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Sound Dogs Love

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  1. Khelifa Ghariani says:

    The first one worked and the ducks quacking that is it

  2. phillies1222 says:

    The squeaky toys?? i am crying my dog started sniffing the shit outta me looking for it

  3. MidnightCanvas says:

    Bruh my dog is staring at my phone screen

  4. andys beared up my butthole says:

    my dog looks so confused

  5. Harry Curry says:

    It’s true

  6. Itz Me Charl says:

    on the duck one i put it next to her ear, she turned around and headbutted my phone????

  7. NiranXNaruto Uzumaki says:

    My dog does nothing but he just looks at my iPad

  8. ## says:

    Edit coming soon


    My dog jumped when she heard the first sound and not in a good way …

  10. Minerva Rosillo says:

    My puppy got up, and started crying lmao. Had to turn it off

  11. Carlos Bravo says:

    Congrats u just made my dog scratch my door with the doorbell and lick his balls

  12. Eloyster says:

    My dog enjoyed this

  13. Sander Pol says:

    My dog is looking every wear

  14. Tom Rupa says:

    When the first one started playing my dog katie was like "uhh were? WERE IS THAT COMIN FROM!

  15. Syd Thomp says:

    My dog was confused

  16. Mirco_DaGoat 17 says:

    My dog bit me and my phone??

  17. n Beats says:

    Sound to make your Puppy Sleep within 5 Min !!!
    Check this out and let me know how your Cute puppies reacted to it 🙂

  18. 강수아 says:

    Mine started playing with my dad

  19. zGegio says:

    My dog is stupid

  20. Stephanie Lozano says:

    My dog tilted her head and then sniffed and bit my phone

  21. Alana Adams says:

    He looked at me like I hear the toy but I don't see the freaking toy?

  22. Imacookie Ya says:

    My dog came to me when the squeaky toy one came

  23. No Name says:

    My fog just looked at me like im crazy and started crying

  24. Ashish Arun says:

    My dog got scared and pissed on the floor

  25. Amirah Khor says:

    My dog love duck quacking..?

  26. jonathan booth says:

    My dog give zero fs ?

  27. roisin campbell says:

    just baby sound

  28. MoreBadTricks says:

    my dog doesnt care about ducxks and zips

  29. X RosieX says:

    My dog responded on all of them. Expesically the squeaky toy

  30. Elise and Amber says:

    when my dogs head went “⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️⬆️” i felt that

  31. milli kipop says:

    I don't think my dog likes that baby sound lol

  32. ItsMeAva says:

    My dog just kept looking into the distance and hiding in my legs

  33. SpaceCity Towing says:

    I love you

  34. itss jaya says:

    My dog looked at me and tilted her head like a confused child its freaking adorable

  35. Willow’s Storm says:


  36. journeyswkam says:

    Ya my dog did nothing ?

  37. Andy W. says:

    My dog is just wooohing

  38. Finn says:

    My cat went crazy

  39. Engi’s here says:

    Who’s here from tik tok ?

  40. Kylie Olivia says:

    My puppy loved all of them lol

  41. Sydney Polkinghorn says:

    My dog went crazy at the squeaker

  42. Jacob Waler says:

    My dog only reacted to the squeaky toy

  43. Javier says:

    Who’s here from tik tok

  44. __.zacharenia.__ mrn says:

    Actually the first sound made my dog crazy

  45. helix says:

    My dog must be broken

  46. Robloxplayer037 gd 0206 says:

    My dog is looking at me like Bruh…

  47. Lucianna S. says:

    I feel like my dog is so unamused so far lol

  48. badger says:

    My dog loves it

  49. Laura Delgado says:

    My dog just layed down and ignored my phone till the duck sounds played. Then looked away when the geese honks played.

  50. Royally Chey says:

    my dog started howling???

  51. Gelbes Gummibaerchen says:


  52. JackieJimin Lynch says:

    The squeaking toy rlly got my dog he started tilting his head at me lol

  53. Cookie Dino says:

    Anyone here from TikToc?

