Sound Effect -10 CATS MEOWING Make your Cat or Dog Go Crazy

10 Cats Meowing NEW BETTER Make Your Cat Or Dog Go Crazy Sound Effect File!! Click The Card Above! or Type In This Short Link –

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100 Responses

  1. HyperView says:

    try the new and improved version of this on your cats –

  2. annabelledeery xo says:

    My dog looked at my phone, tilted his head, then got bored and went to sleep

  3. Piscode says:

    My sister came instead of our cat.

  4. J-hope's Sprite and Hamburger says:

    Me: *plays cat meowning
    My cat: *just sleeps like he heard nothing 🥴

  5. Brad Ellul says:

    He did go crazy he even bids me and trying to eat my covar for my phone

  6. Nadia Gandhi says:

    Aww we only heard the first cause he was scared so he came to cuddle and I showed him in a way

  7. Starlas Vlogs says:

    My cat MeAw back

  8. Kid4ever _24 says:

    My dog started to cry

  9. XxEstellxa Xx says:

    omg it work

  10. Sums Gaming and more says:

    Instead of my cat my mom went crazy

  11. vidswithriah says:

    My cat kept thinking my phone is the other cat

  12. Lexi Ward says:

    My cat jumped at my phone

  13. Selmx says:

    My cat started sniffing me and then bit me a bit 🥱😔😭🤪🤠🥳🖐🖐🖐

  14. Bethany Davis says:

    My cat came up to me and rubbed his head against my phone

  15. Skylar Playz says:

    My cat just got scared as heck

  16. Lachhi Maya Basnet Chhetrini says:


  17. spirit The professional top hat says:

    Mines just giving that turn that shit off look.

  18. Falling Beauty says:

    I feel like my cat was gonna go feral mode if he saw another cat

  19. andrea says: cat wasn’t amused 🙁

  20. Lingna Hang says:


  21. Lingna Hang says:


  22. Aliviah West says:

    My cats were looking all around like “where they at?!?!?” And one of my cats starting meowing too 😂😂😂

  23. Ahmad Amoudy says:

    My cat its finding the cat who criying

  24. suhana gurung says:

    My dog look left ,right and start to bark loudly.omg

  25. AERO PUFF says:

    My cat:Look hooman I don't give a sht about tht meowing

  26. Sashwat says:

    김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민 김보민

  27. Dumb dumb says:

    My cat is just meowing with them. Doesn’t care tho, he’s doing that meow he does when he wants attention.

  28. mikoto urabe 9579 says:

    My cat was licking herself, then the kitten started meowing and my cat looked around confuzed

  29. inchi_chan says:

    Gosh looks like my cat wanted to kill me after he heard this

  30. inchi_chan says:

    My little sister cried because she heard a baby kitten crying. She even kissed my phone lol

  31. Tia McLemore says:

    My cat spent an hour trying to look for the baby cat

  32. Catherine Anne xoxo says:

    Did anyone else's cat purr and like hug them orrrr….

  33. Eternvia says:

    My cat lost his shit and ran straight into the glass door

  34. Freddie MerkYaKnees says:

    But you do know these are calls of cats in pain. Which will give your cat a test if it cares or really doesnt give a fuck is a nearby cat is getting tortured. Seems like my cat Delilah is really sensitive bc she comes up to me starts getting emotional and licking me+purring. She literally sits on my lap, gets right in my face trying to help me.❤❤

  35. Mark Ken Cullen says:

    I played this and my cat heard nothing.

    I think my cat is deaf. 😔🙀

  36. Łøßť Bøÿ says:

    When my cat heard the baby cats crying she begun to lick me.
    She was thinking that I was the kitten.

  37. alexander plata says:

    This didn’t work 😛 clickbaiter

  38. female papyrus says:

    00:26 to start

  39. Alyse Champion says:

    I have a cat she is cute❤️

  40. franco lopresto says:

    My cat didn't move a whisker…


    Bruh my dog just looked at me and I could tell he said NIGGA I KNOW THATS A MF VIDEO SHUT THAT SHIT UP

  42. scott shepard says:

    here kitty kitty kitty

  43. ric redaja says:

    The mother cat came to my tablet

  44. ConTRoniiX says:

    My cat just doesn't care

  45. Silver cat says:

    My cat thought that I have another cat in my room and started meowing too

  46. James Moore says:

    My dog didn't go crazy!!!!!!!!!!! Lol! That's it!!!!!

