SixBlindKids – True Love! Blind Big Sister Feeds Blind Autistic Brother!

– [Mom] Whatcha doin’, Bethany? – I am feeding Obed some pears. (upbeat music) – [Mom] You are? – [Bethany] Yep! – [Mom] Show us how you do
that, it’s very interesting. – [Bethany] Grab it with a fork. – [Mom] He likes pears, doesn’t he? – [Bethany] Yep. And I find his mouth… – [Mom] Okay… – [Bethany] And I just open it. – [Mom] Cool! You guys get the job done,
we’re having you do this because the pears are
especially ripe and very mushy. And Obed gets so excited that
he squishes them together, doesn’t he? – [Bethany] Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah. You see how excited he is? He smashes it, and then it’s a big mess. All right, let’s see you do another one. – [Bethany] All right. Obed, are you ready? – [Mom] See Bethany,
you’re gonna have to learn how to do this when you have
kids of your own one day. – Yep. – [Mom] You gotta find
their mouth first, right? – Yeah. – [Mom] What do you think, Obed? Is that any good? Oh yeah. (laughs) You’re such a big help, Bethany. – Thanks. (soft piano music) Let me know when you’re ready, Obed. Ready? – [Mom] That’s a big bite! That’s okay, he can handle
it, he can handle it. (soft piano music) – Oh, yeah! – [Mom] Oh, yeah! You can also say, okay there you go, you can also say, sometimes I’ll say, “Ready?” and he’ll just open his mouth. Good job, big boy. You have a nice sister, Obed. She loves you. – Obed! – [Mom] She likes to help out this way. – Ready? Wait. Ready? Ready? Here. (Bethany squeals) – [Mom] All right, don’t
shove the fork in too far, there you go. Good job, you guys! – Thanks. It’s more of a snack, but it’s okay. – [Mom] Yeah. It’s just a snack. – He doesn’t care. – [Mom] He likes pears. Pear is a good snack. All right Obed, ready, Open? – Ready, open? Get it, open. – [Mom] Push it in there, okay. There, perfect Bethany, good job! (Obed coughing) – Ready, ready? Oh. (Mom laughing) – [Mom] So Bethany, what
other kinds of fruits does Obed like? – He likes grapes,
clementines, and I think… – [Mom] He likes apples.
– Apples. – [Mom] He likes bananas, right? – Right. Blueberries. – [Mom] He does like blueberries. What else, anything else? Those are his favorites, I think. – Have you tried watermelon with him? – [Mom] Yeah, he likes watermelon, and he likes strawberries. He likes all kinds of fruit, really. When it comes to sweets,
Obed prefers fruit to like cookies, ice cream, of
course he can’t eat ice cream ’cause of the lactose intolerance, but he prefers fruit to
any other kinds of sweets. – Ready? Ready? Oh! (chuckles) – [Mom] Good job. And that’s a fork too, not a spoon, so that’s really good control there. You guys are doing a great job. (Obed vocalizes) And he is one happy boy. Aren’t you, bud? You two are a pair. – Ha! – [Mom] You’re a pair of something. You’re a pair feeding Obed a pear. (Mom laughing) You’re a pair eating pears. – Okay, okay. Ready? Here. Ready? – [Mom] I can see it
dripping, oh my goodness. (Bethany laughing) – Wait. – [Mom] It’s a juicy pear, isn’t it Obed? Are you guys all finished? – Yep. Obed? – [Mom] And now you’re
gonna wipe him down? – Yep. Here. – [Mom] Ooh I don’t know
about that, he says. I thought we were going to eat more pears. (Mom and Bethany laughing) You had two pears, buddy boy. My goodness. – [Bethany] Those pears are juicy. – [Mom] Very juicy, that’s
why I didn’t want him to do it by himself. He can eat a pear by himself. – As long as like they’re like, not… – [Mom] Yeah, when they’re not quite, I mean these were super duper ripe. And he ends up just making a big mess, and he actually doesn’t get, when they’re this ripe and
he squishes them and stuff, he doesn’t get as much in
his stomach as he needs to. Yeah, I know right? She’s just wiping your hands off. How about his face too, Bethany? – Hey! – [Mom] Where his mouth is, there you go. (Obed coughing) She’s just trying to make
you clean, buddy boy. Is that funny? Give him that baby wipe and
tell him to do it himself and see what happens. – Here, here. – [Mom] Obed, wipe your own mouth. Watch what he does, he probably… Wipe your mouth bud, yeah
that’s what I thought. (Bethany laughing) He puts it… No, you can’t eat it! Are you clean, Obed? Are you clean now? What do you say to Bethany? Say thanks, Bethany. Say thank you. (Obed coughing loudly) How about a hug, does Bethany get a hug for feeding you pears? He’s crazy, he’s on
sensory overload right now. – Do I get a hug, Obed? – [Mom] He really, really likes his pears. – Do I get a hug? – [Mom] No, you can’t! He’s too interested in the towel. He says, not right now Bethany. All right, you two. – Hey! Oh my gosh. – [Mom] He’s a wild man. – Can I get a hug? Give me a hug. – [Mom] Aw. There’s a hug for sissy. – Obed, say “I.” Say… Obed. Say… I love… Obed, Obed. Say, “I… Love…” I’m trying to get him to say “you.” – [Mom] Yeah, well you know what, we have to keep working on it, because that worked with Jesse didn’t it? – Yep. – It probably took us years
to get her to do that. So now Obed does smile when we say that, so keep at it Bethany, you never know. – Yeah. – [Mom] If we can get him to start finishing that
sentence, that’d be great. Obed, listen. I love… Obed and Bethany. I love you. (upbeat music) I love you too. We’ll take it. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Right, Bethany? – Yep. ♪ Every change ♪ ♪ Has a reason ♪ ♪ Baby, let it come to you ♪ ♪ Every storm ♪ ♪ Every season ♪ ♪ Lives outside of status quo ♪ ♪ If we stop believing we’re meant to be ♪ ♪ Expanding our abilities ♪