  54. Oceanic ¿ says:

    My dog loves this

  55. Nancy W says:

    My dog hated this .

  56. Kyla Corsiga says:

    My dog loves it so much

  57. Ashlyn Cunliffe says:

    My dog started barking on the doorbell thing

  58. chloe Rowett says:

    I'm surprised but my dog actually reacted

  59. Da4kS0ul says:

    Mein hund hat den kopf die ganze zeit gedreht

  60. Layla Smith says:

    He was so funny

  61. Gioconda Boscan says:

    My dog just looked at me and my phone

  62. Brooke Brown says:

    Didet work ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  63. Ellie Mitchell says:

    I showed this to my cat and he was pouncing all around I think he liked it

  64. Toxic_ Pugz says:

    Bruh you spelled quacking wrong it’s not quaking xd

  65. Jessica Irene says:

    My dog hated all of these lmao

  66. Lee Youngmi says:

    My dog just bit my iPad

  67. Romantic Secret says:

    My dog's really confused and scared.
    My poor baby??❤

  68. Maria Ramirez peralta says:

    My dog was searching for everything that he heard

  69. Max Drip says:

    Who got this from tik tok ?

  70. Abbie C says:

    I have a puppy and he’s looking for the noise

  71. Crystal Ambrocio says:

    Me patiently waiting for people from tiktok to get to these comments?

  72. Mathias Pierson says:

    My dog went CRAZY on the duck ???

  73. Sam Glover says:

    My dog just went back to sleep. ??‍♂️

  74. Jacob Smith / TheGamingishJacob7 says:

    My dog just started aknowleging my existence

  75. Ariana Motaghian says:

    Great now the dog thinks their is another dog in the wall!

  76. hailey tenhulscher says:

    ok but my cats also reacted to this

  77. katelyn perl says:

    This actually worked for my dog

  78. drago656 says:

    My dog murdered my baby brother ? when he heard the squeaky toy u awful person

  79. MMA HIGHLIGHTS says:

    You made my dog cry and howl

  80. Mayah Turner says:

    She tilted her head then came running over and started growling at my phone

  81. Pika says:

    My pitty puppy is crying trying to locate it

  82. Jupiter Jones says:

    After the squeaky toys my dog lost interest.

    Until the duck sounds lmao

  83. Lulu Hernandez says:

    my dog just fell asleep

  84. flower kid says:

    Toys squeaking: he looked at me and tilted his head
    Doorbel ringing : he got scared and started crying

    Then I stopped cause he got scared he’s only 9 months

    Edit: I carried on
    Ducks quaking he ran off and sat down and started barking
    Zipper sound: started arming
    Baby laugh: he barked and looked at me confused

  85. Matthew Nelson says:

    The first sound was the toy squeaking. My dog loved it.

  86. Galaxia Enchanted says:

    Awwww dogs like babies laughing! ?

  87. Emma Brooksss says:

    My dog went crazy when the first one came on

  88. Mycolouris Green says:

    My dog is fucking terrified of the door bell

  89. Elian Herrera says:


  90. Ari da scared bird UWU says:

    My dogs reaction:toy?

  91. Sarah O’Sullivan says:

    I watched this with my dog beside me and she was so confused when the squeaky toys bit

  92. Live, Love, Study, and Travel says:

    My dog knows it’s coming from my phone, dang it. He just looks at me and goes back to sleep.

  93. Andreea Pertea says:

    i just want for my dog to love me ??

  94. default default says:

    My dog liked the ducks but got terrified of the zipper

  95. K1llerwolf says:

    It’s not working for my dog he is too smart

  96. Skarlete And Cobalt says:

    My dogs (French Bulldogs) tilted their heads and barked at everything.

  97. Dei Chan18 says:

    My dog only reacted to the ducks xD he tilted his head, became hungry and is eating his food now xD

  98. sᴋʏ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ says:

    My dogs hated me so much after I played this ;-;

  99. YourReal Daddy says:

    Lmao my dog just looked at the phone and went under the bed

  100. Bloodfountain __ says:

    My dog started reacting to the Ducks ??

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