SixBlindKids – Popeyes Chicken Sandwich VS Chick Fil A – *ACTUAL* Blind Taste Test Challenge!

– So Jesse and I are coming back from our canceled optometrist appointment. (upbeat music) And we are very fortunate in our area to have both a Chick-fil-A and a Popeyes that are within a block of one another, and so we’re going to drop by and get some Chick-fil-A sandwiches and some Popeye, the new
Popeyes chicken sandwich. And we’re going to bring
them home to everybody and let them do a blind taste test. So that’s next on the agenda. So Jesse, we’re at Chick-fil-A, you kept your clothes on,
(Jesse hums) which is actually a miracle. So do you wanna go in and get a shakey? – No, no.
– A strawberry shakey? – I know.
– Want to? And then we can get
some chicken sandwiches for our blind taste test. You wanna do that? – Go.
– You wanna go? Alright, I’m gonna go get your buggy, and then we’ll go inside, okay? (chattering) Alright, so we just
stopped at Chick-fil-A, and we’re right around the corner and there’s Popeyes. So we are gonna hop in to Popeyes and pick up the new chicken
sandwich that they have there, they have a sign on the window there. The new chicken sandwich at Popeyes. And every Popeyes we’ve been
to in the last couple of days has had just huge lines. So Popeyes making a play for
this chicken sandwich business. Trying to knock Chick-fil-A
out of the top running. So we’re going to pick up
some chicken sandwiches here and do a blind taste test. We’ll let the SixBlindKids
do a blind taste test of the Chick-fil-A sandwich, versus Popeyes new chicken sandwich. Pop in to Popeyes. For the new sandwich! Woo! We’re out of the sandwich. Well, there goes that. Well, Jesse, we’re totally soaked ’cause it’s raining like crazy. And they didn’t have any
sandwiches there at Popeyes! So how are we supposed to do a taste test without being able to taste them? So well, we got one more
Popeyes that’s on the way home, so we’re going to try to stop there, see if we can get the Popeyes sandwiches. Otherwise we’re just gonna go home and feast on Chick-fil-A. Alright, so here we are, at yet another Popeyes. And the line is through the roof. But guess what, they have no sandwiches. We go all over town looking for sandwiches and they have no sandwiches. The new chicken sandwich is not available. At least not for today. Okay, so this is our third Popeyes, and I just talked to somebody
coming out of the store and they said that they
have the sandwiches. So, we’ll give this a try. I’m pushing Jesse in with her buggy. One thing we just noticed
is that this Popeyes has no handicap parking. At all. They just built this whole
new apartment complex, and they took away a lot
of the old parking lot. And guess what, they don’t
have any accessible parking. That’s not a good thing. So here we are. We’ll give it a try! Alright. (chattering) (laughing) – Woo!
– Are you happy, Jesse? You wanna try some chicken sandwich? You wanna try it?
– Yes. – [Dad] Try some? We’ll do it when we get home. I don’t have any yet. Okay. We got ’em, you wanna hold them? No, I didn’t think so. – [Employee] A regular fries ready. (rustling) – [Dad] There’s our Popeyes
and there’s our Chick-fil-A. Alright. Gotta keep everything safe. Ready to go? One, two, three– – Go.
– Go, okay. Okay, everybody, here we are. This is the epic, ultimate, SixBlindKids, well, actually, four of the SixBlindKids, doing a honest to goodness
blind epic challenge (upbeat music)
between the new Popeyes chicken sandwich and the classic Chick-fil-A sandwich, letting us know which one is the epic challenge winner, okay? – Yep. – [Dad] Jesse and I went to,
we had to go to three Popeyes (laughing) today, because each of the
Popeyes that we went to were out of sandwiches, and so people are going out to Popeyes in droves, but no one at this point has put it to the test of who, David? – The SixBlindKids. – [Dad] No, they have
not put it to the test. Okay, so we’re going to
start with Bethany first. Okay, Bethany? I’m going to give you two sandwiches. – Alright. – [Dad] Alright, I’m not going to tell you which one is which, okay,
but our guests will know. Alright, there’s going
to be one on one side. – Okay. – [Dad] And one on the other side. – You do know the taste of, like, generally speaking, the kind of sandwich- – [Dad] No, no, no, no, no, no! – I said generally speaking-
– Okay, don’t. You do, but they don’t. – No, yeah we do, we’ve
been to both places before. – [Dad] Okay, but the sandwich
from Popeyes is new, okay? Alright, Bethany go for it! What you are going to do is
eat one of the sandwiches or take a bite or two of it. And these are just off the rack, so I didn’t make any special
agreements or arrangements for the sandwiches, okay? So just take a bite and let’s see what your first impression is. (upbeat music) Well?
