re having fun. – [Mom] They’re having fun
and I think that Bo is calm. Come here. (kisses) – You want to see Bo too, Abi? – Hey Abi, Bo is much,
much calmer than Arnie. – Yay! – [Mom] He has calmed down significantly since the last time he was here. (claps) Alright, well you have
to get down and do that. Okay? And you even have dogs on
your pajamas today, Abbs. – Oh! Whoa! – [Mom] Soon as they
come around, she’s done. (barking) Uh-oh. We have food issues.
(barking) Oh no! (laughs) – [Dad] Arnie says stay out of
my food, stay out of my bed. – [Mom] Bo is gonna stay
upstairs with David, and then I’m gonna need
a new vacuum cleaner I think when we’re done, but that’s okay. – [Dad] They’re having fun together. – [Mom] They really are, I’m amazed. Honey, I don’t think I can
handle two dogs everyday. – No, one is enough. – [Mom] I know they would calm down, but oh my, that’s a lot of work. (dogs bark) What? Bo, is he driving you crazy yet? Okay, here, I’ll take your ball. Here. Bo wants somebody to
throw that ball for him. Honey, can you do it? Can you grab the ball from him? – I’m in a headlock right now. Jessie has me in a headlock.
– She’s very excited. – [Dad] Are you excited
to have doggy friends? Do you love saying good dog? – Right Abbs. Oh Jesse. They want to go back outside again. He doesn’t look too fat now. I almost think maybe it was just because we’re used to having the puppy. And maybe once this big dog showed up he just looked enormous to us. He definitely looks a little heavy, but. (uplifting music) What do you think, Bo? Are you having fun at our house today? Not so much, you kinda bored
wondering where your boy is? We’ve been going on a couple of walks. Kinda hanging out a little bit. Watching all the wild life. This dog is definitely a herder though. He is on high alert all the time looking for animals or children to herd. Aren’t you Bo? You’re a good boy. Arnie are you gonna take
yourself for a walk? Your man Bo has got some
serious catchin’ up to do because we’re already on bag
number two with the poo today. We’re just gonna call
Mr. Arnie, Sir Poopsalot. That’s a Beagle puppy for you right there. Two for you. Bo’s a night owl, he’s not even up yet. He’s got some catching up
to do, doesn’t he, big boy? What do you hear?
(barking) No, no! You’re not going over that fence. We’re not gonna have that, no, no. Good morning, Bo! Good morning, big boy! He’ll come in and see you in a minute. He’ll come see you. Come on, I’ll take you outside, and we’ll go find them outside,
come on, let’s go, come on. When you’re done let’s go find Bo. Let’s go find him! This way, come on, I
think they went out front. I don’t know where they went. All right. Three bags for Bo, and three bags for Arnie, it’s a tie. – [Dad] It’s a tie? But by weight? – Oh weight, it’s definitely Bo. (Arnie barking) But it’s funny because Arnie is tiny and has a big bark. Bo is huge and has this little wimpy bark. But I’m gonna take him, I’m gonna take Bo upstairs
so I can feed him. – [Man] Hold on, Abi wants to do petting. – Come here, honey, he’s
on a leash, he’s fine. Say hi Bo. There he is. – [Abi] Hi Bo. See he’s very calm. That’s his leash, honey. That’s his leash. Come here Bo. (kissing) Come here, Bo. Here, pet his head, honey, here. Just pet his head. There you go, he’s much calmer. Hi Bo, good job Abbs. She’s got this. Good job Abbs.
– You got it! – You got this, big girl.
– What do you think, Ab? – [Mom] All right, I’m
gonna put him upstairs so he can eat, okay?
– Okay. – ‘Cause he can’t eat, they can’t eat each other’s food and poor Bo won’t stand a chance. Arnie I’m gonna let you
out in just a minute. – [Dad] Just sit up here. Did you pet Bo? – Yes.
– You did, you were a brave girl. – That was crazy, but you know it’s funny because just like with kids, it’s like you have to make sure that they’re both feeling
secure and comfortable and you have to make sure that
they both get time together and time apart, and it’s like having kids. It’s the same thing with the kids. Both dogs belong here, and I don’t want either dog
to feel jealous of the other, but it’s crazy. I think I need a nap, that was intense, but they’re both resting. Bo went upstairs to his spot. He stays, it used to be Joel’s bedroom and it’s David’s bedroom now, so he went up there, he was
very happy to get in there and went straight for underneath the desk, which is kinda like his crate. He doesn’t need to be crated anymore but that’s his spot, his safe place, and I put his food and water
up in the bathroom there because if we put that
food down here together poor Bo would never stand a chance. So anyway it’s all good,
everybody’s quiet now, and we’ll be doing this again later. (uplifting music) ♪ Every change has a reason ♪ ♪ Baby let it come to you ♪ ♪ Every storm, every season ♪ ♪ Lives outside of status quo ♪ ♪ If you stop believing– ♪

