So you think you want a German Shepherd, huh?

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  1. Hircine says:

    @MrWeedisdashit Well, you know what you're getting. My first dog came from a shelter. They said he was full blood. he was'nt. my second was scratching like crazy. they said it was an allergy. She had a skin condition it turned out.

  2. LadyEsori says:

    @Piximan0611 Advising that people not sign their dogs up for professional training is very, very bad advise. There are some idiot trainers out here who use the wrong training method, but as bad as they are, they will still know more about dog training than the average owner. Better to look for a trainer who uses mostly positive training techniques. My family has a shepherd mix and they "tried" to train the dog themselves . . . yeah, that didn't work. He's sweet, but with no manners whatsoever.

  3. LadyEsori says:

    @hellenic300 While I think that solid white GSDs are striking, they were not the original color of the GSD. The original color was more in the neighborhood of a Sable. Even the Black and tan coloration, which is so popular today, came later. That's why white GSDs are disqualified from the show ring. The "logic" is that a white dog is too hard to see on snow covered hills and too easy to see at night. Thus, strong, dark pigmentation is .
    And they do shed . . . A LOT! =P
    Love them though. <3

  4. LadyEsori says:

    @MTFC99 GSD + family cat (+ proper socialization) = happy family.
    GSDs were developed as herding animals, not as hunters like hounds and terriers. Thus, with proper socialization as a puppy, or with slow careful introduction as an adult, you should have no problem with kitty =)
    And so long as you don't have a puppy in the teething stage, and you have a dog who is properly physically and mentally exercised, then your dog should be fine when left alone. Get the book "High Energy Dogs", it's great

  5. LadyEsori says:

    @TArKiNgZ You're probably thinking of formal obedience when you hear training. If your dog knows not to get on the couch/bed or jump on people or pull on the leash, you've somehow trained them to know this. But not training a dog is like not sending you to school. The dog doesn't learn how to best communicate with their human or learn how to learn (which is important). And besides, the mind of a GSD is a terrible thing to waste . . . oh, and I hope I misunderstood you when you said they run free

  6. LadyEsori says:

    @snakemanmike Not that I'm dissing on rescues, they're important, but telling people not to go to a breeder is like condemning the future of all dogs, not just GSDs. The dogs that come from the shelter are fixed, so if everyone goes to the shelter to get a fixed dog and no one supports the responsible breeder, where's the next generation coming from? Both are important. Go to the shelter first. If you don't find what you're looking for, find a breeder. Support the next future of our dogs.

  7. LadyEsori says:

    @snakemanmike Actually, the genetic problems are due to BAD breeders, who breed indiscriminately for profit, and most of these dogs seem to end up in the shelter anyways. Good breeders love their dogs, have them screened for genetic defects, place them in carefully screened homes and will always take the dog back, thus keeping it out of the shelters. We will never run out of shelter dogs until everyone stops supporting puppy mills and backyard breeders. Shelters or responsible breeders only.

  8. LadyEsori says:

    @Piximan0611 I have several dog training books, and when I get a dog (apartment too small for the breed I want) I will mostly train from home, as training is an ongoing thing. But there are merits to dog training class, chief among them being the social interaction the dog gets with other dogs and people. The people who sent their dog away did 2 things wrong. They sent their dog away for training, expecting to solve all problems, and didn't do enough research on the trainer and their techniques.

  9. Kendall Johnson says:

    @ArcticWhiteWolf333 Honestly I've seen you dissing the GSD. No one gives a fuck. GSD over Belgain anyday. And if I saw your comment on the Breed All About It: German Shepherd. Why aren't the Belgain shepherd in the smartest dogs then?

  10. NoLeafClover says:

    whats the closest to a german sheppard that does not get as big?

  11. Nick V says:

    @Arlind86 DUTCH SHEPHERDS they are just like german shepherds same origin too. but a lot smaller.

  12. Artemis Gordon says:

    @woo2fly18 Yes. Get a rescue. Pick a small one. Easy. Go to your local German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

  13. ugarox123 says:

    @pojo205 I am thinking about fostering a german shepherd mix puppy. The puppy and its 2 siblings lost another 2 of there siblings and their momma by getting hit by a car. They are homeless right now and are too small to go to a shelter so I hope I can help ๐Ÿ™‚ Apparantely they are really scared and sad ๐Ÿ™

  14. Varg Torheim says:

    2) They should not be allowed to run free??? If you think thats a requiriment for owning a Shรฆferhund then you need to stop giving people tips about dog ownership.