– Mmm! – [Dad] What do you think? – Good! – [David] Which one do you think it is? – [Dad] Don’t, no, no,
no, no, don’t do that! Just let her, she hasn’t
taken the other one yet. – [David] Oh, okay. – [Dad] Okay, put that sandwich down, Bethany, and take the other one. You’re not supposed to
pick which one is which. That’s not what you’re trying to do – [David] Oh, I thought
that’s what you were saying. – No, which one is better.
– Oh, better. – Which one taste better.
– Okay, alright. – [Dad] Alright Bethany, go for it. (upbeat music) Well? You’re not being very vocal. I know it’s impolite to
talk with your mouth open. (laughing) Right? – Mmhmm. – [Dad] But, okay, that’s the second one, you can put it down now. Chew up. (laughing) Okay, now give us your honest opinion of the first sandwich you picked. – Mmmm. It was really good. It was tasty. – [Dad] Tasty? Did it have mustard on it? (laughing) – No!
– Thank God. (laughing) – Right?
– Wouldn’t eat it if it did. – [Dad] No you wouldn’t. Okay, and what about the
second sandwich that you ate? – The second sandwich taste the same. – The same?
– The same? – Really?
– Well that’s a problem! – [Dad] Yeah, that is a problem. Do you think that maybe. Well, I don’t know David, you don’t know which one she tasted first or second, right? – [David] Unless somebody’s
stealing off each other. – [Dad] What do you think? Are they stealing from each other? Were they exactly the same Bethany– – [David] Were they colluding? – [Dad] Or are they different? – They’re different. The meat might be different.
– Meat’s different. Which one did you like
better, first or second? – I like the second one. – The second one, which is the, that one, I’m gonna show our viewers
which one that was, (bell ringing) ’cause we’re gonna go, ding! And it’ll have that one, okay. – Yep. – Alright, so Bethany,
anything else you wanna say about the sandwiches? Are they both good?
– They are good. – [Dad] They’re both good, okay. Alright, that sounds good,
but you’re voting for– – The second one.
– The second one that you had. Okay, that sounds good. Alright, okay, for our second
judge, we’re gonna have our culinary expert– (laughing)
– Oh boy. – [Dad] Which is Hannah! – Yep, me, Hannah Storm! – [Dad] Hannah Storm,
(laughing) our culinary expert. Okay, so, I’m gonna give you one sandwich for your right hand.
– Okay. – [Dad] Okay, which is this one. – [Hannah] Abi, you took my napkin. – [Dad] Abi took your napkin? – Yeah.
– Okay. There, it’s in front of you Hannah, by your water.
– Okay. – [Dad] And then this one
is for your left hand. – Okay.
– Okay, so. You can pick whichever
one you wanna pick first– – Okay. – [Dad] And do your epic
taste test challenge – I would do this one.
– Okay. See David, you have an “Oh
My Storms” merch t-shirt on. – Yep.
– Which is excellent. And Hannah, move your
water bottle a little bit. – Oh.
– Over to the side. There, perfect, okay,
so we can see which one you’re eating now. Take a bite. Hmm, what do you think, Hannah? – Well.
– You like it? – It’s a lot tougher than– – Okay, you can put it down
and try the other sandwich now. Okay, there’s the second one.
– Is it tough? – Let’s move your water bottle again. – Uh oh.
– It’s alright. We don’t wanna block our viewers view. (laughing)
– Of course not. I do say that that other sandwich, the meat was a lot tougher than this one. – [Dad] Well you haven’t
tried this one yet. – [David] Well you don’t know that, yeah! – [Dad] Just try that one. This is the epic challenge,
our culinary expert. – Oh man, wow! – Oh she likes that one.
– Wow? – She likes that one!
– Mmhmm. – You like that one, Hannah?
– Mmhmm! – [Dad] Tell me what’s great about it. (bell dining) – It’s a lot softer, and it–
– Softer. What do you mean, the bun or the meat? – Both.
– Both, okay. – And it’s warm, very warm.
– Okay. – And it has a little bit of spice to it. – Oh it does? And what do you think of the bread? – It has a different
texture, but it’s not wet, I would say it’s moist. – [Dad] Moist, okay. – Yeah.
– Not dry. – No. If it was dry, I wouldn’t– – [Dad] Alright, so you’re
gonna take a second bite, are you gonna take a second
bite of that sandwich or are you gonna go back
to the first sandwich? – I’ll go back to this one.
– The one you have, okay. So your choice is the one
in your left hand, right? Which is–
– The– – [Dad] That one, okay. Excellent, okay so our viewers now know which one you’ve picked.
– Mmhmm. – [Dad] Now we’re gonna go to our college age kid who probably has more experience eating chicken sandwiches than anybody– – Yeah, right? – At this table, right?
