Sol ⦿ Everything Moves ⦿ Complete Warrior Cats M.A.P.

Stumble in, fight the spin If ya don’t, you’re falling on your face again Ya tumble down, roll around And ya know, that everything is movin’ now So lately I, can’t decide, run or hide Oh and when I do, I’m sure I’ll end up movin’ too A suit and tie, sell or buy, laugh or cry What’s a guy to do, when nothing’s standing still for you So many angles, so many lines So many ways to see the sunrise Cause everything moves, everything pulses Everything lies in the eyes of you Everything moves, everything pulses Everything lies in the eyes of you x2 Everything lies in the eyes of you x2 In the eyes of you, in the eyes of you Ramble on, chug along And if the beat stops thumping man, then something’s wrong Ignore it son, it’s just a song But I can see your white-knuckled hand from holding on So lately I, wonder why, we rely, on the sure thing It’s too damn comforting To stay alive, overdrive, ‘til we find, something new To keep the pulse alive in you So many angles, so many lines So many ways to see the sunrise Cause everything moves, everything pulses Everything lies in the eyes of you Everything moves, everything pulses Everything lies in the eyes of you x2 In the eyes of you, in the eyes of you Even though I don’t know quite what to do The time will show what we know, hardly ever true I’d rather have than never had the spinning room The feeling that I moved No more standing still at your will but you can try Until you see the motion’s movin’ you Cause everything moves, everything pulses Everything lies in the eyes of you Everything moves, everything pulses Everything lies in the eyes of you x4 In the eyes of you x4

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100 Responses

  1. Twila Animations says:

    The chills I felt near the end tho!


  2. gideneon says:

    Dziękuję za wyjaśnienie w opisie co znaczy mapXD Kocham tych ludzi

  3. BlueJ4ys 27 says:

    In my opinion this is the best fucking warrior cats map

  4. Danielle Rodman says:

    when you think you know the lyrics and then you turn on subtitles and realize you've been saying them wrong the entire time…

  5. Slayer Mations says:

    It’s funny how the actual song has less views than this map

  6. Brynn's Kitchen Creations! says:

    Power of three book one THE SIGHT

    Poor Jayfeather

  7. C ø f f e è W å f f ł ē says:

    Jay’feather: Heya, welcome to the land of me and longtail!

  8. Juan Esteban Gaviria Cardona says:

    shadow clan: !OMG¡

  9. Tamsin Walsh says:

    2:19 Sol looks soo cute. 0:12 it says falling on your face again, then Sol fall’s face first into a puddle.

  10. NinoMations! ! says:

    I can’t get enough of that Subtle Smirk! So… Charming.

  11. Vlada Kat says:


  12. minknose says:

    TIL: 'Sol' means 'Sun' in spanish- oh mah gawd-

  13. Dovahnore theconfused says:

    Anyone notice the end loops to the beginning that's good planing there

  14. Clover Python says:

    1:27 was just beautiful that ear flick was just so smooth

  15. Deidre Coker says:

    The actual song is about drunk person

    Sol the alcoholic

  16. Rose Kennedy says:

    Ahhh, I love maps about the smooth, bitter home-schooled atheists who almost takes over the religious war cults by convincing the shady ones to become atheists themselves. Great villain 10/10

  17. Heather Yeager says:

    I love it

  18. Angry swift boi says:

    Eclipse: happens
    Humans: wow it’s so cool!

  19. Rina кусь says:

    Вау! Русский перевод! Спасибо!

  20. SaltyCats says:

    2:01 Fun Fact Starclan is a piece of leaf

  21. Kiwi Fabulous says:

    I don't even read warrior cats, but this is one of my favorite videos.

  22. Koi Soup says:


    Sol: the sun is gonna hide and btw starclan isnt real

    Blackstar: hm….. i dont know who u are , but i trust in ya' 😀

  23. XGacha SandX says:

    I can’t stop watching this! I want to be able to paint as good as this is!!

  24. Chara Response says:

    Sol: tries to hypnotise the tc meds

    Jayfeather: bruh

  25. Dark Dragon says:

    The small Sol is so cute

  26. Dark Dragon says:


  27. Andrian Oyun says:


  28. Frenzy Gacha says:

    Well I suppose everything does move eventually-

  29. ???????? says:

    Кто русский?

  30. DoingDoggo says:

    Y’all need to listen to the slow down version of this song

  31. wolfcookies UwU says:

    sol in Swedish means sun (-_-)

  32. Lubię Koty says:

    I love this map! 😻

  33. Lorraine Dunford says:

    Late but doesn’t sol kinda act like angel dust ;w;

  34. candy cough says:

    he looks so pretty at 0:48 who with me-

  35. windle 101 says:

    I watch this EXACT ANIMATION way to much… But YOU CANT BLAME ME! TY FOR ALL THE PPL THAT EXISTED TO MAKE THIS! ITS MY FAVE Animation IN THE WORRLLLDDDD!! all thos transition and other things.. Wow holy..

