SixBlindKids – Mom And 6 Kids – After School Bus Routine, Bus Numbers, and Autism

– [Dad] So, first day of school, and you’re out to lunch for the first time in how many months? – Many, many months. – [Dad] Except for your one-on-one dates with your kids, and we’re
at California Pizza Kitchen. Mom and Dad are on a lunch date. We have to pick Hannah up at 12:30, because she’s getting off early from work. So, we get to enjoy. (peppy music) – Hello, Dad. – [Dad] So, how was
your catering job today? – It was awesome. – [Dad] Yeah? – Yep. – [Dad] What did you do? – I was in charge of
handing out the scones, and pointing out where the fruit bowl is. The fruit salad.
– Oh, very good! – Yeah.
– You can hand out scones in our house anytime you want
(Hannah giggles) and you can hand out
scones to me all day long. I’ll eat the scones.
– You like the scones? – Yeah, would you like the
cheddar and chive scone, or the orange cardamon scone better? – Yes! (parents laughing) – Which one? (laughs) – I’ll take one of each, please. Did you bring me some? – No. Oh, man!
– Aw, nuts! Oh, man! – Dad and I went out for lunch, and now we’re gonna go out for coffee. – Oh! – We should have gotten
a coffee at Cameron’s, but we didn’t today. – I did not even have a
single cup of coffee today, because I had to leave the house at 5:30. – Well, we’ll have to make up for that.
– We’ll have to make up for that right now.
– Let’s go to Starbucks, and make that happen. – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay? – Mm-hm.
– Alright. – A Frappucino. – You’re gonna have a Frappuccino? – Yeah. – Well you have a little
Frappuccino, and I’ll have a little cappuccino,
(Hannah laughs) and maybe you give me a
sip of your Frappuccino, and I’ll give you a sip of my cappuccino. – Oh! – Will that work? – Yeah.
– Alright. – Except don’t tell Mrs. Graham
we’re going to Starbucks. – (laughs) Okay.
(Mom chuckles) – Well, you need a break
from your work place, too sometimes, right? – Yeah. – Alright. – Mom? – Yes, dear? – Is it polite to ask what
bus numbers they have? The newer ones. – You can talk about bus numbers, since you know the bus numbers
(Hannah laughs) of every single driver
in this entire county, and exactly what model bus they drive. – Yeah, like an Amtran, and
a Genesis, and a Thomas. – [Dad] What do you got there, Hannah? – A caramel mocha. (giggles) – [Dad] Uh oh!
– Mom! – [Dad] I caught mom on
camera taking some of your, that’s your cappuccino.
– Here, honey. (Hannah laughs) – Mom! – [Dad] Did your mom shortstop it, Hannah? – (giggles) Yeah she did.
– You just let anybody, any total stranger, come up
and just take a sip like I did? – God! (laughs) – [Dad] Is that funny? Here.
– Yeah. – [Dad] Are you beside yourself, Hannah? – Yes. (laughs) It’s because mom took a sip out of this. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (mellow music) And I got to take a sip of it myself. – [Dad] There’s a chair here, honey. – Dad has assigned seating. – Assigned seating, yeah.
– Assigned seating by Dad. So, you want to give
me that, and have a sip of my cappuccino? – Sure.
– Okay, here you go. – Thank you. – [Mom] Then you can tell
us which you like best. – Okay. – Do you like the Popeye’s cappuccino, or the Chick-fil-a Frappuccino? (chuckles) – I like, mm, both of them. – I like both of them, too. I could not drink a whole one of those. Oh, my gosh, three sips and I’m like. (women laughing) – [Dad] That’s the caramel Frap. – [Mom] Wired for stereo, here. – Yeah. – [Dad] How’s the cappuccino? – Really good, where’s your drink? – [Dad] They had to brew fresh. – Oh. You know what I’m enjoying the most about this today, Hannah?
– Hm? – I hate to say this, but
you know last time I was here was when we went to look at
Arnie, and he was just this big. – Yeah, and we were right outside at those tables outside.
– But, today, to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying the
break from the little guy. He is wild and crazy.
– He is a lot of work. – Yeah. – [Dad] But he’s doing
really well, though. – Okay. (laughs)
– To me, he’s a troublemaker. – He can be a troublemaker. – [Dad] He is a troublemaker, Hannah. – He’s like, stealing towels
right off of the towel racks. – [Dad] I know, and toilet
rolls, the entire rolls off of the toilet paper.
– Yesterday, he took the entire roll. He didn’t just unravel it. – Which he does a lot.
– He put his nose up there– – Knocked it off.
– Got the thing off of there, and brought us the entire roll
of toilet paper. (chuckles) – [Dad] That’s why I call
him “toilet paper breath”. – That would be the Obed!
