Slime Pet Peeves

Please stop. It’s a beautiful view. WE HAVE AN EARTHQUAKE!! OMGGG Stop it……. Get some help……. *Calls 911* Hello? Help There Is An Slime Abuse! UGGHHH REALLY????!!!! bish Slowest Slime Video Ever! poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke. Why tho NOO NOOOOOO Oooh look a bee. Look so KEWL where the heck did u go? So guys, this is my mint Oreo blizzard slime ooh looks like a bOOgeR kewl man just play with the dam slime. were dieing here. ugh good for u i could smell it from here now PLAY WITH THE SLIME *about to die from anger of this cringe* NO NOO NOOOOOOO ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED MY EYES! THERE BURNING YOU BETTER STOP STOP *heavy breathing* wooww i love ur breath. it smells like rotten chicken. Did you just run a marathon?! *still heavy breathing* *abusing* s3nd h3lp y0u n33ds s0m3 m1lk o ma guad u ok man? did u hve a tough child hood? OMG *poke??????* ur asmrs are awesome 👌 *p0k3* bro *silverware clanking* Mom: Honey, what are you doing? :v Kid: Oh I’m just doing asmr. Mom: WHAT R U, EATING THE SLIME?! BBBBBBBOOOOOOOIIIIIII Oh, don’t do it… Oh my god. [what kind of stuff happening here?] Um so thats why my butter knife had slime all over it [There is majesticness happening there, I swear.] RL Grime – Heard Me AND base drop ~~~ Stop it Please Stop it Is there like a world war 3 happening out there? Or is it just Thor Ragnarock?🤔 [gurl, you really are in World War 3…] *pokeeeeeee* [Idk how to explain the noises happening here…] Alien life confirmed Is you hand broken? :/ *”My Heart Will Go On” played in the most beautiful way possible…* [this is true beauty] [someone please play this at my funeral] Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this Slime Pet Peeves, make sure to like and subscribe!! Have a fantastic day/night! Love you and good bye! 👋❤️ ( see you in the next vid! ❤️ )

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100 Responses

  1. Girls Glow says:

    Put the captions on English trust me 🤣😂😅😂🤣

  2. Xxphysco UnicornsxX says:

    sorry about the war outside okay is this slim great or what?

  3. Pakhi Agrawal says:

    "sorry about the background noise"

  4. Baby Shark says:

    Nice captions :p

  5. HayJaysWorld says:

    Hi everyone! So umm I would love for someone to comment and when they do I’ll say hi! Promise

  6. 『Sleepy_ Artist』 says:

    3:35 more like “Sorry Guys, It’s Just The World War III Outside.”

  7. Cover Songs says:

    Why people here says LETS PLAY A GAME!!

  8. The Cookie and Dough Show says:


  9. Pinkiii Gacha says:

    turn on the captions..

    Thank me later 😀

  10. Gabrielle Skinner says:

    “My lighting is fine” dude it’s pitch black

  11. Lucy Pritchett says:

    2:02 The person sounds like Darth Vader

  12. Candicorn_Gachatuber says:

    The slime ain’t even good

  13. Peachxo_o says:

    Ur already a pet peeve so I see no difference

  14. 《Yuzuki》 says:

    At 1:08 I choked on my McDonald's fry… the slime be like, ima skeet skeet outa here.

  15. Jodi Provencal says:

    When they don't use any other slime for slime pet peeves lmao

  16. kayle aragon says:

    The Breathing Sounded Like MOANING. D:

  17. Electronic girl Girl says:

    Open the caption and put english there are word hiding XD

  18. qwq potatoesx says:

    0:13 IM DYING OMFG

  19. Angela Domna says:

    The vid: when they pock the slime weirdly

  20. Xxcrystalic girlxX #crystalsquad says:

    2019 anyone???? I mean 2020???? Just me??? Ok

  21. Frozen_Angel Playz says:

    Im that person who doesn't know how to swirl-

  22. •ItzNev-Chan• says:

    The Subtitles are everything 😂😂😂

  23. Sunnie Cordova says:

    Michael Jordan cant evan help this

  24. Alexandra Evans says:

    Has anyone seen the original meme of you better stop. Its a little kid playing with a blowtorch inside their house.

