Smiling Dog Is New York’s Happiest Hound

COMM: Meet the dog who has been smiling since the day he was rescued. COMM: Brinks was abandoned as a puppy on the
streets of New York. Luckily he was found by local resident, Jon Bozak, outside his
apartment. JON BOZAK: He was running loose on my street. He was right across my apartment at a schoolyard,
milling about, sniffing some teachers’ butts. JON BOZAK: I think I first discovered Brinks’ smile that very first day I found him. I had
thrown him in the car. He got in the front seat and just kind of made himself at home
and he is just sitting there like this. JON BOZAK: And looking out the window. It was pretty incredible. COMM: With no response to Jon’s attempts
to find Brinks’ owner, he decided to adopt the happy hound. JON BOZAK: I really didn’t want to get a
second dog, but as soon as I saw him just sort of smiling at the world passing by my
car, pretty much was a, you know, a non-decision. JON BOZAK: He keeps me in a good mood and honestly as you look at that dog and its smiling,
him looking at you and saying give me a treat right now, you son of a gun. JON BOZAK: And you can’t help but be happy. COMM: 12 years later and the duo have had
plenty of laughs. JON BOZAK: One thing he really does love, that we like to do, call it ‘joke time’. JON BOZAK: What do you call a dog that’s
wearing a Rolex? JON BOZAK: A watchdog! JON BOZAK: All right, come on buddy, laugh for the camera. All right buddy, I got a little
doozy here for you. What do you call a frozen dog? JON BOZAK: A pupsicle! Get it? JON BOZAK: So like I said it can be pretty
hit or miss.

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100 Responses

  1. Wolfie’s Woffles says:

    This just made my day 😊😄

  2. triggernutsy1 says:

    i would shoot this pos in a heartbeat

  3. Emile Marie says:

    That dog has a built in smile lol sweeeet

  4. GabisOK PW says:


  5. donna jackson says:

    the dog is terrified of that stupid mask you mug!

  6. ÆRational says:

    pitbulls are incredibly smiley dogs

  7. Peggy Summons says:


  8. 『c h e y e n n e』 says:

    "Sniffing some teachers' butts." Lol😂

  9. DanderePlays says:

    This is the cutest dog I've ever seen… literally. I can't stop smiling back at him!

  10. Joey Suggs says:

    that guy needs kids

  11. monjiaitaly says:

    Dogs are wonderful 🙂

  12. V.KEVIN FRANCIS says:

    What nobody notices is the growing opioid crisis in America

  13. MiR RuShAd Ali says:

    sooooo cute

  14. Tree-hugger Sans-cœur says:

    He should start a new breed and maybe save the pit bull's bad rep along the way!

  15. vorderglane says:

    So cute dog!! I want he be mine!! 😊😊SO cute and adoroble!! 💗💗😘😘😊😊

  16. Belly Eyelash says:

    He just made my day😂

  17. Kishan kumar says:

    omg its smiling

  18. Hans Bjorgman says:


  19. freedom A says:

    Soo cute

  20. Robert Miles says:

    Poor puppy 🙁 how can anyone abandon such an adorable smiling pup?!?!?!

  21. xxspirollxx Squad says:

    awww #PITBULLlove

  22. Sophie Pires says:

    What an amazing dog! He is such a blessing! ❤

  23. Mick G. says:

    Anthropomorphisation is harmful to animals for a number of (what should be obvious) reasons. Clearly it makes for good Youtube content, but the dog is NOT smiling.

  24. ash hole says:

    Im stealing your dog.

  25. George The Spuddy says:

    He is truley beautiful

  26. KuriHeart AO says:

    Smile, so world smiles for you😊

  27. la'kelseyyy maziii says:

    He has a nice smile

  28. seairah 13 arts says:

    It's weird how if you didn't go that way or get that dog you wouldn't be doing this right now

  29. This is Laflare Tv says:

    Thats alright

  30. Karan Sandhu says:

    So cute

  31. gingerspice 00 says:


  32. Gabbin Tine says:

    This made me laugh so hard!!!! That face!!!!

  33. Skin Spotlight says:


  34. Aurinkohirvi says:

    Dogs do smile, but that cute doggy has a bit of personal oddity with his lip.

  35. JoJo Bean says:

    That was so cute! He seriously did not care for that first joke X)

  36. Paige Leigh says:

    What a lovely video!

  37. j cloud says:

    Funny guy finds funny dog. Perfect.

  38. Glen Page says:

    Those pretty blue-green eyes he has. What a sweet dog he is to!

  39. Ryan West says:


  40. jeff wackenthal says:

    I always often find that people that looks like their animals,…,…not you?

  41. Risa Laughter says:

    Oh my gosh when he smiles and squints………it's just too cute…….