– Yeah. – [Dad] So here’s the first one David, it’s gonna be on your right.
– Right, okay. – [Dad] And then the second one is on, don’t look at the package
size, okay, or anything. ‘Cause you’re gonna try to figure out, and this one’s gonna be on your left. – [David] I would do that, that would be– – [Dad] Okay, but yeah, don’t do that. – [David] They look pretty much the same. – [Dad] They look the same, okay. – Yeah, they pretty much look the same. – [Dad] So let’s give this a try David, culinary expert who’s a college kid. (laughing) – Not even a culinary, but you know. – Not even culinary?
– No. Okay, I’m gonna go with
my right hand first. – Okay.
– Alright, let’s see. Oh shoot, is this a napkin under it? Yeah, I think so, okay I’m gonna pull it. Oh no, it’s a paper. – [Dad] Okay, so it’s wrapped. – Yep.
– In something there. – Get it out. Get out! Okay.
– Alright. First bite is… – Mmm!
(laughing) – [Dad] What do you think? – Really good.
– Really good? – Yep.
– What do you think? What do you think? First impressions? What about the meat, you like the meat? – Yeah I like the meat, it’s pretty soft and it’s got a little bit of spice to it, not that much though.
– Okay. – Okay. – [Dad] Alright, let’s try
the other one, put that down. Okay, let’s try the second one. Which our viewers now know which it is, but you don’t.
– We don’t. Alright.
– Okay. Alright? Go for it. Dun-dun-duh! Okay. – I gotta say, Hannah was
right, this one’s a little bit tougher.
– Okay. But you don’t know which
one is which either, right? So what do you think of
that, what do you think of the bread, the meat,
the texture, the spices? – This one I think has
a little bit more spice than the other one.
– It does? – Yeah, I think a little bit.
– Okay. Let it be known that I ordered
just the classic sandwiches from both companies to make it be similar, I didn’t do spicy, the spicy
chicken, ’cause that would’ve added more variables into the– – [David] Correct. – [Dad] So this one is just
the classic, either Chick-fil-A or Popeyes classic sandwich, okay. So what is your choice
David, what do you think? – This one, definitely. – Okay, so you’re picking, (bell dinging)
that one. Ding! Whatever that one is, okay. Alright, now, we’re down to
our last and final judge. Which is Abi! – Okay. – [Dad] You, Abi, you
are gonna be the judge of these sandwiches, okay? – Okay. – [Dad] Alright, we’re gonna
give you the first one. – Okay.
– Okay. I’m gonna give ya this
one as the first, okay. – [Abi] Okay. – So open that up.
– Okay. – And take a bite! – Okay.
– Alright. This is exciting! (laughing) Because you guys don’t
know what the score is. – Nope.
– Okay. – Our viewers do know what the score is, and Abi is gonna be
either the tie-breaker, or the–
– The majority. – [Dad] One, authority of sandwiches. Okay, put it down, what do you think Abi? – It’s good!
– It’s good! How good is it? You don’t have to put
it, just put it on top of the bag, okay, just
put it on top of the bag. Tell us about that sandwich. Do you like it?
– Yes! – It’s very good, okay. Alright. Now, I’m gonna give
you the second sandwich in another bag, okay?
– Okay. – [Dad] And that’s gonna be this one. Okay? Now, take a bite out of that one. – Okay! – [Dad] And tell me what you think. – Okay. – [Dad] Can you reach it? It might have paper around it
like David’s did, too, okay? – Okay. – [Dad] So open it,
open it up, pull it out, pull it out, pull it out, you can do it. – Ready?
– Yep! Go for it Abi! Well? – It was good!
– It’s good? Okay, put that down. Put it down, okay.
– Okay. – [Dad] What did you
like about the second one or the first one? Which one did you like better? – First.
– First one? Okay, what did you like
about the first sandwich? – [Abi] Oh, I know. Chicken. – Abi?
– Yes? – [Dad] Did you like the
first sandwich better, or the second sandwich better? – First.
– The first one, okay. – [Abi] First better. – Why?
– I love. Spi– – Spice?
– Spicy? – I love. Spice. – [Dad] Okay, you have the
second one in your hand. – Okay.
– Go ahead. Take another bite. Jeez, you guys are like famished. David, everybody’s eating all the food. – Oh, okay. – [Dad] You can eat,
go ahead and eat, yeah. Hannah’s starving, she just
got off of work, right Hannah? – Mmhmm. – [Dad] Bethany knocking hers out. Go back to the first one.
– Okay. – That’s the second one. Go to the right, there you go. – Okay, that’s–
– Try that one again. – First one.