  25. Layla Knight says:

    when they spread non-butter slime
    Does anyone else think when they did it it was actually satisfying

  26. Tracy Arwood Brown says:

    Thanks a lot for making fun of other people's videos. I can't even swirl. People are probably offended.

  27. Łãʌū says:

    This is just exaggerated and I don’t like it

  28. Lorena Peralta says:

    “Sorry About The Background Noise, It’s Just The Construction Happening Outside”

    Meanwhile: A War Is Happening Over Who Gets The Last Roblox Card

  29. Julie Nakadai says:

    Lying thumbnails…HAA the music then the next one omg the screaming

  30. Julie Nakadai says:

    Sorry about the construction 🔨 outside; me. I guess Minecraft is real. But their ruining my property………….. the slime on hand scream

  31. Mizz CandyCane says:

    “Sorry for the construction out side!🤗”

    The construction outside: Jurassic Park Star Wars and avengers fight noises mixed

  32. Bake Odumosu says:

    Non of these slime pet peeves happen

  33. Boring Butt says:


  34. PigletWinnie Slime says:

    I cringed so hard

  35. Sabrina Loper says:


  36. Yeet Yeet says:

    The worst peeve
    When you are the SAME PERSON who makes it.

  37. Kennedy Armstrong says:

    “It has a lid, amazing, right!?!?” I started crying it was so funny

  38. shane smith says:

    My daughter

    At this

    is laughing at

  39. Hanayah Hanif says:

    My biggest pet peeve is when they put music over the same like wut the hell

  40. KatiTheRat *•* says:

    Do you only have two slimes?

  41. Hailey Baby says:

    Turn in captions plz

  42. Pew Pew says:

    Ok a bit too much there….lol

  43. StrawberryJam Editz says:

    Turn on captions
    Its better😂😂😂😂

  44. Bella McDonald says:


  45. JiminAHJungkook BTS says:

    lol that girl playing with slime in her house while world war 3 going on just outside 😂

  46. Reality is my lemons And my internet is my lemonade says:

    I love the cc’s lol

  47. Jaslynn Hawkins says:

    Things I hate in slime videos WHEN THEY USE THE SAME SLIME

  48. ItsPeanutPig says:

    I was yelling STOP IT every time.

  49. ItsPeanutPig says:

    Alright let's count how many pet peeves you have….

    I came up with 5 million.

    How do you even watch videos? Everything they do is a problem to you.

  50. Xx Louise_ Unicorn says:

    Number three is your problem

  51. Mariana Quigley says:

    I think the “lying thumbnails” apply to all videos

  52. Oofies Maloofies says:

    3:24 ok without the music those pokes were 👌🏼

  53. mary iplier says:

    3:29 "don't worry it is just constuson outside*
    *War sounds insue*

  54. Yolanda Jaquez says:


  55. Happy hearts 2 says:


  56. Mireya Enamorado says:

    Stop! The slime has feelings:(

  57. SolarUwU says:

    When they weirdly poke

    *runs away*…

  58. Cloud-Warrior MRK says:

    Most ppl dont do this. Just saying

  59. *sylveon The Festive* says:

    4:11 * picks up foot to poke the slime with toes *

  60. •Rainy Remi• says:

    Me : Never Actually Sees These Things

    Also Me : ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  61. Saiko Shadow :b says:

    "When they add the most RANDOM stuff into slime…."

    Dis is abusing hooman.. ;^; 😢😢

  62. Hirai Momo says:

    Normal people: slowly pokes

    Me: drops camera multiple times

  63. Tara Wieczorek says:

    911 there is some weird captions

    Btw small ytuber

  64. London-Chan _uwu says:

    The captions 😂😂😂

  65. Lunar Wolfiie says:

    0:25 This is how I play with slime when I'm mad ╮(╯▽╰)╭

  66. Brinley Parker says:

    Lets play the slime game!

