Small Dog Breed Care : How to Care for a Beagle

Hi, I’m Nancy Frensley. I’m the training manager
at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, and I’m going to talk a little bit about how to
care for your Beagle. The Beagles come in a couple varieties, big ones and little ones.
And they are among the most popular pets in the entire United States, and in many countries.
They just do well within families. They’re a small size, and yet, they have lots of energy.
They’re very perky. They have short hair, so there’s not a lot of coat care to take
care of. And I think the main thing that you have to watch out for with Beagles, and with
Bassets and many of the other hounds is that the nose will get going on the ground, and
they will just keep going, and be unconscious of everything. I once knew of a Beagle that
was in a tracking contest, and he actually ran into the leg of a cow. He was so intent
on the scent, he didn’t even see the cow, so, you’re going to have to watch out, make
sure you put a real good “come”, or recall on your Beagle so that your Beagle comes back,
and be sure to keep your…keep your Beagle leashed up everywhere until your Beagle comes
to you reliably. Otherwise, their care is fairly easy. They’re hearty, happy little
dogs, and usually just love children and everyone in the family.

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  1. SatchmoSings says:

    Beagles are a good breed.

  2. SatchmoSings says:

    Is this Sarah Palin's mom?

  3. Alyssa Defeo says:

    i love beagles<3

  4. JasonGVlogs says:

    Amen to that!!

  5. Kingspot xie says:

    can't wait

  6. Kingspot xie says:

    Can't wait

  7. disgirlinda says:

    True my beagle is very loving. Want a dog? Get a beagle!

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