Sometimes This Life Is Hard (The Farm Life)

I got to talk about something today. so
this is gonna be a little bit different in than my normal videos. just something
that uh I get off my chest (Music) YouTube two years now and I’ve seen two
channels and I possibly a third get um get into a actual battle basically with
neighbors and the local city and government.
Guildbrook farm, you know they were one of the first ones to move in this area that
they lived in, and then that area kind of grew up, and
then you know exploded basically. they were actually there before all that
happened, & we’re living the lifestyle that they
were living. which was gardening, owning chickens, they had goats, and then some
disgruntled neighbor that decided to check into the
bylaws and then of course they found one saying that they really couldn’t have
that stuff and Old law I think was written in the 70s, that was tucked and hidden
away, and that seems to be the common theme here. the goats are gone the chickens are all gone the Ducks are
gone….and the same with the big family homestead. they they actually got a
government loan from the government that said, “hey we know what lifestyle you’re
living and this place is zoned for that so you’re good”
they weren’t good. again same thing, they had a neighbor that didn’t like the
lifestyle that they were living and it turned into a mess….well we need your
prayers something’s happened that that really
stinks and we need your prayers…and now you got Life on Beagle Road, the same
exact thing, and the thing about them is is they got seven acres which is
surrounded by farms. farm behind them farm on each side of them a farm in
front of them….I live over there and not over here over here I can farm but over
here I cannot….but yet that little spot they’re own is regulated and they had no
idea though. the big family homestead and Guildbrook, they actually moved they
eventually moved. so I’m sure that whoever it was that turn them in thought
they won a victory, but they didn’t win they just picked up move, and living
a lifestyle that they have, and guess what? they love what they do. they love
the way they live. the same now with Kenny and Courtney over there at life
on Beagle Road. and so they’re in the process of fighting this zoning issue
that they had no clue that existed. matter of fact Courtney his family built
that house, and in his and was one of the big founders in that town. not to mention
that all three of these people have kids, but we’re talking kids. Guildbrook has
two children, Kenny and Courtney have three children, and the big family
homestead, they have a daughter that that that has a condition where she has to
eat a certain way and so they were growing their own food so she wouldn’t
be sick. so whoever that person was decided it
their child’s health didn’t mean squat! kids man! children, innocent, and for what?
“you just took beneficial food away from our daughter grace
thanks” just think how much better the world would be if we took all that hate
and anger and that negative energy and used it for something that meant
something. you know always think about it like this. when you leave this place
are you leaving it a better place? better than what it is?
that’s the question need to ask yourself ain’t that right baby girl? though people may think they won
because people like Guildbrook and the big family
they picked up and moved. they may think they won. they may have won that battle
but they didn’t win the war…the war which is, which is inside of their self,
that they wake up every single day, and whatever that is inside them is just
eating them away. that’s a terrible way to live. so here’s Kenny and Cortney
having to go to court. having to hire a lawyer, to fight what they believe in. the
property that they own. surrounded by farms and explain to their children
why they may have to either a sell their livestock, sell their pets, or or the house
that their parents built, that they now live in, that they may have to pack up
sell it and move on and for what? “I think the toughest part
for me was when I watched our kids cry a little bit as we tried to explain to
them what might have to change I’m getting a little I gotta walk away”. so
what advice do I have? you know this is what I say, and this is what I believe.
don’t give up. keep fighting, and when you get knocked down, get back up, and keep
smiling. keep being happy. keep doing what you want to dom because whoever or
whatever that is that’s trying to knock you down, as long as you keep getting
back up and fighting and doing it with a smile on your face, in the end it will
absolutely just destroy them, because in my opinion, love always wins (Music) with a heart of gold I can give it all
to you with the heart of gold I can battle for you but for now I am just
passing for that’s true with my heart of gold
my love for you enjoying me optimistic body

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