Skateboarding dog has become an internet sensation

Meet Eric, the coolest dog we have ever seen. While most dogs are chasing cats and their
own tails Eric is chasing thrills. The French Bulldog from London has become
an internet sensation after teaching himself to skateboard. Over 300,000 people have viewed footage 18-month-old
Eric whizzing along on a skateboard in his local park. His owners insist the thrill-seeking pooch
has received no training. He has a growing online fan base and has been
inundated with sponsorship offers from retailers across the UK. Eric’s owner said she discovered he had a
talent when walking in the park, Eric made off with a kid’s skateboard. Ever since then Eric has been honing his skills
on a specially modified board and the offers have been flooding in from retailers. Making his the most popular pooch on our wheels.

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26 Responses

  1. mackz .m says:


  2. SomeGuy Who Is Lame says:

    1st view and like.

  3. Mark. says:

    Um this isn't news or a first there are quite a few dogs who can do this, cheap

  4. Mirco 3151 says:


  5. nicky lup says:

    i love it-a cool dog

  6. AshyDragon says:

    The dog on rob and big could skateboard lol.

  7. Tubleros says:

    Wasn't this a thing like 10 years ago?

  8. Thomas Watvedt says:

    they should loosen the trucks a bit

  9. Ashkenazi Christian says:

    Eastern Star witchcraft.

  10. slhines7 says:

    Just like the other ones similar to him skateboarding, surfing, etc.

  11. Sebastian says:

    how is this news ??

  12. Mohammed Janjua says:

    If the dog get some training, it can be a professional.

  13. Lochie Atkins says:

    modifide board is just a board with no griptape

  14. stupid says:


  15. Video Live says:

    cool dog

  16. Ozzyarmstrong On IG says:

    I'm friends with Eric I go to clisold park

  17. chellebelle914 says:

    that dog is CUT lol!!!

  18. Cynical Gaming says:

    Why is this dog better than me

  19. John Smith says:


  20. Zombie Jesus says:

    There's hundreds of dogs skateboarding online.

  21. MiaLeht says:


  22. Natalie Yeung says:

    Dogs are smart and playful, so is Eric.  Great job Eric!

  23. Adam Joseph says:


  24. Sean Donn Maguire says:

    Yh lol I've seen this dog
    Clissold Park is my park

  25. Gus Morrus Morris says:

    Won't that ruin the pup's teeth

  26. Neick says:

    Like если ты от гамбола и ларвина у нтх там поакат ви ел)

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