– Yeah. – Right? – [Dad] ‘Cause you’re having a
tough time making a decision. – This is second? – [Dad] That’s the first one, go ahead. Take that.
– That’s the first one. – Yeah.
– Bite. – [Dad] Take another bite
of that and see if you have a definitive answer now.
– Okay. – [Dad] Okay, one more bite, go ahead. – It’s good.
– It’s good. You like the first one better? Okay. Alright, so. I think we have a
decision of which is best. Bethany, which one do
you think you picked? As the better one? – Maybe the Popeyes? – [Dad] Popeyes, that’s correct,
you did pick the Popeyes. Did you expect to pick the Popeyes? – [Abi] I love chicken, Popeye. – No! – [Dad] You didn’t expect to pick it? – [David] You thought
you’d pick Chick-Fil-A? – Yeah.
– You thought you’d pick it? – Yeah.
– Interesting. – David?
– Popeyes. – [Dad] You picked the Popeyes didn’t you. – Mmhmm.
– Yes you did. Hannah? What do you think you picked? – This one. Or, both. Both of them are equal. – [Dad] Both of them are
equal, you liked that, the second one, you said, at
one, you said wow to though. – [David] Which one do
you think you picked? The chicken, Chick-fil-A or– – [Dad] Which one did you say wow? – The chicken Popeye sandwich? – [Dad] Popeyes. – Chicken Popeyes? – Popeyes, not pot pies. – [David] It’s Chick-fil-A and Popeyes, so which one, the restaurants. ‘Cause he got them from
two different restaurants. – [Dad] Two different restaurants, right. – [David] So which one do
you think you liked better? – [Dad] Which one did you
like, think you liked the best? – I think I would go with the Popeyes chicken sandwich. – [Dad] I think you’re right,
I think that’s what you did pick and you liked that
bread better, it was moist, it was actually a little warmer, right? – Mmhmm. – [Dad] And the spicyness,
you said the other one, Chick-fil-A was spicer though, didn’t you? – Mmhmm.
– David, you said that too. – [David] Mmhmm, yeah. – [Dad] And then Abi. Abi, I still don’t know what she picked. Do you know what she picked? I think she picked the Chick-fil-A. (bell dinging)
After all. What do you think, the
one you’re eating now Abi, or the one that’s in your left hand? Which one are you gonna pick? – One. – [Dad] Which one? You just like having one
in each hand, don’t you? (laughing) She has one in each hand, guys. – And the only thing I, the thing that I like
about it is that it had just one-fourth teaspoon
of mayonnaise and ketchup and stuff.
– Yeah? – The Popeyes one, yeah.
– The right amount? – Well the one we think is Popeyes. – Of condiments?
– Yeah. And just one to two ounces of pickles only. – [Dad] Did they both
have pickles on them? – Just this one.
– Just that one. – Yeah, this one’s– (talking drowned out by music) – [Dad] Alright, so I think
our score, final score is– – [David] Wait, were we
correct in our picking? – [Dad] You were correct in your picking. Okay, so the score from
the SixBlindKids is, David? – Popeyes for me. – Hannah?
– Popeyes. – Bethany?
– Popeyes. – Abi? (laughing) – [Dad] You like Chick-fil-A, actually. – Chick-fil-A. – Alright, so–
– Abi. – [Dad] SixBlindKids,
Abi picked Chick-fil-A, so our finally tally is Popeyes, three, Chick-fil-A, one. (fanfare chimes) Alright! So, anything else you guys wanna say? – So those lines are definitely worth it! – [Dad] The lines are definitely worth it. We’ll try to do some
of these things again, blind taste test with the SixBlindKids. If you like our videos,
then put a like on it and subscribe to our channel, and we’ll do more of
these kind of challenges in the future, won’t we?
– Mmhmm! – [Dad] Alright. – Oh yeah, anything that
involves food, I’m game. (laughing) – [Dad] You’re game for
anything that involves food, right David?
– Yep! – And I’m an culinary expert! – [Dad] And you’re a culinary expert. (laughing) Abi loves to eat, right?
– Yes. – And Bethany.
– Mmhmm. – [Dad] You’re always
down for food, aren’t you. (laughing) You are! Alright, we’ll see you guys! – Bye!
– In the next video. – Bye!
– In the next video. ♪ Has a reason ♪ – [Dad] Go watch the
monastery mukbang video. – Oh yeah.
– That’s a good one. ♪ Every storm ♪ ♪ Every season ♪ ♪ Lives outside of status quo ♪ ♪ If you stop believing ♪ ♪ in meant to be ♪ ♪ Expanding our abilities ♪ ♪ If the passion’s gone ♪ ♪ We’re doing it wrong ♪ ♪ Baby ♪

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