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100 Responses

  1. wiccan goddess I put a spell on you says:

    How much in groceries does it take to feed your family in one month ???????

  2. wiccan goddess I put a spell on you says:

    So does all your kid understand eachother disablitys ????like his sister she blind and cant see How much obed moves but feels how much rocking and moving he does does she understand what his disabilities are ????

  3. jcg336 says:

    Bethany’s abilities and caring nature never cease to amaze me. She is such a lovely person!

  4. Dianna with two N’s says:

    Bethany is such a great sister! I love the bond she and Obed have, and how excited Obed is to both eat the pears and spend time with her.

  5. Zachary Dunlap says:

    She is such an awesome sister…I would be so proud to be her dad…

  6. Kgotabody 13 says:

    Bethany is so pretty and sweet! I just love her! ❤️ She’ll make a wonderful mom!

  7. Stacey Wyszynski says:

    This was just what I needed to see today. The love between Bethany and Obed is beautiful. She will make a wonderful mother one day. 🙂

  8. Kim mcnatt says:

    I have a question that I’m curious your answer to…
    Have y’all thought about what the future holds for these 6 kids once you two get older and can not care for them anymore, or you pass away before they do? I’m asking bc we have a 20 y/o son with a disability and we’ve been discussing future options for him. I can only imagine trying to find sufficient care for 6 kids with such differing abilities will be difficult. Just wondering if you have any ideas that you feel comfortable sharing with me, to help in my decision. Thank you for sharing your lives with us! ❤️

  9. James Hamilton says:

    Awww this makes my heart melt

  10. Laura Lemelin says:

    I just love this❤️ I’m an OT and I love how interactive they were they have an unmistakeable bond it seems. I really enjoy watching your channel in general. I’m a shy commenter so you won’t hear from me frequently but when you do it’s usually because I felt especially moved by the video. But regardless you should know you have a great channel. What an awesome family you are! Especially with Arnie as an addition!