  15. irwinspencer says:

    My german shepard was confused with a bear lol weight 157

  16. GingersnapKate says:

    I received Sage when she was 5 weeks old from my dad who works for the K9 unit. I knew I would love her, but man, she is my world. She is extremely smart and so funny. I love showing her off on youtube and Facebook. She is my world!

  17. teddybear4422 says:

    best dogs

  18. SammySamuelSam says:

    They should not be allowed to run free? What the fuck???

  19. Ranjan Sh says:

    @SammySamuelSam Yes it is true.. If u do not believe that, I would like you to meet my GSD and get your balls tore apart ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. raythedodger says:

    I rescued a German Shepherd 1 month ago from our local pound. A full breed 1.5 year old female that has become part of our family. A very active and friendly dog except around smaller dogs. Best breed of dogs.

  21. SammySamuelSam says:

    @priyaranjansharmash Then you need to train your dog because when GSD are trained they don't have that kind of problem.

  22. Ranjan Sh says:

    @SammySamuelSam So Probably you haven't understood them yet.

  23. SammySamuelSam says:

    @priyaranjansharmash No, it's just that I had a GSD and he never went after people or anything ugly when he was running free, on the contrary he was really close to me and he was always nice to the ones he liked. On the other hand I recently had a Golden Retriever and he was awesome too, but he wasn't ought to run free because he was just too crazy.

  24. Ranjan Sh says:

    @SammySamuelSam Good that both your dog did not have territorial dominance to that extent.

    Last week my GSD killed a stray dog, choking him by the neck ๐Ÿ™

  25. SammySamuelSam says:

    @priyaranjansharmash Well, that's another story. Normally GSD are very territorial and when whey're not involved in a "socialize" process properly they just get they natural and aggresive territorial dog out… But I understand your point… Is your god like that with people?

  26. Ranjan Sh says:

    @SammySamuelSam I had 2 GSDs and 1 mastiff, lately had to relocate so have got one GSD with me.
    He is not like this with people, but 2 weeks back the gardener jumped the fence and entered my garden when he was bit. This was the first time my GSD even attacked on a human being. After biting him, he has gained confidence and now he seems to run at people to scare them. I have stopped leaving him loose on leash.

  27. Ranjan Sh says:

    @SammySamuelSam Check out my channel, I have his videos.

    You have any idea about a video editing software, I wanna make a good video of me with my GSD but I am a newbie.

  28. SammySamuelSam says:

    @priyaranjansharmash Yeah I checked your channel, you have a really beautiful long-coated German Shepherd but personally I think the best way to keep him under control is to teach him some stuff, I mean they were born to work and perform actions for people so maybe that's what's he's expecting from you.

  29. SammySamuelSam says:

    @priyaranjansharmash I don't know man, I really haven't go beyond the Movie Maker, but I've heard about Sony Vegas Pro… Maybe that would help?

  30. Ranjan Sh says:

    @SammySamuelSam Thanks a lot.. I will convey your compliment to him ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know I have researched so much about GSDs and I try to teach him stuffs, but he is just too worried about others. I can train him or play with him if he likes toys, or food or something, but he just looses his concentration on me and no matter what antics I do, he will give a damn ๐Ÿ˜€
    Today I got the tug-of-war kinda toy for him, and he does not like it too :-/

  31. Hudson2012 says:

    @priyaranjansharmash Hi there, I read some of your compliments, and it sounds like if you dont get ahold of the issue now it will only get worse. Did you contact any trainersin your area so you could take him to some weekly classes with other dogs and people? Also if you have a tug try to look at some videos on building prey drive. maybe you arent doing it right, most dogs like this love tugs. Look at some leerburg videos with Micheal Ellis, or Ivan Balabanov. They should help you in both.Cheers

  32. Ranjan Sh says:

    @Hudson2012 Hey Thanks for you concern, really appreciate it.

    What are tugs actually?
    I am not getting a lot of time to take my GSD for long walks due to work. Trainers out here are not good enough. They believe in forcing the dog to learn, and I am very kind to animals, against training.

    Have a look at his videos in my channel.