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50 Responses

  1. Treemeadow says:

    It's no surprise that Jesse loves the energy of the dogs, she's the most "proprioceptive" sensory seeking of the bunch! I'm autistic too and I have low proprioceptive sensory perception, which means I seek out MOVEMENT and TOUCH and am LOUD to make up for what feels like a lack of all those things in my head. Friends who are also autistic but have HIGH proprioceptive sensory perception like being more still, find a lot of touch "way too much" and can find things which could push them over or lead to a lot of movement and sensory input- like playful dogs- overwhelming.

    How fascinating this spectrum is.

  2. AnnaMarie Channell says:

    Having 2 dogs is not the easiest thing but it does make it semi easier when 1 dog stays outside (her choice) and the other prefers being inside but has outside time with her sister. I, personally, could not stand that barking all day. Thank God my girls only bark when they see or hear something out of the norm. Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. banan ve says:

    Omg, Bo is The fattest dog i ever seen. Thats terrible. You are awesome but that dog needs to loose a loooot OF Weight

  4. Demetria Young says:


  5. I tell Lies says:

    Lol aweee Hannah only likes humans?❤️

  6. Kali Palazzo says:

    How old is Bo

  7. Brooke Barnhart says:

    Maybe a little diet but Aussies are a little husky

  8. Jen M says:

    Bo is so cute! Bo's face reminds me so much of my late dog Teddy. He was a Border Collie mix. My Aussie Border mix I have now, Sanji, looks nothing like other Aussies or Borders, though… he has the head of something between a Jack Russel, a Beagle and a Corgi. ? Looking at Bo I am really reminded of my Sanji, though! Same behaviour, same walking and playing! Must be the Aussie roots. ? And I'd say Bo needs a little diet, my dog is just as chubby because my older uncle loves to take him for walks and most probably feeds him then, too (typical grandpa lol), when we brought him to our vet for vaccines we were told he is too much. We try to get him down a few pounds now as well! But it's not easy as he is neutered, these dogs often have a few extra pounds that are hard to get off…….

  9. Morgan Budreau says:

    Reminds me of when I go to my friend’s house. She has two boxers. Sometimes I wish I had a second dog.

  10. Zucho Angelin Ovung says:

    Is Jo very close with his siblings?

  11. 77cobby says:

    Well, dogs are less predictable than siblings, so it will take a while for Hannah to integrate Arnie into her routine. I can see she's resisting it ?
    It is awesome to see Jesse and Abi dealing so well with the dogs. Well done, Abi, for being so brave!

  12. Phoebe says:

    Do you put the dog poop in the kitchen bin? doesn't it make it smell putrid and gross?
    I love watching your family – they are such joy to watch!

  13. Fox says:

    Is it possible to get dental treatment for jesse or not a good idea?

  14. ashilz says:

    Bo may need to go on a small diet, but not too excessive. A general rule that vets always tell us is that your dogs back/stomach should curve inwards slightly closer to their butt. If they're more of a sausage shape, they need less food/more exercise!

  15. TheBaddest Radish says:

    Some dogs shed a lot because of what they are eating, you are probably right he needs to eat differently or add oils to his food.

  16. Zewd Makonen says:

    It’s so cute!!

  17. Haidee Sanchez says:

    Jesse’s happy smiling face is everything!!! ❤️❤️❤️. I’m Hannah. Poor girl. I’m not fond of dogs either. Abi did good with Bo. Nice to see David’s handsome face. I love you guys! ?❤️

  18. Hedvika 18 says:

    Yes Bo need s to be in a diet?. You guy s are supper amazing???

  19. Lynn S says:

    Bo was making it snow!

  20. Rivka Leah Revah says:

    Ur a ermayzing mum. Very inspiraysernerl. Wel dun!

  21. twdobesh says:

    A Halti (AKA Gentle Leader) is excellent to stop pulling without being inhumane, its way better than a harness. If you can feel Bo’s ribs then he’s not overweight, if you can’t then he needs to take off a few pounds. ❤️’d this video

  22. Diwondermum says:

    How can you say that you have a mad house?!! It looks pretty normal to me!! lol
    Great video. Enjoy the dogs!!