  11. christian aldridge says:

    How sweet

  12. Randi Danielle says:

    I have spent the past three years working with children who have additional needs in a public school setting, and I love your channel! It’s beautiful to see the way you film your family- showing every day that different does not mean doomed to have an unfulfilling or unhappy life. You are all lovely!

  13. Linda Teun says:

    Bethany is sooooo sooo loving N caring. These Pear 🍐 are the best! 😆 BTW.. I miss Hannah!!

  14. JustMelTheWriter says:

    Thanks for the captions! Really appreciate it as someone with APD (auditory processing disorder) 😊

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Obed and Bethany are the absolute sweetest! 🥰 Much love to the both of them!! God Bless ❤️🥰

  16. Theresa Genung says:

    All you children are wonderful! But Bethany….that girl is Golden! What an excellent helper. (you're going to be a great Mommy someday Bethany)

  17. Lasonja Hunter says:

    She is the best big sister and he is such a sweetie ❤️

  18. Zayra Rodriguez says:

    The bond between them is so amazing I’m so happy you make these videos they make me so happy

  19. Mina Lori says:

    I feel like Obed definitely understands when you guys say I love you, you’re right he does smile! That’s awesome

  20. Rebecca Kalyani says:

    🥰😇 Love it!

  21. Claudia Robinson says:

    I'm happy he didn't bite her fingers. So sweet. Have they always been close? Or is it something that happened in the last few years?

  22. This Fruitful Life says:

    Oh how it melts my heart. Bethany is so precious to Obed. Love watching you all 💖

  23. KimmyElHornoBimbo says:

    Wow Obed looks like he's having a growth spurt. Is face is looking so grown up! Great Job Bethany!

  24. ACCESS2B says:

    Oh, thats a great way to make me smile at 9:30am. 😃 Thanks guys. 💜

  25. Bobbi Monn says:

    That is so super sweet.. what love a brother and sister have for each other.. Bethany has such a love and compassion for Obed, and others.. she has this heart to serve and love on people… and she feels for people and wants to help them… Bethany would be an awesome mother one day, and even working with kids… Obed was so happy… them to make a great pair.. and they have such a bond..

  26. Jackie Wong says:

    Bethany is the sweetest thing ever ❤️ the bond between brother and sister is amazing

  27. shoshanna fachima says:

    Pure love,so beautiful.hugs and love to you all.

  28. Dawn Morrow says:

    I absolutely love this sibling connection. And Obed is so excited, I love his energy and positivity. These two are adorable.

  29. alizimoxx says:

    What a wonderful video, they have such a lovely relationship. The love of a sibling is so powerful. Thanks so much for your channel, your videos always give me such joy 😊. Wishing you all a life of happiness from here in the UK.

  30. Ishita T says:

    Bethany you are so amazing sister ❤️ obed giving hug was just melting my heart 🥰 love you guys and hugs.

  31. Mindy Van Horn says:

    How cute is that! So fun to see the interaction between those two😊❤️

  32. GirlyGirl Hippy says:

    Too sweet🙌❤️✌️

  33. Joe Patterson says:

    These videos warm my heart and every time I see them I’m reminded to continue loving and keep my heart open

  34. Aurora Jackson says:

    so cute! i love seeing them together

  35. Ruth Royal says:

    I have been watching our family and have fallen in love with you all. God bless you will all you need for yoour awesome kids.

  36. Fatima Ali says:

    Obed u have a awesome big sister xx

  37. Ruth Royal says:

    Thay hug made me cry with jo!

  38. Gaby Edwards says:

    Aww those two are the cutest!!! That hug was so adorable.

