Something About Super Smash Bros ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🔫🦊

Ow. OW! Okay okay I’m up! MELEEEEEEEEEEEEE ..what the? You are already dead. NANI? Come on. Look at that stuff man.. (ROAR) Yeah! Long live the.. ICE CLIMBERS! ..Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Thanks for watching! That Ice Climber bit was one of my Patron’s ideas, Andrew Boyle. Thanks man! 🙂 This is the future. THIS IS IT GUYS.

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100 Responses

  1. itsjustme ! says:

    ha Bayonetta…… 👍😍🔫🔫🔫🔫

  2. Lucy The Dog says:

    3:12 Somewhere in an alternate universe…

  3. Icalasari says:

    I like that you predicted Ridley

  4. Christine McKenny says:

    Poor link

  5. Tinashejk says:

    Long live the….. King I mean… I C E C L I M B E R S

  6. mr.clickbait ultra ses says:

    1:23 the Wells emisary

  7. Melissa Jasmin says:

    1:38 Godzilla roar

  8. Pinche Cabron says:

    You should make a Fox Mccloud plush brother 😂

  9. Luis -Kun says:

    Link: me
    Fox: people online

  10. Jude Luckett says:

    List of things Duck-hunt throws at Link: Bean-Can, Plate, Game-Console, Mr. Game & Watch, and Nicholas Cage.

  11. JGame says:

    2.Jonh Cena
    6.Shovel Knight
    8.King K. Rool.

  12. Paul Selby says:

    1:03 why didn't they make this a anime?

  13. JVCS 0508 says:


  14. The anime cross Nerd says:

    Bruh you suck brawl was the best game

  15. Under Games says:

    Essa pora não tem português

  16. aayush palai says:


  17. TheGoldenMinecart // ZacharyTGM says:

    2:19 shoutouts to SimpleFlips

  18. Killoer says:

    1:00 What is that sound effect? xD

  19. G Truesdale says:

    お前はもう死んでいる。 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Corder says:

    Omar no shindeau

  21. Jordan Mercadier says:

    1:36 wtffffff

  22. 山高。 says:


  23. Andrea Ortiz says:

    HANSON XD <3

  24. Ana Granados says:

    I like ya u vids tm

  25. NicolaiAAA says:

    Omfg Star Fox jittering his way across the field fucking killed me.

  26. 中嶋真璃子 says:


  27. Pauls281 says:

    2:07 8-Player Smash
    I see 10
    Link, Little Mac, DK, Rosalina, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Charizard, Wario, Captain Falcon, and Villager.

  28. noita gameplays says:


  29. little big plotagon animator says:

    Who's here before 10 Million views?

  30. Mystical Stas says:

    Poor link

  31. Mystical Stas says:

    That fox is me with ness or lucas

  32. Ice Climbers says:

    '' Sans for smash mah buddies. '' – Me 2019 xd.

  33. Ice Climbers says:

    And Nintendo killed me

  34. FLUDe of Gails says:


    Byleth during loading screens: 0:38

  35. TJ Vids says:

    1:26 like if this was you favorite part

  36. Jonathan Warfield says:

    0:13 never noticed geno in the toybox before

  37. Plasma says:

    Me, at school in math, despite me being gifted in math: 0:54

  38. Laura Medina says:

    Fox is goku confirmed 0:52

  39. Yoshi Gaming says:

    0:15Me When I use my moms credit card

  40. Crzy Goldn says:

    Next do Haaaaa (Link) Vs Yahoo (Mario)

  41. Chillax ASMR says:

    This is way too real…

  42. IndonesiaGamerPro899 says:


  43. The Toadinator says:

    Why do you hate Bandana Dee? (Im waiting for a genuine response from you)

  44. Geraldo Francisco says:

    came back from the last video just to laugh again

  45. says:

    0:45 that kiss tho

  46. Silvia Romero says:


  47. Roman Noodles says:

    I cried laughing at 0:34

  48. Ryan O'Neal says:

    whys guno in there

  49. Hibiscus1013 Animates says:

    I'm just that one stupid person who mains Isabelle because she's cute

  50. acnager says:

    Who else is here after ultimate came out

  51. Harlequin. says:

    Shovel Knight XD

  52. Riley Carter says:

    0:33at 2x speed is the true speed of a fox main

  53. Mike11347 says:

    When Someone Says The N Word
    2:15 – 2:25


    Nice Video

  55. Elijah Burnett says:

    Lloyd Irving and Skull kid for smash

  56. Abstract Doofus says:

    He predicted Ridley.

  57. Venus Lantican says:

    Man, I wish fox button mashing was that easy in ultimate

  58. [TB]ThePrimalRayquazza 4907 says:

    H I Y A A A ! ! !

  59. Asia Thomas says:

    Fox the unbeatable teleportation champion

  60. Lewd Media says:

    You’re a fucking peabrAin

  61. ShreddingBlood says:

    At least goku got in, except it's sword goku

  62. Jerry Trout says:

    I never really liked melee


  63. SMG2 says:

    skullkid because he is my friend

  64. Streetfighterboy 182 says:

    When your friend wants to challenge you in multiple tasks

  65. super walluigi bros says:


  66. smashmallow101 says:

    Love how the kid is playing super Mario land 2

  67. Luke Harrison says:

    0:42 When I get motavated for the math test

    0:50 When I get 1 question wrong

    0:54 When I fail a math test

  68. Death By Unicorn says:

    What is the NUNYE from? Can someone tell me?

  69. PorjectKristali says:


  70. koko lino says:

    8 player smash is ultimate online

  71. Ethan Michels says:

    at 1:44 you should have used Luigi's down-taunt.

  72. Lolsuppe 0 says:

    Wave dash players VS Math

    Winner : Wave dash players

  73. Sol Martinez says:


  74. Patata TT says:

    Amo los subtítulos 😅😅😅😆

  75. susana medina says:


  76. Bunny Boi says:

    did anyone notice captain falcon's expand dong at 2:23

  77. *GUN SEPTIM* says:

    Literally Me: 😡🔫

  78. MrCube says:


  79. Niki Pug says:

    to 2:30 at 2:31 to cuteeeeeeeeee

  80. Lucario'nLink AreEpic says:

    Poor Lonk.

  81. horsedude5000 says:

    wait, people actually dont like subspace?

  82. Nadia Garcia says:

    yo jugando mi game boy color cuando master hand salvaje aparece

  83. Josephine Lithius says:

    That was just heartbreaking to watch. Seriously.

  84. awesomepikachu235 says:

    oh my god..
    is that SANS?

  85. Gnarly says:

    2:07 special smash got me

  86. Twinz Tingz says:


  87. AshenGladiator says:


  88. Guzmán Cantero says:

    How do we stop Illuminati?

  89. Grant Salmi says:

    geno is in the game!

  90. Bandana Dee says:

    0:30 It was on this arena where he proved his worth to the heavens. And it will be on this arena where he shall meet his end

  91. Raymix2k says:

    Link = me
    Fox = That last question on that impossible math quiz

  92. CrazyDK96 says:

    Just realized the kid Playing Gameboy Shit his pants.

  93. B R A I N H U R T Y says:

    “That’s your s tier”

  94. Kamal the gamer says:

    I noticed about nana,s face it looks creepy

  95. Niki Pug says:

    song pls

  96. Just Lucas says:


  97. Monika :] says:

    3:12 oh BOOOOYyYyYyYyyy

  98. bulbasur55555 says:

    stay at the end of something about super smash ultimate world of light to see something special

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