  47. Migran Gazanchyan says:

    My cat sounds like a fucking lawnmower right now

  48. E l e c t r i c F a n says:

    Also that is the longest intro

  49. S J says:

    Remove the entry stuff

  50. Golap Sahoo says:

    It is use for hipnotise baby in the time of eating

  51. kenz says:

    tried to use this so my cat would come cuddle me and he attacked me instead 😭

  52. Diamond Sword03 says:

    My cat was trying to eat my phone when it got to the baby kittens

  53. Kwek says:

    dog bites phone

  54. ALL IN ONE says:

    It really worked my cat gone crazy

  55. on_ redemption says:

    I cat just chilled and stared at me

  56. Stacey With An E says:

    how to make my bully cat attack my nice cat:

  57. School does not teach life. says:

    My cat bites me now lmfao

  58. CoolDubBoy says:

    My Cat is so confuse, Minding its own business , plays sound , sits , looks forward silently , I feel so bad I stop She's like "I remember my past life" 3 minutes after the sound she is still looking forward

  59. Brooke Frampton says:

    My kitten was bouncing if the walls 😂😂😂

  60. andreea hee hee says:

    this vid starts playin
    me: find the cat~
    my doggo: looks at me-

  61. CherryDid Blossom says:

    My cat jumped off my bed from her nap and went to lay down,
    I think it annoys her…

    So imma keep it playing lol

  62. Jenna Scott says:

    they both woke up and started biting each other

  63. virii escamilla says:

    My cat is a female, she kept licking her hooha

  64. Sandy Harmon says:

    My cat walk walks over to me when I play this

  65. Speedypikachu 5530 says:

    Cinema sins will not forgive this

  66. Jadie Luxx says:

    I had been chasing my cat and putting it on his back ear and he's running like crazy because he thought I was gonna trap him inside my phone 😅😂

  67. Alora Whitnah says:

    Does anyone else's cat try to suffocate them when they hear this? Or just mine. She literally comes running then jumps on my chest and then proceeds to lay on my face. . . all while purring.

  68. Angelo Artinian says:

    didn’t work

  69. Angelo Artinian says:

    I have a dog he was freaking out he was just farting lol

  70. Angelo Artinian says:

    Fuck u bitch my dog freaked what and left

  71. Vincent Ryan says:

    I think my cat is broken…

  72. Shannon Jason says:

    1:29 WTF?!

  73. Saga Giss says:

    My cat was just like "wtf you sayin?"

  74. ETCEthegamer says:

    Is this healthy for my cat bc she is an only cat and I'm scared she will think she's losing her shit

  75. Ali Hussain says:

    1:36 my cat start to look at me what you want and lays

  76. kat foley says:

    I just use it for cuddles but just get a foot in my throat for playing it

  77. Demonas Angelas says:

    My cat look at phone and got crazy

  78. MariusHKN says:

    My cat just farted

  79. Austin Brewer says:

    my cats just purring

  80. Jason Wharton says:

    You stuffed up and put music/noise at the start

  81. Keeping It Cool says:

    Omg that intro is so long

  82. ily•taekook says:

    My cat started rubbing his head on my phone

  83. Bianca Alula says:

    0:43 my cat going crazyy

  84. Troshock says:

    Video: Cat sound affects

    Me: BRUH

  85. Shelby M says:

    My cat's reaction was to try and eat my phone

  86. kahnekenhawi garrow says:

    Teasing our little Shitzu🤫

  87. Theo says:

    My cat doesn't care.

  88. Random Wolf child says:

    Me, with a female cat who's already been a mother-
    She's flipping out over the kittens

  89. Storm Bolt says:

    My cats are looking for the cryi- annnnnd I had to stop them mauling my dog. Alright then. Note to self- dont play this around the critters

  90. cynthia douglas says:

    I did this to make my dog bark.. she just tilted her head and looked at me……

  91. Jin Setchi says:

    My cat was in my lap and i was playing this. Then he left me annoyed

  92. Fani Hanifah says:

    My cat doesn't care with the sound.lolo

  93. Marceline Playz says:

    God there's so many Yoongi

  94. Percy the chatty Kitty says:

    My cat started biting my phone

  95. C E L E S T I A says:

    My cat fells at sleep hearing this

  96. ꂑꂵꉣꈼꌅꄞꈼꀯꋖ says:

    My cat was licking his balls as i was playing this

  97. JellyJenna bean says:

    I did it On both Of My animals very Funny 🤣

  98. Michael Adormson says:

    My cat tried lifting my hand with the mouth like it was a kitten

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