    Last digit of your like
    1. Fluffy
    2. Regular
    3. Clear
    4. Butter
    5. Puddy
    6-0 your choice

    Birthday month
    1. Black
    2. Pink
    3. Green
    4. Yellow
    6. Orange
    7. No color
    8. Red
    9. Gold
    10. Pastel blue
    11. Pastel pink
    12. Pastel green

    Your favorite number
    1. Coffee
    2. Bubble gum
    3. Lemon
    4. Strawberry
    5. Cherry
    6. Blueberry
    7. Cotton candy
    8. Banana
    9. Caramel
    10. Chocolate
    11. Vanilla
    12. Smores!!!

    Tell me what you got!
    I got: Fluffy paste blue and blueberry scented slime!

  67. Nayana.Amela Gacha Life says:

    maybe dont make the clips so exaggerative next time?

  68. ria says:

    turn on subtitles – thank me later 😀

  69. stephanie Martinez says:

    2:13 poor little slime 🙁

    1 like = 1 prayer

  70. Delirious Demon doodles says:

    A classic-

  71. ItsssEllaa says:

    Omg the stopping every 2 seconds for a thumbnail is like all the people who post little skits of slime and post a compilation on YouTube

  72. ItsssEllaa says:

    Poking TOOOOOOO many times gives me trypophobia lmao

  73. ItsssEllaa says:

    This is the fastest I’ve subbed in all my life

  74. Superfreakinghotsauce Sara says:

    I watched it with subtitles in English just to see what it was like, and oh my god it was hilarious 😂😂😂

  75. Erina Alisha says:

    1:37. Gives me the creeps.😵☠️

  76. Deena Doyle says:

    "Sorry for the construction outside"

    Literly World war 3 happening in her front yard

  77. Kristaleen Fugrad says:

    lol honestly i was trying not to laugh the whole time

  78. Gacha_Cherry 15 says:

    Lol you are so cool

  79. Squirrel Girl says:

    Does any1 actually do these?

  80. nathanthekeyboardplayer townsend says:


    They see me rollin, they hatin' 😂😂

  81. kppinoi says:

    At 1:41, it looks like their making a belly button ;-;

  82. Taysia Nave says:

    The slime on hand one is to much but still. Lol.

  83. ꧁ŚРŔĨŃĞŤŔĂР꧂ says:

    3:23 People in robloxian highschool playing music be like

  84. Kids Lozano says:

    Okay when you were poking the slime with the pinky I got triggered 😂

  85. GamzeyGreen Zzz says:

    When you look at somebody’s comment and think,

    Dang, I wish I wrote that

  86. cindy simbulan says:

    Wowww we

  87. Yamin Silverio says:

    Hahahahhaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪😝😆

  88. Yamin Silverio says:

    My favorite is aggressive slime

  89. PokeTuber 42069 says:

    1:36 it looks like a belly button😂

  90. Hanna Vanness says:

    I have never laughed at anything this hard in my entire life

  91. Rachel Kok says:

    where did u buy those containers? they're really nice

  92. Robert Milkevicius lol says:

    Who watching this in 2020? 😄

  93. Heather and the potato says:

    “When they add random ingredients” adds everything in the kitchen 😅😂

  94. Sadin Manassra says:

    LOL 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😜😜😜💗💗💗💗 love you!!!!

  95. Feriël Jenaïeh says:

    When they have slime on their hand

    Her:imma put a whole slime on it 😂😂

  96. Feriël Jenaïeh says:

    When they have slime on their hand

    Her:imma put a whole slime on it 😂😂

  97. Såge Gamēs says:

    Sorry it’s just construction outside 🙂

    Me: that’s clearly kids destroying school…

  98. I’m Book :D says:

    3:09 it sounds like the slime in Minecraft

  99. Clarice's Time says:

    I like the neon bright orange one

  100. Itz_Gacha Cookies says:

    Me: Dies of laughter

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