Sleeping German Shepherd || Polymer Clay Tutorial

Let’s start with a ball of white clay and start sculpting the body Oh yeah and the music link is in the description So anyways, the body is like a bean shape And now we can make the head Once the head shape is good, attach it to the body I’m using the floral wire to attach the head to the body (for added strength) (or at least I think it helps) (Sorry that it’s hard to see) but I’m making one of the legs now and again adding wire with the hopes that it’ll keep the legs from breaking And now I’m making the other hind leg And now for the front legs And I’m just fixing the body shape And finally the other front leg! And I’m pushing in part of the leg to make it lie down better Little triangles for the ears Just making the leg a bit smaller and smoothing things out Roll out a small ball to give the pup a lil’ nose boop boop Looks good but this pooch needs a tail! All done! Time to pop it in the oven! Bake according to package directions :^) After baking, let cool and start painting Add as many coats of paint as needed After painting the fur, paint on the sleepy eyes Now that the paint is all dry, glaze with the polyurethane You can give it a few coats for added protection. And pooch is done! BTW It’s sitting on a hint for my next polymer clay video ; )

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