– The bus, Obed coming home, Hannah! – Yes? – [Dad] Can you tell
what kind of bus it is? – That is somewhat new of an Amtran. – [Dad] It’s an Amtran? – Yeah, Amtran, but it’s fairly new. – [Dad] It’s fairly new,
because you can tell? – Yeah, and the diesel is a lot louder. – [Dad] Okay? (bus engine roars) – [Dad] Man, that’s loud, Hannah! – Yeah, this is why it’s an
older version of an Amtran. – [Dad] You know all the
buses by their sound. – Yes. – [Dad] Alright, say
hello to the bus people. – Hello!
– She’s knows all of these buses makes, and (chuckles)– – [Hannah] What bus number are you? – [Bus Driver] We are bus number 1286. – [Hannah] Oh, that sounds like bus 1341. – Good job.
– She knows her buses! – She does.
– Yeah! – [Dad] It sounds like 1341, Hannah? – Yes, because– – [Dad] They said this one is 1286. – [Hannah] Yeah. This is somewhat of an older,
somewhat of a newer version of an Amtran.
(Mom chattering) – [Dad] An Amtran? – [Hannah] Yeah. It’s because it’s loud up here. (bus engine growls) – [Dad] You know your buses, don’t you? – Yeah, I do. I can tell you what the
next one is when it comes. – [Dad] Okay. – Yeah. – [Dad] She knows every brand of bus, and by their sound, whether
old or new, or rickety. – Oh, wow.
– Yeah. – [Dad] She knows her
buses, right, Hannah? – Yeah, because the
oldest bus is the Genesis. That’s the even louder buses. – [Dad] The Genesis are louder? – [Hannah] Yeah. – [Dad] Here comes Obed! – [Ahmed] See you, Obed! – [Dad] First day of school! – First day, Obed, you did it! (Dad cheers)
– First day of school, Obed! – Okay, Hannah, I need to get out, honey. – [Hannah] Okay. – Thank you.
– Hey, little man! – Okay, see you tomorrow! – [Hannah] What’s your name, sir? – That’s Akhmed.
– Hold on, Akhmed. – Yes, hello, there! – Perfect.
– Thank you so much. – You’re welcome, hello. – [Dad] Thank you! Hi, everybody!
– I’ll remember bus 1286. – 1286, yeah!
– Alright, we’ll remember that for next time.
– What’s your name again? – That’s Hannah.
– I’m Hannah. – Hannah.
– Hey, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, too, Hannah. Thank you so much. – [Dad] All right, we’ll see you guys! – We’ll see y’all, bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – [Mom] See you in the morning! Alright, up we go, fun boy!
– Here comes Obed! – 1286.
– Hold on, Hannah. – [Dad] 1286, Hannah! – There you go, big boy. – Yep, 1286. (chuckles) – There you go.
– 1286. – [Mom] Oh! Hannah, you’re gonna
have to climb over him because he won’t scoot.
– Oh, boy. – [Dad] And he’s got
his seatbelt adapter on. – [Hannah] That’s what kids usually use to help them stay still.
– Yeah. – [Hannah] And sit up straighter. – [Dad] Alright. – [Hannah] That’s a safety vest. – [Dad] Alright, we’re bringing him home? – Yep.
– One down, and three to go. – [Dad] One down, and three to go. – I said our next bus is at 3:26, which is 20 minutes from now. So, usually I would take him home. – [Dad] Right. – What do you want me to do? – [Dad] Yeah. – Hannah, do you want to
stay, and get the other buses? – [Hannah] Sure. – [Dad] Let’s do that. – [Hannah] To find out
what bus numbers there are. – [Dad] Oh, Hannah’s gonna do a survey of which buses are which. – (laughs) And their sounds. – [Dad] And their sounds,
and what numbers they are. – Obed, I heard you had
a great day, buddy boy! – [Dad] Did you have a good day, bud? – [Mom] I was texting your teacher, she said you had an awesome day! – [Dad] Alright, a bus is coming. – [Hannah] Oh, yeah! – [Dad] You’ll have to
identify it by sound, and everything, okay? – I will. (bus engine roars)
Ah! – [Dad] What is it? – That is a newer, that is
one of the newest Amtrans. – [Dad] A newer Amtran? – Yep, because it sounds quieter up here. – Hi, Hannah!
– Hello, how are you? – Good, you look nice!
– Mr. Umberto. – Yeah, hello. – Hello.
– Hello. – [Mom] Mr. Sung’s just getting Jesse.
– On a newer Amtran. – Oh, okay.
– She’s coming. Jesse’s right here. – Hi, Jess!
– There she is! – Hey, Hannah! – [Mom] Did it work,
she kept her clothes on? – Yeah, I think so. – [Mom] If it was, you
would have known! (laughs) – I don’t know, I told her to ditch it. – [Mom] I mean, on the bus, though. Oh, okay, good. Hi, sweetie!
– Oh, and speaking of buses, what bus number are you? – [Mr. Umberto] 392. – [Hannah] 319? – [Men] 392! – Did you have a good day, today?
– 392, okay. – Yeah, alright.
– You went to school! Time to go home. – [Dad] Come here, honey. Come here, baby. Daddy’s got you, alright? Do you want to go back there? (backpack thuds) There you go! Good job! Okay, we’re gonna get