  42. frenly Neybur says:

    Haha I legit couldn't stop smiling 😄

  43. Wendy Snyder says:

    my dog does the same thang

  44. Wendy Snyder says:

    your sog is so cute

  45. Kilometermike90 RobloxVids says:

    See guys, not all dogs can't smile

  46. County Diamond says:

    Oh wow!

  47. Geo Thomas says:

    The 'Joker'.

  48. Tennesee_Whiskey says:

    Sad that he passed away a few days ago 🙁 He was such an Inspiration.

  49. Swetha Ganesh says:

    He is lovely

  50. Nick Bearde says:

    Veterinarian here. That dog is suffering from a very painful neurological disorder that causes his facial muscles to undergo constant spasming.

  51. I STUBBED MY TOE says:

    The dog smiling makes me smile aswell

  52. Meli Reyes says:

    He is sooo cute

  53. amelia Balfour says:

    He’s the cutest thing ever 😍😂

  54. Andrej _04 says:

    Why does that guy look a little bit like john cena???😂

  55. Archimo says:

    Aww i love him

  56. Alexa Alvarez says:

    My dog only knows how to fart… that’s about it

  57. misty Castillo says:

    This man is such a great person

  58. shenizer says:

    Dog: Why so serious?😅

  59. Connie Gomez says:

    darling Pittie

  60. AverageAva Tv says:

    Hes making me smile!

  61. Itz_ Muah says:

    My lord he is cute af

  62. freda jordan says:

    Wooow, how sweet..The dog and the owner :-))…..

  63. GAMER. 912 says:

    😍😍😍😍love him 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  64. Faronthefiddler says:

    You are a good man.

  65. gakgak69 says:

    So cute 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  66. Ashley, what the fuck says:

    Aaaaa! It’s goddamn adorable!!!!

  67. Amber Kyzar says:

    This is so cute I was smiling during this I love the dog

  68. 『Snøwy_ Fløwer』ツ says:

    This is so amazing 😉 and I wish that I had a dog like that is he aggressive tho?? And I wonder what does this doggo eat to make this happy cute face for the smile 😃

  69. Pokémon Broz /Jigglypuff says:


  70. Sjshhh Hshhjz says:

    The real smile dog

  71. Cheyene Lewis says:

    His smile makes me smile

  72. Sunisa Waagen says:

    He’s so cute ! He Get me to smile!!😻😻

  73. Terry Lynn says:

    Awww.. Absolutely Adorable ❤🐶😂…. He said those jokes were filled with 🌽🌽 😂😂

  74. RidiculousBee says:

    Soon as I saw the dog smile, I couldn’t stop smiling 💘

  75. Kaely Playz says:

    Best dog on earth! Plus he is adorable. I am so happy he got rescued! This really proves that dogs have feelings!

  76. Kimberly A says:

    Who dare to dislike such cuteness and happiness

  77. 1000 subs with one vid challenge? says:

    How can people think pitbulls are born aggressive that's so dumb.smh

  78. 5MI11ES ANIMATES says:

    This is basicly my dog all the time

  79. Zina says:

    I don't know why people are scared of smiling dogs. Probably…. Smile.jpg/Smile Dog.

  80. Eren Jaeger says:

    Real smile dog has been discovered

  81. rhys and kidbehined the camera says:

    Wanna know how I got these scars😂😂

  82. Exøtic Spiritz says:


  83. Adriana Müller says:

    This dog has very gentle and friendly looking eyes too! He is very cute!

  84. Captain oof !!! says:

    2:10 i guess I never they never miss huh

  85. EAT OR STARVE lover Lover says:

    the 82 dislikes r people that r dead inside

  86. mad Rascal says:

    He looks high to me ?

  87. Joe Johnson says:

    Great video love the dog.

  88. TT034 says:

    cute doggo

  89. Diane Michelle says:


    2010-2013 – Try On
    2015 – Can't Remember
    2018 – Numb
    2019 – With You Get Is It

  90. Zeina is Zeina C: says:

    😮 omg

  91. bark apo says:

    @barkseagull instagram

  92. Johan Ruiz says:

    This dog looks graceful as hell.

  93. Sadie The Cavalier says:

    Honestly, I don’t thinks he’s that cute.

  94. HM Strausser says:


  95. Christian Parker says:

    Who else is smiling at him

  96. Leona Leslie says:


    What has this world come to

  97. k rohlfs says:

    Such a brilliant pupper. Please trim his poor nails 😭

  98. Talsong Kingslayer says:

    That smile makes me smile hehe

  99. Wilhelm Makkink says:

    a dog i knew was cuter

  100. JT Allmark says:

    Haha no way look at my profile photo have had this for ages

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