  33. deephousecompany says:

    It's not true that GSDs shouldn't be allowed to run free and can only be off lead in a fenced off area. Teach recall, socialise your dog and you can take your GSD anywhere. They are one of the best dogs for advanced obedience, so not sure why the author of this presentation wold say that?

  34. TheCaaze says:

    @deephousecompany same.

    was bout to say same thing

  35. Courtney Boutwell says:

    im getting a 2 year old gsd never been inside the people had her on a chain how can i house breake her and make her life easer with my kids

  36. sandhilldiva says:

    google how to house train a dog. i used that info and trained mine in 2 days!!!

  37. Eric Swells says:

    but are the intelligent?

  38. RJ McPherson says:


  39. Jamesdurbinrules says:

    i have a german shepherd and i couldnt ask for a better dog in fact there is no better dog breed

  40. Jamesdurbinrules says:

    they are the smartest dogs ever

  41. StacyStellar says:

    There are really two different classes of shepherds, American and German. Schutzhund was actually made as a test for the original(german line) German Shepherd dogs. The German lines which were bred to work are bigger, stockier dogs with more of a straight back. They are stronger and more able to work, as well as do Schutzhund, unlike their American friends. The AKC has the American lines, thin, small, highly sloping back, not really meant for working or much of anything.-GSD breeder/trainer 40yr

  42. Katie Brenchley says:

    i'm 11 and i love german sheps i'm gunna get 1 when im 30+

  43. StacyStellar says:

    Solid white shepherds are not allowed in the show ring, that's why they are controversial. There has also been some evidence pointing to aggression problems in white shepherds, however, I don't know if that's true or not. My family has bred shepherds over 40 years but we don't breed white ones.

  44. StacyStellar says:

    I don't agree with the leash thing. These dogs are very loyal and one of the least likely to run away. As long as they have some training, they will stay right with you on your land.

  45. mistaboing says:

    are gsd's agressive to other dogs?

  46. melhead16 says:

    My GSD is off leash 90% of the time lol. She never leaves my side.

  47. Amelia Adams says:

    why wouldn't let a great dog run free

  48. abelucious says:

    i been attacked by a dog twice in my life, both times it was unprovoked and both dogs that attacked me for no reason were german shepherds

  49. inquirerson says:

    probably because you sucks! They have a hunch for suckers! looooool

  50. abelucious says:

    how could you type without fingers you donkey

  51. Kim G says:

    @Liliumforsth some consider that color a "fault."

  52. Matt Stati says:

    While what you say is true, at the same time, when my very-well trained GSD sees a fox, he's GONE. It's a lot to expect for him to obey a command when he has a fox in his predatory vision. A golden retriever? He's hardly know what the fox is. So, different breeds, different inclinations.

  53. t103Niinja says:

    owners fault not the dog

  54. Martin Melskens says:

    I am anjoying life with my third German Sheppard. It takes dedication and training but you can trust them completely and take 'm anywhere without a leash.

  55. stephshane1 says:

    my gsd is by her self outside all the time she never leaves the property

  56. Jose Antonio Lorenzo Delgado says:

    the author said that coz you're a liar

  57. Jose Antonio Lorenzo Delgado says:

    its doyche shafa hund

  58. cmal90 says:

    I have an invisible collar for my dog. I am the pack leader.

  59. Chris Kavanagh says:

    What's amazing is, SO DO YOU!!! Moron

  60. Chris Kavanagh says:

    Nice video. . .Thank You

  61. shutorshoot says:

    How much do they usually cost?

  62. pham Darrow says:

    i just want to ask you in the video about german shepherd they got a lots of born cance??? sorry about wireding hope you can read because i just lots my Rocky 2 days ago for born cance DR do surgery and he cant do anything for ๐Ÿ™ he 9 years and 9 months and 5 days olds i miss him so much you right they very very smark and very best friend he didn't go shool but we traing him at home one thing about him if live the food out and i walk away he just sit there and he wait for me to come back

  63. pham Darrow says:

    i wish i have time walk with him more dayley i work 10 hrs a day when get home i so tired so we only walk on weekend i fell so bads he get sick real fass just in 2 months and the cance so bads the DR cant do anything for so we had put him to sleep i missing him so much crying don't know when i get over him can u tell how can i be better?? he cance on he shouder and he brok he fron leg that why Dr tell us we better let him go don't let him in pain because he never get better is matter time ๐Ÿ™

  64. noah says:

    I'm only 11 but I KNOW I am gonna be a vet because I love animals and mostly dogs.i want either a German Shepard or a Siberian me, just because I'm 11 and picked these two dogs doesn't mean I don't know any other dogs.but I probably won't be able to go outside much but I might have 4 to go outside cause of sleeping and work.but since I will be a vet I will know how to take care of my dog.i have already picked a college too. (LSU) this helped a lot!