  36. Rodent Lover says:


  37. Conseil 8 AJPW says:


  38. Nothing Interesting says:

    1:56 – 1:59 Why does Blackstar look so fluffy?

  39. Nolan Hembree says:

    The animation for this one is breathtaking!
    And whoever made the Sol design deserves a cookie and a star sticker!

  40. Maple says:

    I literally know all the lyrics and have watched it 100M times

  41. Keirnan Miller says:

    Tbh I really recently figured out that it was a solar eclipse. Hmm.

  42. No Name No Name says:

    Without context, this map is about a cat who discovers the beauty and power of nature, and tries to convince others into seeing it too. However, he’s seen as evil by those who do not share his views.

  43. runningfuns ss says:

    0:48 is my favorite

  44. Jorge Aguilar says:

    Si cute video

  45. moonpenguin 62 says:

    My favorite warrior cat map ever!

  46. SavageDuck08_YT says:

    Many don't know but he stole leafstars kittens and then bring them back to show how good he is but crowfeather and leafstars followed him and banned him from the clan

  47. JackObonnie says:

    I haven't read about sol yet. What happens? Does he somehow cover the sun wut

  48. Ferni's Forest says:

    I love this entire map but this might seem kinda rude but I particularly like the intro it's just so smooth! Everyone did such an amazing job and put so much work it this and it turned out incredible! Ok I'm done have a nice day lol

  49. Himmelschweif WaCa says:

    The perfect Animation doesn't ex-…

    Nifty-Senpai: Hold on!

  50. RainbowAlbinoHyena says:

    1:55 – 2:03 My favourite part. Sol is cool guy.
    This map is perfectly animated. It is one of my favourite Warriors Maps. I love it. Good work 😉

  51. Flowerixxia says:

    I used Sol and the eclipse screen wallpaper :3
    I le loaf him

  52. Leo Major says:

    This entire map is just so satisfying 😍

  53. I'm Okayish, Thanks. says:

    Haven't even read the books he is in, I love myself

  54. Rain Lawrence says:

    MA! I think I broke the Replay Button!

  55. Ashley Scott says:

    I can’t help but watch this over and over <3 I love the action and energy

  56. eadsk99 says:

    From an animation perspective, this is arguably the best map on YouTube.

  57. nikki wolf says:

    Ive watched this IO times

  58. BoiledKettles says:

    0:44 ok. Wow.

  59. TheALIANA says:

    To do list:
    1. Be Sol
    2. be Sol's gf
    3. Be Sol
    4. Love Jayfeather
    5. KiSS SoL
    6. Get kits with Sol and Jayfeather

    7. Just SOL

  60. Emi Draws! says:

    Chonky BlackStar

  61. fabiola delarosa says:

    Imagine just like going outside and you see several cats in the forest yowling and then an eclipse appears

  62. Kat The Yak says:


  63. YumYum BluffyYomYom says:

    Lol Sol reminds me of Darktail, he cause many trouble for all 5 clans

  64. The_One_Titan says:

    Wrong wrong WRONG
    We all know Blackfoot has a Russian accent fro Moonkitti


    I can't lie, Sol's gotta be one of my favorite characters XD

  66. bad kitty says:

    sol: * walks up to the black moon as if he owns or made it*

    me: that moon is not your's sol

  67. FunkyFoods WithFriends says:

    0:38 threw 0:42 is my favorite part

  68. Eevee 250 says:



  69. Jetwing says:

    "Starclans time is over! These cats are dead and there spirits have no power over you!"

  70. Mulk says:

    holy HECK this almost tops the Rasputin MAP
    But Rasputin will stay my top MAP 👀

  71. 。it’s simple 。 says:

    When a cat got better eyebrows than u

  72. Lily’s Gaming Studio says:

    This is the best MAP made in the history of Warriors.

  73. A Wilson says:

    I think Sol is the most developed non-main character in the entire book series, including mangas, Super Editions, and Novellas. The wiki says he is a tortoiseshell, but he is 100% calico. You cannot convince me otherwise.
    He is so perfect, with his manipulative skills, his cold fire of a rage he carefully nurtures and takes it so precisely and subtly on those who didn't do anything to him. You could claim Darktail and Sol are equals, but… No. Sol is the best villain in the entire book series, because it's so easy for you to spend all of the books before he crushes ShadowClan being confused about whether or not he even is a villain. It's such a risky card the Erins played in him, because manipulation has to be so specifically done or else the POV cat seems really thick for not seeing through it. However, I spent several books trying to figure out if Sol even was a villain, and I can see through the plot of some truly convoluted games.
    If I had to pick one villain in the entire series to be, I'd honestly pick Sol. He's got such a perfect structure. If the best a cat can be is a perfect sphere, and the average is a blob…
    Sol is a hollowed sphere that can stand up to 600 tons of pressure and which has the most smooth surface in the world so bacteria couldn't find a bump if it tried
    I know, Sol is evil, and manipulation is bad, but the Erins held a deck of cards and chose to place that one card on top of the heap and begin making a city.

