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Welcome to my channel. I love you new year. Look how big her face is getting in. I Love her this is fancy. She’s my little french bulldog and she’s 13 weeks and Today we’re gonna be family to me of her reacting to that sounds that dogs react to okay, let’s get started Why are you such a cutie pie? I haven’t even put on any of the noises yet? It’s kind of annoying yeah, but I still love you Okay, let’s do um Why did not focus man? I’m gonna do sums of dogs love Let’s see She’s not too interested by that She’s Olivia the cutest thing ever. Oh my god With her doing the head things like when all dogs do the head thing. It’s so cute. Oh my god She’s biting my head now. Oh Good she wants to come in here. Oh my god. Oh my god. She’s trying to jump off That’s not a good idea fancy fancy. Oh There’s aa oh my god, Betty There’s grizzly and Abby Janka Older siblings or siblings It’s like a movie shot she found the toy Oh Is she gonna fight my hair you can plays my hair, okay Okay, I know we’re gonna do sounds that make your dog tilt your head left and Right and prank your dog? Let’s see You feisty I’m pretty sure I’ll be it mmm. Oh she’s pulling her. Oh my god. Oh my god I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be it for now. I’m sorry. This was so short I didn’t really plan it out at school today while all the other plenty Friday’s I did not have school So I had an entire day to film and do whatever Oh Bianca joined us Bianca crap Miss Bianca What grizzly? Hey Bianca Did you sneeze on your sister? Rude Okay, I will see you later leaf auntie Friday suggestions down below, um And I’ll see you guys very soon Hopefully Monday as long as my computer doesn’t realize storage Goodly I Don’t think he’s coming. I think he’s outside using the potty. Okay. Bye. Bye

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    Early yay
    I love fenty

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    First comment, gave it a like before a watched it cause I already know it’ll be good😭🤪

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    Wow shes growing so fast😍😊🔥

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    Fenty Friday’s are the best 🥺❤️

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    Love Fenty!!❤️❤️

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    Your dog it’s cuteeee 😍

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    That thumbnail so cute ✨❗️

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    So cute💕

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    those ears 😍

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    Aww fenty is soooo cute ❤️❤️

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    Oh my gosh she’s growing up so fast 😭🐶💜

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    such a cute doggie 🐶♥️

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    I can't handle it Your dog is literally the cutest thing in the world😄😄😄

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    awww she’s the cutest!!😻😻😻😻

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    Why can’t I have this cutest thing in world 😭😂😂❤️

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    Can you please like my comment for almost being first

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    #notification squad! And aww I blinked and frenchi is so big😍😭❤

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    you should do the undercover hate page to your fans!

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    Woahh. You're so beautiful krissy. 😍

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    She’s too cute 🥺❤️

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    She's growing so fast 😢 So adorable! 💛

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    Ugh, you two are so cute😩❤️

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    This is so cute! FENTY FRIDAY!

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    You and your dog are Soo cute like I just want a dog Soo bad<3

    Entered giveaway

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    #notificationsquad love youuu

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    13 weekss!!!! she's growing up soo fasttt our adorable little cutiepie 👼🏼♥️

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    Your dog is so precious my dog kinda look like a rat not gonna lie and she barks at every noise even at people talking

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    so cute I can’t stand it

  34. Bee_ Humble says:

    This is why i don't watch animal videos…

    I die of cuteness 😊💕

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    I also recently got a puppy. Its so fun to have a little partner.
    Also fenty is growing so fast. Sooooo cuteee

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    No I can't this is cuteness overload so precious must protect her❤️❤️🐶🐕🐩

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    3:25 I like how she walks away as u try to kiss her lmao

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    Fenty Friday’s ‼️

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    You’re sooooo pretty ✨✨

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    Omg😍😍😍 i love u and ur dog so much. Such cuties💗💗

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    I swear she’s the cutest

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    So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

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    This was so cute

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    Love your puppy ♥️♥️♥️

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    I love how she stopped barking as soon as the squeaky toy sound played 😂 she’s literally the cutest!

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    he is just the cutest

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    Cuteness overload Krissy ❤💚❤

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    Awwwee Fenty is so cute and Krissy is so gorgeous as well💕

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    An dog asmr 🐕

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    lol I do this to my dog when I get bored, her reaction is priceless when i play a doorbell sound 😂

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    Hey krissy , I loved this video 😂😌

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    Oof soo cute

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    I love you 💙

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    Cutie😍❤️She is growing so fast❤️

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    cute idea

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    Oh woah! Sooo cute little doggie 🐕❤

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    So cute!!! Your hair is goals 😍

  61. Tiffany tomatoes says:

    Bianca did you sneeze on your sister?
    Bianca: yes

  62. cleo sidiropoulos says:

    So funny how her ears go up when she hears the squeeky sound

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    I swear usually dogs scare me but she is so cute and little 😍😍

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    She’s so tiny!!!💕💕💕

  66. Clark Gerald Silagan says:

    Is that dog bad?

  67. Shaneece05 ‘ says:

    So cute

  68. Erica Thomas says:

    omg i literally cannot get over fenty! she is literally the cutest dog on the planet. l absolutely love it when dogs tilt their head as well, so cute!

  69. Bushra Medani says:

    Love youuuuu and ur videosss

  70. Dary Penados says:

    Lil cutie 🐺 ❤

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    omg your love between you and your dog is so cute and genuine i love it 🥰

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    Awww so cute😆

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    the cutesttttt

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    how was first day at school!!!??? Who won the giveaway?

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    My dog was sitting next to me. And when i was watching the vid my dog started barking at my screen!

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    Aww. FENTY 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Can i get a shout out

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    My dog isn’t from this world he didn’t react to anything 😶

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    Right when the squeaky toy sound came on she was like 😶

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    Cute dog!

  83. AdoreMiyabear says:

    She is soo adorable!!

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    So cute :’)

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    Awww she looks like a bunny too lmao

  86. TTT haweel -2 says:

    Awww she looks like a bunny too lmao

  87. Autumn Yancey says:

    “That is kind of annoying …… but I still love you”😂😂😂

  88. Lucy Saeko says:

    Hi im luz and im on the giveaway im from cabo san lucas mexico.

    [email protected]
    IG @saekolucy

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