  65. Iva Mihalj says:

    omg you are like me! I wanna be a vet, picked a college in our capital city,want a german shepherd, but not a husky lol! and i know A LOT OF dog breeds, dogs are my favorite animals but i love all animals! and i am also 11

  66. Madame Gothica says:

    I've owned two and hopefully a third in the next few weeks. <3

  67. SouthernPioneer1965 says:

    I have a old style/giant German shepherd he is a very muscular 130 lbs and i have seen them get as large as 170lbs with no fat at all, they also have a straight back and long,much diffrent than the american akc standard freak the breeders have produced that is plauged the breed,my dog is what you woulld have seen in the 40's and should be the standard

  68. awesomedude3423 says:

    Uh if anyone can tell me if you have to like leave like you know to go to work should you have some one to watch them or let them be

  69. SouthernPioneer1965 says:

    Yea, you might check your scale ,sounds like its off by 100 lbs or so

  70. TheJPJT1234 says:

    awesomedude3423……………i'm told cold water is good for burns

  71. Jamesdurbinrules says:

    duhhhh u do german shepherds out do allllllllllllllllll dogs

  72. ChrisUK76 says:

    Top tip: Mute the video and just read the slides yourself, it's far less irritating.

  73. Emi Okuyama says:

    Guess what 1.i let rosalee lauren charlotte (charlie) gray flynn star off the lead can get bi-coloured so obviously yh you know about them but ya dnt know evrything

  74. linglie says:

    Never heard so much nonsense about keeping them on a leash. My boy has been off the leash since he was a year old and never strays more than 5 feet away without my say so. Train them, work hard and you'll never have a better friend or companion..

  75. Kirsty Sanderson says:

    I agree with some of the people on here. There are several GSD owners near me and all their dogs are brilliant off lead and come back when called. My GSD is the same. It's all about good training.

  76. Anna AA says:

    How did you train your dog to go of leash? My GSD is 10months old. (A male)

  77. Thomas Judy says:

    i agree and disagree. i had a police gsd when i was 1. we lived in the middle of nowhere and i took off. chuck foolowed and drug me to the road so icould be found. at 24 i now have the "CHUCK" standard. i now have a bullboxer, hes my 3rd gen. hes the best trained dog ive ever been around, he gives chuck a run. ive never used a leash, and xan walk him down the hospital, no probs. oh hes an ex therapy dog. there are less than 50 pits that have passed the test, and you only get one chance.

  78. Ronn Weasley says:



  79. Canalave Maiden [plz look at my playlists thnx] says:

    Tell me again what the problem is?

  80. beowolve says:

    You are 100% correct. I have a 5yo GSD SAR K9 and he works and plays off lead a lot and he isn't one of the softest GSD's around.

  81. DougSeger says:

    GSD arent active highly active indoors – quite calm actually

  82. neakybird says:

    I would think she is probably concerned about the possibility of them being hit by a car or, perhaps, the thought that they could be attacked by another off-leash dog.
    I got the impression that she knows how intelligent they are so I don't think it's a matter of her not believing they can be trained to come immediately.

  83. TheWolfspirit22 says:

    If your shep has a good recall then that's fine but it's always good to follow leash laws.

  84. lf100848 says:

    A lot of this also depends on if you get a show line or a working line shepherd.. Also, back yard breeders are completely slaughtering this breed. German shepherds were typically bred to be about 45-90 pounds but people think the biggest dog is best, buttt, its absolutely not. Also, I absolutely agree this breed is not for everyone! A highly intelligent dog should not be owned by a stupid person

  85. Twisted86 says:

    How well do these dogs meld with other dogs? I'm moving out to the country and I want a good strong dog for my girlfriend when I'm not home and a partner when I go hiking on my uncle's 2000 acre plot of land. She has two little rat dogs Maltese/Papillion mixes 2 years old.

    I see they are great with "human packs" but I don't read much about their pack mentality for other dogs/smaller dogs.

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