Skull’s Diary 1

Dear diary My footprints didn’t die yesterday after stepping in puddles It made me wonder whether I would ever see a tiger again The fierce orange power of a purr – it really brings harmony to all aspects of the universe Sometimes I just want to dye my head purple But if I did I would be even less of a tiger. It’s tough I will just have to sit here and give it a long think while I drink my melty engine crown and deliver hares from good I wonder if my roommate Ever thinks about all the harm she’s doing to her own socks They just sit there and grumble as the tide comes in. It’s really despicable to watch They’re oozing with anticipation and never let the light of day enter their little minds My heart growls with fury as I see them linger It makes me so hungry. I haven’t got enough engine crown Otherwise my life has been pretty good lately. I had a bath, I ate tiger paws My nose has become fully non-existent And my arms are a little colder than average With all my hate, Skull Junior Goodbye goodbye

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