Sound That Makes Dog Tilt Head Left & Right (GUARANTEED )

Sound That Makes Dogs Tilting Head Left & Right

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100 Responses

  1. n Beats says:

    Sound to make your Puppy Sleep within 5 Min !!!
    Check this out and let me know how your Cute puppies reacted to it 🙂

  2. T'Yhanni Butler Williams says:

    It worked on my dog

  3. h I says:

    My dog licked his balls

  4. Officle MrsBoyce says:

    My dog like idgaf about that pet me ?

  5. Parker Smith says:

    -1/10 my dog just layed there mocking me..she looked very confused though

  6. Maya Watts Xx says:

    My dog just attacked my phonr

  7. Tyler B says:

    My dog started barking ?

  8. Kyle Barnum says:

    It worked wtf

  9. Joshua Gutierrez says:

    I had my sound up and one dog heard it then all the dogs started barking in my neighborhood??

  10. Jasmine Sepulveda says:

    My dog did tilt her head back and forth lol ?

  11. Mermaid Brynlee says:

    Omg it worked

  12. BossMan Ed says:

    I play it tilts his head and stares at me

  13. Patricia Noonan says:

    My dog was more scared by the intro and outro than the sounds and

  14. IZE83L says:

    My dog looked at me like what are you expecting ? Nothing happend

  15. Jaquelin St Clergy says:

    This actually worked

  16. dash s activity says:

    he really tilted his head i love the way he tilt his head so cute love this video

  17. ZerfiX is here says:

    Wow my dogs really did good vid

  18. Drizzig_ Knight says:

    It worked

  19. Luke says:

    Made my head tilt

  20. Alexia Barker says:

    My dog needs to be put in rice☠️

  21. Brenda Costigan says:

    my dog was like the hell

  22. alexandra Kate says:

    That worked on my dog omg ?

  23. Xøxø Pãstėłėrrør says:

    My dog wouldn’t shut up after dis XD

  24. Plague dr. SCP group says:

    My dog looked at me

  25. Morgan Li says:

    My dog cried


    My dog threw up

  27. Marren Proper says:

    My dog just chewed her leg the whole time. Not very good

  28. fortnite mum says:

    Lol it worked

  29. Joe Soule says:

    0/10 would not try again

  30. IDK WHY says:

    My dogs head through out the video:

  31. Mike Weber says:

    This gave my dog a case of the zoomies

  32. Treasure Banks says:

    Omy my dog actually tiltited his head

  33. vijay pinnamsetti says:

    My dog reaction, Get lost human.

  34. Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers says:

    He went to sleep

  35. Lummi Shangchiri says:

    My dog ran away

  36. Rusty The dog 33 says:

    Didn’t work

  37. Yorkie Adventures says:

    It worked!

  38. GrimmyDimmbot Lifeofmincraft123 says:

    It didn't work but instead he attacked me

  39. Lilhunnyシbear 202 says:

    It works and meh puppy is so adorable!

  40. William Schieffer says:

    I think my dogs are broken.

  41. Muto. Cz says:

    Wtf my dog is like a drill.

  42. Yagirl Aj says:

    My dog under the couch with both of his ears up looking at like crazy

  43. uwu two says:

    dog left the room

  44. No Name says:

    Weow my dog actually did it ?

  45. the cooking gamer says:

    Nope didn't work

  46. I don’t know how to acknowledge things uwu says:

    Nibba just did position for belly rubs

  47. Ray Gonzalez says:

    Omg it works wtf

  48. 《 Starnight 》 says:

    My dog started to whimper so I had to stop the video and cuddle him. :”)

  49. Gacha Justine says:


  50. QtCool says:

    It did it!!??

  51. Elijah Aldaco says:

    It didn’t work

  52. pxrk.jimineee 1 says:

    lol so funny lmao it worked

  53. Kaitlyn Marie says:

    my dog searched the house and barks when i play this it’s hilarious ?

  54. Leekee-Duh-Boo says:

    My dog started barking ?

  55. team 4 cassie jaharvion leah syy says:

    It works

  56. Jeon Jungkook says:

    My dog looked at me like I was stupid ?

  57. X wolf savage says:

    Didn't work

  58. Depressed Ally says:

    my dog tried finding the sound then tilted his head right the put his head straight the left

  59. Holly Hopwood says:

    How does this work?

  60. A Dead Channel says:

    It actually worked wtf

  61. Tabitha says:

    My dog attacked me and chewed my thumb

  62. Melanin Artist says:

    It made me tilt my head

  63. Akira From Wii Sports says:

    My dog legit started hurling my other dog 10/10

  64. Paula Wolfe says:

    My dog does this anyway, but he did it even more lol

  65. Progamer123gr says:

    It actually works

  66. Nopests Tech075 says:

    This is awesome!!

  67. Rita Tran says:

    9/10 worked first 2 times

  68. EmersonKey says:

    My cat tilted her head

  69. Sandy Land says:

    My dog has never ever turned his head but he did when i played this…he even jumped on me licked my nose n turned his head again ??

  70. Wicked Angel says:

    My dog gave me a craziest look, not even bothered to move a bit…

  71. Jemefy says:

    OMG IT WORKED BY DOG just shake water off him

  72. Martin Canario says:

    my dog literally just go away

  73. Cookiekid AJ and more says:


  74. beachie670 says:

    My little dog was laying on me, 1/2 asleep, but, did pick her head up after about 28 secs into it, & turned her head to the right, then the left, but, stopped after that & just looked at me for the rest. What was cute was the fact that when she whipped her head up – her right ear was flipped over.

  75. Brooke Black says:

    Omg it worked my dog was going crazy!

  76. real_dinhoglak YT says:

    I don’t know what’s up with talks Dogs But this actually worked on mine

  77. Lele games ROBLOX says:

    My dog got up and it scared me bc its 3 am and it stares into my soul-

  78. TheEarthMaster says:

    Spot on!! It defin worked on my puppy

  79. Loco_alonzo_ 23 says:

    My dog hates me

  80. Mimi Ankrah says:

    My pup ignored me

  81. EGGZIT GAMING says:

    Didnt work

  82. Puppy Gamer 45 says:

    My dog was growling! Hahahahhahaha ?????

  83. 2cool4u1840 game vids says:

    It works not even joking it works

  84. rockstar says:

    this is so fucking rude it is hurting doggs ears tharts why they tilt there head side to side

  85. ParkourGameing 2.0 says:

    My dog ran from it

  86. A. Κηροπήγιος says:

    Hahahaha I LMFAO ?

  87. iMa_ VoLdI says:

    1/10 my dog look confuse and it start lick it ass

  88. charlie lucas says:

    My dachshund didnt

  89. It’s Lucy says:

    This actually works!!

  90. Jade Ty says:

    Both of my dogs looked at me like what the hell is that?

  91. Dani Lurring says:

    He’s scared lol

  92. Annabelle Breining says:

    My dog looked at me like I was a psychopath

  93. Slothsters says:

    It worked

  94. AJ vids and LPS vids 103 says:

    It worked

  95. lailai TV says:

    Its working and she sniffing my phone

  96. Benji says:

    My phone got attacked?

  97. Consuelo Navarro says:

    The intro scared tf out of me

  98. OCIIPEACH ON IG says:

    this is the absolute cutest thing ever

  99. J.R Exclusives says:

    Lol I got 2 pits one on the right and one on the left sides of me I glance to the right 50 head tilts look to the right Isis head tilts slowly to the left back at 50 head tilts
    I did this high asf for a whole hour till my name is called ???

  100. TT TS says:

    My dog's head did tilt left & right

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