  39. FelineBlue says:

    awww, i love this! they have such a lovely bond, bethany is so gentle, loving and patient, and obed is so cute all happy and excited! it makes me happy that he's allowed to stim and show his excitement how it comes naturally to him and how loving your family is 💙💙

  40. J's Life says:

    I love Bethany she's an awesome kid. She has an awesome personality she's a great help.

  41. janeen Hutchinson says:

    Sweet family!!!!

  42. Sharita Green says:

    I don’t even know you all but I love y’all makes my heart melt ❤️❤️

  43. Loving the Furry Heart Life 💓 says:

    Let's all do the Happy Obed Pears Dance!
    Great job fedding him, Bethany, no fork mishaps and you didn't lose any pears that I could tell! Not sure if Arnie would have been interested in those lol

  44. Mercedes Miller says:

    I love the "you're a pear" part 😂😂😂 this whole video was just too precious ❤❤

  45. J Wilson says:

    They always melt my heart! You are amazing Bethany!

  46. Stephanie Duran says:

    This video made my heart so happy ❤

  47. Susan Montgomery says:

    Aww That hug about made me cry! Love watching Obed and Bethany together. She is a wonderful girl

  48. jess q says:

    We need more love and kindness like this in the world!!! Love watching you guys!!! Sending much love!!

  49. perkypokey says:

    Great job Bethany. I think you would truly make a great mom one day if that's something you would like to be. And Obed, YOU ROCK….literally and figuratively. LOL. I love all of you very much. 🙂

  50. emaildavinam says:

    Very good job, and fruits are good for you.

  51. R S says:

    I know this sounds bad but I think I love your family more then I love my own 😂😂

  52. Viki Victoria says:

    How sweet

  53. Brittany Henry says:

    Try non dairy icecream for obed it's delicious 😊 and please tell everyone Brittany said hello 😁
    P.s The hug got to me they are adorable ❤

  54. christina otter says:

    I have a dairy sensivity. Have you had the brand Natral. It's really good. They also have ice cream but I haven't had it if I ever do i will get back to ya

  55. Ashley Ervin says:

    This is pure and precious

  56. Jenny Chapman says:

    Obed loves his kind and caring sister so much. He even keeps still for her to put the pear up to his mouth too. Bethany you are a truly wonderful young lady and will go far in life ❤️

  57. sumkindal8dy says:

    Omg happy tears. I love all of your children. Each has their own special qualities. The entire family is blessed! We are blessed that you share these moments with us. Thank you thank you thank you. Mom and dad are angels sent to do a very special job. No doubt He is watching all of this smiling at the love you give to these children.

  58. sumkindal8dy says:

    Is Obed homeschooled? He is such a cutie! If he goes to school I pray they are good to him and understand him and his needs.

  59. champer slimmerthannone says:

    wow, that girl in the blue shirt is a way better person than me!!! PERIOD!

  60. Sara Bell says:

    This makes my heart smile!!!
    God bless y'all with kind and beautiful children…

  61. AnnaMarie Channell says:

    It’s so beautiful seeing Bethany feed Obed. They have such a wonderful bond and love for each other. Most beautiful video I have seen this week.

  62. Ada Gamba says:

    Sweetest video so much love ❤️

  63. tpbarron says:

    Super sweet video <3

  64. sheeransstardust says:

    They’re the sweetest!

  65. Miss Daisy says:

    What a great big sister and my gosh oh bed really enjoyed the pairs that Bethany fed him💫💚

  66. Diwondermum says:

    Bethany you are the most gorgeous sister. You are such an inspiration to every one!! And yes pears are great!!
    Big hugs!!

  67. Diwondermum says:

    What is a clementine??

  68. bear bitch says:

    Such a beautiful family 😍 they are both so sweet, i love how they communicate in different ways xx why is he moving lots? Is that because hes happy or does he always do it? I do that when im scared or nervous but not always, if he cant stop have you tryed cbd oil? Im not very smart so im wondering 🌹 i hope you all have a wonderful day or a wonderful sleep 💚💚

  69. Liza Terra ASMR says:

    Good job Obed

  70. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Bethany has a heart of gold ❤️ love you guys so much!