  23. Diwondermum says:

    Annie seems to have a very long tail for a beagle….. he is a pure beagle yes???

  24. Gina Guajardo says:

    Bo is your "fur-grandbaby"!

  25. jcg336 says:

    My face looks much more like Hannah’s than Jesse’s when there are barking dogs around!

  26. Anne Behnke says:

    Bo needs a diet I agree. I love that you have a healthy appreciation for keeping an in weight dog. As a dog professional I see so many people who think an overweight dog is healthy. If it's not healthy for people why would it be healthy for dogs

  27. Sue Wood says:

    Such fun but exhausting! Hope you got some coffee and 'me time' after all that! Made me laugh when you got the poop bags and put them in the bin. I can do most things for dogs (and kids) but scooping up the poop is where I fail big time. I have to go out with a trowel (scoop) to pick up the poop! Everyone has their limitations!!!

  28. DevilishDaysxMaui says:

    I’ve put my dogs on a diet and given them much more oils like salmon oil which helps with their shedding! I add carrots and rice and boiled chicken to their regular kibble from time to time. I hope this helps! It was lovely to see the kids, especially Jesse and her excitement! ?

  29. Caden_Airport12 Caden Steffes says:

    I love you kids and mom and dad

  30. Natalie Johnson says:

    What is Bo mixed with?

  31. two bows and a bro says:

    I just love your kitchen table. Would you mind sharing where you found it? Even if it was purchased a while ago? I have tried to find something similar, trying every description word possible, and have come up empty… 🙂

  32. Kiana Banks says:

    Gone wild. ?

  33. MamaBear82 says:

    Its good Bow and Arnie have the same energy levels when playing!!!Our Beagle Spencer's energy levels are definitely not in line with our 8 year old Akita/Lab who prefers a much quieter life ? Your right having kids is easier as I am exhausted making sure both our dogs are happy and have their own space at least you can send bow home wish we could do that with one of our dogs especially when Spencer goes crazy in his little puppy world ? I look forward to the day you are grandparents I think you would be the best grandparents going ?

  34. andie361 Thompson says:

    Aww.. poor Hannah. Hopefully she’ll be alright after a day or two 🙁

  35. Highway1700 says:

    Wish we could do pictures on YouTube. I have 2 Australia Cattle dogs. He looks fine to me .. but also hard to tell on video.

  36. Sieren Tokiio says:

    How do u keep them from running away, I dont see a fence.

    Bo is beautiful

  37. Tabbycat7219 says:

    I loved this video! Puppies plus this family= pure joy!

  38. Olive Dog says:

    I had a dog that would shed SO BAD. Brushing her fur never helped. It just never stopped! She looked similar ?

  39. Ale Lagarda says:

    Arnie has grown so fast! I can tell he is in the middle of a big growth spurt, his legs are already soo long! He will start to fill in nd settle down as time comes ??

  40. Iasmim Cunha says:

    I from brazil and I love your videos.
    Amo o canal,Abraços.

  41. Bri elle says:


  42. Dana Belden says:

    Awe he has a buddy cute

  43. hiddencreekranch 9111 says:

    Jesse's beautiful smile playing with Bo and Arnie totally made my day! I'm with you, Jesse, I LOVE dogs! ❤??

  44. Sabina De Wit says:

    Poor bo he is a lil big maybe it runs in his familie thats what i always say lol

  45. Black Honey says:

    Aww look at Jesse girl ♥ ?

  46. Destiny Walsh says:

    I don’t think a diet is Bo’s answer. He just needs some good cardio like Arnie gives him!

  47. Soza 487 says:

    Aww your dogs are so cute❤️

  48. Phuong Nguyen MissSassyJules says:

    Awww I love Jessie’s smile and laughter ❤️??.

  49. Marie Adams says:

    I didn't realise just how talented a singer you are! I listened too two videos of you singing 'Angels among us' and 'Brother' and you sang both songs so beautifully ???
    Hannah, I really think you should share your gift a lot more! ??
    Ice got to say mom and dad… you two are very blessed to have such beautiful, loving, kind, gentle and talented children ?????

  50. perkypokey says:

    Arnie & Bo hit it off immediately. Hopefully they will continue to have many play dates in the weeks, months, and years to come. 🙂

  51. meditation & relaxation /Ellie Preston says:

    Are you planning to a service dog for Jesse seeing eye dog? And a service dog for all your kids

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