Abi and Bethany next. – That is also the newest Amtran version. – [Dad] The newest Amtran version, right? – Yep. Yeah, because it also is, again the engine is on the front of the bus this time. It might sound loud, but
it’s actually quiet. (laughs) – [Dad] It is quiet. This one’s quieter. That first one was
really noisy, wasn’t it? – Yeah.
– Clickity clackity. – Yeah, bus 1286 was– – [Dad] Very loud. – Yeah. – [Dad] This one’s quieter, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– Do you want to go greet the bus? – Yes! – [Dad] Yeah, okay. Alright, go ahead. – Great bus, okay. – [Mom] Hello, there! – Hello!
– Hi! – Hi, Ms. Hannah! – Hi, how are you? – [Bus Driver] Fine, you? – Good. – [Mom] This is Hannah. Do you guys remember Hannah, from Davis Center many years ago? – [Driver] Yes, yes! – Oh, is that Freida? – [Driver] No no, Ms. Freida
now, she’s a supervisor. – Oh, supervisor? Okay.
– Yeah. Now she’s a supervisor. – [Hannah] She used to
drive bus 12, no, 1233. (Bethany giggles)
– Yes! – [Dad] Hey, Bethany. – Hi. – What bus number is this?
– How was your day? – [Bethany] Fun! – [Mom] Good! – Did you like it?
– Oh, 413, okay. – [Dad] Where’s Abi? There she is, there’s– – [Parents] Abi! – [Hannah] What’s your name again, miss? – I’m Ms. Earlene. – [Hannah] Oh, Ms. Earlene. – Yeah, but I’ll tell Ms.
Freida next time I see her that you say hi, okay? – Alright.
– That you still remember her. – [Hannah] Yeah. – [Ms. Earlene] She
would love to hear that. – [Dad] Hi, Ab! – [Abi] Hi, Dad! – See you in the morning.
– Bye, girls! – Okay, bye-bye.
– Bye, guys, have a good evening!
– See ya! – [Dad] Hi, girls. This way, Hannah, girls. – [Mom] It’s almost like
you’re going to school again! – Oh my storms! Their bus number is 413. – [Mom] 413? – Yep. – [Dad] 413. – Buses 1286, 413, and– – [Dad] And 352? I can’t remember what it was.
– Obed! – 392. – [Dad] 392. – Yes. – [Dad] Go ahead, Abi. Alright, do we have all the kids? One, two, three.
– Everybody except David. – [Dad] Four, five, everybody is home. (Hannah chuckles) Oh, boy, that was a long day wasn’t it? – Boy, you’re not kidding.
– Yeah, it was. – [Mom] It always is. – [Dad] First day of school. – [Hannah] Whoa, sorry, ah! – [Dad] You guys survived after all. – [Mom] We all survived it, another year. – [Hannah] I figured out what
bus number, I asked them, I figured out what bus
number everybody rides on, ’cause it’s my thing, you know? – Autism, much? – [Dad] Autism, much? – Aspergers, much? (chuckles) – [Dad] Aspergers, much? – So, Bethany? – [Bethany] Yes? – Tell me how was your first
day at the Career Center? – It was great. I met some of the
teachers that knew Hannah. – Of course.
(children laughing) – And I got to sit with Abi at lunch. – [Mom] Oh, yay! – And I got to go say hi to Jesse, because she was in the cafeteria. – Wow!
– Oh, wow! Was it funny to have
your siblings at school? – [Bethany] Yeah. – [Mom] ‘Cause that’s the first
time you’ve been in school with your sisters like, ever, right? – Yep. My TvI asked me if I
wanted to go see Jesse. – Abi, did you have fun? – [Abi] Yep. – Awesome, did you meet some new friends? – Yes. – [Mom] Great! Did you see some old friends
from your old school? – [Abi] Yeah. – [Mom] Yes or no? (Abi chuckles) I think there might be like, one or two. – Ooh! – [Mom] Alright well, a
good time was had by all. – Yep! (upbeat music) ♪ Every change has a reason ♪ ♪ Baby, let it come to you ♪ ♪ Every storm, every season ♪ ♪ Lives outside of status quo ♪ ♪ If you stop believing ♪

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  5. Taysia Kaune says:

    When I was a kid I had to wear a harness on the school bus too, I wasn't gonna sit still on my own LoL! ?

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  7. Nae Lashan says:

    Hannah is so brilliant

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  9. Laura Hope Remen says:

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    Random comment that has nothing to do with this video. (which I throughly enjoyed as always ❤️), Have you guys heard of Kodi Lee? He is on this season of America's Got Talent, the finale was tonight. He is a blind and autistic singer & piano player. he has an amazing voice and I know you guys love music, I thought you guys might enjoy listening to his performances. Im sure they will be on youtube if they are not already. Love to you all ?✨

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    Me and Mom: YES

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    Anyway what amazing wonderful people you are to take care of so many children!

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