  74. A Wilson says:

    At 0:33
    Not gonna lie
    Midnight looked like a drug dealer sort of

  75. A Wilson says:

    Sagutoyas is the best animator ever. I kept rewatching their part (that is, the transition from Blackstar looking at Sol standing in the way of the eclipsed sun and then to the holding up the oak leaf and slashing it)

  76. A Wilson says:

    Baby Sol is the cutest thing in the universe, try to convince me this is not true. Just… Look. 2:31

  77. Becky K says:

    1 mil of these veiws are me

  78. Kitsuko Kiki says:

    Oh my god, all the transitons and everything is just amazing! I am so impressed! The artwork is also gorgeous!! I have it on loop!

  79. Gwendoline Loki says:

    Alright so, pause the video and click on 1:56 keep it paused and look at dat mouth!. Black Star right next to Sol like: wowed

  80. Katelynn Trainor says:

    2:04 – 2:06
    The way Black`Star says 'Pulses,' BrO it is so good tho-

  81. Kitsuko Kiki says:

    99% of the comments: Is nobody talking about how good that transition is?
    1% of the comments: about anything else

  82. Sledge007 Lunargalaxies0cto says:

    Just the thought of Blackstar swarming up a tree makes me laugh.

  83. Rebecca Inesia says:

    acually why is the cats scared of the black moon ?

  84. MiniMe 123 says:

    Aspen shadow I’m at aspen right now

  85. AFoxNamedFooxy ThatDoseRoblox UWU says:

    1:49, Sol ”Yea you didn’t believe me but now you’re afraid! HAHAHA”

    Jay Feather: ” Wut? What’s Going On I Can’t See?”

    I like this map 🙂

  86. Grampi cat says:

    Это шедевр! Очень крутая анимация! Мне нравится!

  87. Infinite Taquito says:

    Ok um you were the one who actually made me like Sol

  88. Nerdy_The_Fox says:



  89. Nightflight The Nightwing Animus says:

    Sol is a part of the StarClan, I am reading warriors rn. Never read it before

  90. SaberSiber Tiger says:


    Sol: Y e s

  91. Misty Rat says:

    This has got to be my most favorite MAP ever! I had this on loop for my Roblox roleplays so many times you wouldn't believe it. Subscribed.

  92. Olympia The Dragon says:

    Jayfeather Started the Eclipse. (Joke Conspiracy) You don't believe me? Here's the proof. (This is my first conspiracy. I don't know if I should have posted it here. I thought of this while looking at this M.A.P.)

    Sol "predicted" the eclipse. What did the Eclipse do? It made cat's vision *black.*. Black has five letters. The cats were not able to see in the eclipse well. What relates to these two?

    Blind. Blind has five letters, like black, so this is related to this. The eclipse tricked who, or what? Shadowclan. Shadowclan's leader has two eyes. Sol is the first part of Solar. Sol + 2 letters equals Solar. Shadow has 5 letters. The short for Shadowclan is SC. SC has two letters. The S stands for Shadowclan. You know what else starts with S?

    Stick. Shadow has five letters, meaning that stick is related to this. Mostly fans know about the stick. The stick is a rival to fans who think the stick joke is old. Shadowclan is related to this. Who is Shadowclan's rival?

    Thunderclan. Thunder has 7 letters. Shadow has 5. 7+5 equals 12. Medicine Cat has 12 letters, counting the space. Who is the medicine cat in Thunderclan?

    Jayfeather. Jayfeather used to have a stick. Therefore… JAYFEATHER IS THE ONE WHO STARTED THE ECLIPSE!

    Shadow has six letters, so this all added up to nothing, don't worry.

  93. __ LavenderKattii __ says:


  94. Caius The Wolf says:

    2:30 When reality hits you at mock speed.

  95. {:} Shade {:} says:

    Admit it. We’ve all watched this at least 5 times.

    Also, Sol is one of my favourite characters other than Hawkfrost and Mapleshade. I would LOVE to see him come back in the series. Or a super edition about him.

  96. Secret PixieMoon says:

    the singlehandedly best sol map in the universe

  97. Zevellah says:


  98. Ali OddCat says:


  99. Isabella Rees says:

    now THATS how you do lighting right there!

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