Something About Smash Bros WORLD OF LIGHT ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ?

HIYA!! MMMM’M TORYAA!! TEIGHT! COME ON! We each need to take about 10. NAH YO. Hold my poodle! HOLD MY POODLE. Ay yo whatsup ya’ll got a problem?? (Incoherent Screaming)
You all want some of this?? Poyo! ..Something horrible just happened.. COLORS WEAVE INTO A SPIRE OF FLAME- poyo Po-Poyo! It’sa me, YAHOO! Wow! The land of Make Believe! HERE WE GO!! IT’S TIME TO JUMP UP IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw this. H e l l o. I r e q u i r e a s s i s t a n c e. DONKEY KONG! DONKEY- Yeeeaaaahhh (; (Anguish) No! This is personal. Let’sa go! YOSHI! (SPEEDRUN) Mario! Yoshi! I knew you’d come. Today you meet your DOOM. But don’t worry.. I’ll make this quick. Wait come back! I’m top tier now! Good baby. HACKED WRYYYYYYY! (Horrible Meme Music emanates from Galeem’s core) AAAHHH!!! ..Well well well.. *DEMONIC SCREAMS* (..Meanwhile) Goodbye, Kirby. And then peace returned to all the land. ..I miss you. ..Please come back to me.

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