Skateboarding Dog – Tillman! – Guinness World Records

My name is Ron Davis and the dog is Tillman. T-I-L-L-M-A-N World’s fastest dog on a skateboard, so start training people! 100 meters is quite far last year. You also see Usain Bolt run a 100 meters and you think that’s not very far! A lot of people can do that! But when you look, it’s actually quite a long way! I certainly couldn’t run it! I’ll probably get in a taxi and be there in 10 seconds, but… …it’s interesting to see a dog do it on a skateboard. 19.678, so about 20 seconds. A little bit of math on that one to get the answer, but excellent time! How did that feel? Good! It was better…slightly. Now, give him a wet kiss. 20 seconds! Way to go mate!

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100 Responses

  1. Dante Smith says:

    lol this deserves 5 stars funny as shit

  2. Dante Smith says:

    that dog was actually skateboarding too

  3. George Maysack says:

    he is better than me

  4. Mitchell Knoll says:

    Saw that maaaan

  5. Jack Mayo says:


  6. FrickaFreshTV says:

    i want a dog like that cuz then he could sk8 with me

  7. NL59FIFTY says:


  8. puggykisses says:

    Wow…great dog!

  9. Lawrence Gale says:

    did tillman die?

  10. shrek shrek says:

    I love skateboarding dogs(x especially pugs(x I think that was a pug.

  11. prump1 says:


  12. jollyboyjohn says:

    You only think it far cos your fat

  13. Emily Y. says:

    i cant even ride a skateboard……

  14. Toni Hilson says:

    First comment in 2012 woo!

  15. goblin foz says:

    Second comment in 2012.

  16. Dra9onslayer89 says:

    Third comment in 2012

  17. TammyofJam says:

    First comment in 2013 woot

  18. G- Shock says:

    that dog is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Peter Ronney says:

    I had to watch this for homework, BEST HOMEWORK EVER!!! (Or at least best home work so far.)

  20. Josephine Chan says:

    hello people of ms. trinh's class

  21. tiffeasy31 says:

    Damn look @ that baby GO

  22. janjan delacruz says:

    I also had to do this for homework too

  23. No Name says:

    Any one here from Ms.moorhouse class? 

  24. Jackboy317 says:


  25. ASgfjyhgyi says:

    Just another blabla and no action.

  26. cjnormann32 says:

    Hello mr johnstone class

  27. Akeyla B. says:

    i had to do this for my homework

  28. BOTTOM TEXT says:

    I'm doing this for home work #j matquel

  29. BOTTOM TEXT says:

    who are you jah banks

  30. Ridwan Hussain says:

    doing this for ms mataquel

  31. Supr Gaming says:

    Well apparently I have to watch this video to do my math homework, even though the information on the homework itself makes watching the video a waste of time.Logic

  32. Chyanne Williams says:

    I'm in 701 doing it for math homework

  33. Kreid Khicken says:

    I only understood half of what was said… Gotta watch the video for math homework again.

  34. Brocc YT says:

    When you have to watch this for homework

  35. noyan noyan says:

    wow i got this for homework too.

  36. Julie Vasquez says:

    I am going to watch this for home work. Iiiinteresting.

  37. Julie Vasquez says:

    Hey guys I know the answer key to this ;3

  38. darthtortugas says:

    Ride in peace Tillman.

  39. ItsKapow says:

    I always thought this was Rob Dyrdek's dog?

  40. Eidelmania says:

    Do you damn homework and stop typing, stupid kids

  41. Timothy Jambalos says:

    keep cruisin big T

  42. biobele william-west says:


  43. David PerezYPerez says:

    R.I.P. little Tillman

  44. Juliano Xavier Vieira says:

    lamentável , que Deus abençoe.

  45. clowee says:

    Watched this in my math class haha

  46. aristotle358 says:

    Half the time the dog isn't fully on the board. He often has just one paw on the board while he tries to hop back on!

  47. aiuio 777 says:

    he's so cute and funny ,ur not with us now , but will always remain in our hearts ..

  48. Jan St. says:

    Skate in Peace, Tillman :'(.

  49. Alvi Gaming says:

    Doing this for my math homework 🙂

  50. Mikael Rasheed says:


  51. M4NGL3D 1212 says:

    HW 🙁

  52. Christian Aradillas says:


  53. christian says:

    Only here because of math…

  54. jeremy Holler says:

    Anyone have answers

  55. Lionlover 2016 says:

    Love it

  56. WarriorSmokey says:

    i think we can all agree that EUREKA math is stupid.

    anyone have answers?

  57. Jennifer Wade says:

    Answers for common core math anyone

  58. 지나가던병신 says:

    doing this for math :(((((((((

  59. CARLOS FRANCO says:

    tjis is a bad video

  60. Queenhope 16 says:

    Who else had to watch this for homework? xD

  61. Jesse Blair says:


  62. ShadeFN says:

    Uuuugh Eureka Math is so stupid

  63. Vespheree says:

    when you, like 99% of the population watching this video, had to watch it for homework


    RIP Tillman the skateboard dog.

  65. Marcos Luley says:

    anybody have the answer lol (watched this for math)

  66. Marcos Luley says:

    I got it right yay

  67. Chunky_Munky says:

    I had to do this for my math homework

  68. BadBoy Baconator says:


  69. John Krous says:

    home work

  70. Joe Mama says:

    had to watch this homework too lol

  71. Wantlesspack 625 says:

    I had to do this because of math homework it's so stupid and you can't under stand half of what they say

  72. Leah Torzilli says:

    Watching this for my math homework!!!
    September 10, 2018

  73. Wantlesspack 625 says:

    Rundlet middle school

  74. RedDonut 121 says:

    I THINK 100% people come here just for the HW and 2018 ?

  75. totorothekatelyn ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄ says:

    I had to do this in for homework

  76. R҉a҉f҉a҉ L҉a҉m҉b҉r҉e҉c҉h҉t҉ says:

    we have to watch this for math xD

  77. AJ says:

    when the comment section is filled with homework comments and were not even interested in the video. 10/10

  78. UnKoWn DeAtH says:

    me XD

  79. UnKoWn DeAtH says:


  80. RBRASHY says:

    Dang we all had to do this for math right

  81. Xavier Torres-Pagan says:

    doing this for math homework

  82. Timothy Dufresne says:

    thats 1 fast doggo

  83. Kazzy375 says:


  84. minutess says:

    What's the answer? Need it for homework. XD

  85. Hayden Edmonson says:

    He or she is incorrect

  86. mother russia says:

    Haha the same thing

  87. Anshul's Fun Padhai says:

    This video is copyright free

  88. Keisy Prang says:

    99% of comments: homework.
    1% comments: about the dog.

  89. Jaylon Williams says:

    I had to watch this for homework🤣🤣

  90. Mobile Gaming says:

    bruh ya did this 3 years ago and i still gotta to do it for math .lol

  91. Null3xity says:

    I had to do this for eureka math homework…… why eureka

  92. mela r says:

    Me i had to for math

  93. Sanjida Alam says:

    Who had to do this for homework?

  94. ArtyPotato says:

    I thought I was the only one who got this for work. Turns out a lot of people got it too.

  95. Adlyn Davis says:

    I have this for homework

  96. Matthew the best says:

    who had to watch this for homework:)

  97. Mensley says:

    People who said they got this for homework. What is the homework about?

  98. A random Dinosaur says:

    276.382 people watch this, intresting, no?

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