  71. PitBull Mom says:

    I just adore ur family!! Much love from Baltimore MD! ❤️😎😘😋

  72. Bridgette Moorer says:

    Hi to most coolest family 😀😀😀

  73. This One says:

    I can’t even find words…. this is my favorite video so far. I’m so proud of Bethany, my heart is just swelling.

  74. Angela P says:

    What a good sister!

  75. Angela P says:

    And when Obed hugged her and he tried to say “I love Bethany”…..that was the greatest, warmed my heart! Y’all are great parents, God bless all of you!

  76. Supa 141 says:

    This video was pure love. 😍

  77. Vanessa Daugherty says:

    Bethany does so well with Obed❤️ that’s love ❤️

  78. Karen Karen says:

    bethany is so nurturing, what a great role model

  79. c d says:

    Such a good big sister such sweet young lady and obed is adorable

  80. a Grefski says:

    Bethany is so wonderful and nurturing! What an awesome sister! She is going to be an amazing mom! (Obed is so cute, too! His happy dance is adorable!)

  81. sumkindal8dy says:

    Came to watch again. Lol. So sweet.

  82. Carmen Harden says:

    Bethany is such an amazing young lady,such a kind and sweet soul!!! My words can’t express how amazing she is with her brother!!! He really is such a excited person and loves pears!! Thanks for sharing ur life’s with us!! God bless you all ♥️

  83. Momma Cat says:

    Bethany is so sweet,she has a loving,motherly way with obed,this picture is heart warming,obed loves the pears,and hes showing how much hes liking you gave taught your children the real meaning of love and family.🤗❤🍑

  84. Carol Deaton says:

    So sweet Bethany is in so so sweet was this little vlog. I was worried for one minute that a bad was going to take a bite of that sweet pear finger. But Bethany did such a wonderful job. Everybody needs a big sister like Bethany. Sending Tons of love to you and yours.

  85. Art DoesPrevail says:

    Bethany is a wonderful sister!

  86. Sabrina Rodriguez says:

    Bethany is going to make a damn good momma!

  87. Queen Of The Introverts says:

    Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.
    Galatians 6:2

  88. Barbara Barrera says:

    Obed loves Bethany a lot. She will be an amazing mother to a kid one day. She would be an amazing mom to be a special needs child

  89. mimi says:

    I remember you guys saying Bethany might be going into either childcare or nursing, and I'm thinking about how good a fit that is!

  90. Leona Laville says:

    Me and the mom say awwww at the same time when Obed hugged his sissy.💗🤗

  91. rose larson says:

    Good Job Bethany & Obed! They are Best Friends Forever!

  92. Margaret Love says:

    God bless them. They are so sweet. ❤❤❤❤ ~ Margaret

  93. djhannnah says:

    Bethany feeding Obed is so heartwarming! She is so caring!

  94. Curl Crush Ent says:

    When Obed took that first bite that little shimmy took me out 😭So relatable 😩

  95. Brook Martinez says:

    Such an amazing sister you are Bethany!! 👏👏👏

  96. Kandi Hinshaw says:

    And now I know you said he's lactose intolerant I so he can't eat ice cream but I wonder if you could make ice cream at home for him that instead of using dairy products use like almond milk or coconut milk if that would be something that would be able to eat with him being lactose intolerant

  97. Lynn C says:

    I sure pray that i make it to HEAVEN to see these beautiful souls in their perfect forever bodies when it's time😇

  98. Bule Gila says:

    So beautiful
    I love your videos
    Always make me smile and reminds me of the important and simple things about life
    It’s so amazing the love and care in your family

  99. Beauty27 Beauty27 says:

    I love this. Melts my heart ❤

  100. Michelle Thorne says:

    I love this vlog

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