SPACE CATS !!! – Smarter Every Day 85

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  1. Mike says:

    Destin is probably the most likeable person in the world =D

  2. RMoribayashi says:

    For anyone else using Heavens Above to find the ISS. You might want to use it to try and catch one of the Iridium satellites during a "flare". These satellites' antennas reflect the sun like a mirror. While it only lasts a few seconds, a -8 magnitude flare is many times brighter than Venus. It's so bright that you can even see it in daylight. One important thing. The coordinates you enter need to be as accurate as possible to get good predictions. Within 1000 ft is OK, but the closer the better.

  3. RMoribayashi says:

    Hey Destin, do I get any bonus points for figuring out that you used the west parking lot of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center as your coordinates in Heavens Above?

  4. Ashdon says:

    Destin for president

  5. karthik Raju says:

    Wow Destin. Just WOW

  6. Alex Chen says:

    i swear i think i heard his back crack on the first twist… poor doctor, all in the name of science lol

  7. dsouzand says:

    Destin, your way to smart to be on youtube!

  8. Phares Blank says:

    Hi cris hatfield!

  9. Prince Heru says:

    oh god, just seeing them floot in space and spin themselves around made my head spin so hard that I nearly fainted, seriously, I was so mind blowed that I nearly fainted.

  10. Xfeldt says:

    Since English is not my native language I may have missed it.So do I understand it right that it would work in a vacuum and works despite of momentum conservation and not because of friction?

  11. Xfeldt says:

    Ok, I watched the cat-video but I still don't get how it does not go against physics, (if its not because of the air). Can a cat turn in space, without tail and air? (and don't say…"No it can not breath…haha"^^)

  12. Aleksandr Kramarenko says:

    Now the question is, does that also work in the vacuum of space? Hmm… Could you please ask them to try that out for us?

  13. Ajay regmi says:

    Ur cool keep it up, I'm really curious why r u doing this videos?
    I am also like u , I slept a whole night outside there was no tent nthn it was jst to watch stars ,and that day was awesome fr me cuz I saw a meteriode .

  14. ShrimpMage says:

    I love Chris Hadfield!! He's one of my greatest heros!!

  15. supermonkey152 says:

    Seriously, why do you not have a cat on board ?? 😉 🙂

  16. Marion Wilson says:

    Awesome commercial too. : )

  17. SirPoonga says:

    As a ham radio operator one can "ping" an APRS data packet to the repeater on board and it will reply back. You can see when that is possible on the iisfanclub. Communicating with the IIS anyway you can is fun. good video.

  18. お化け says:

    No way are you kidding me? You got to talk to astronauts in outer space? Lucky…

  19. jenny massey says:

    Psalms 8:3-4: I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the Sun and the moon that you have set in place.

  20. PocketDrummer says:

    What's on Chris Hadfield's head?

  21. Mit says:

    What are they eat in space? And how?

  22. David Gaylor says:

    earned my subscription

  23. 172pilot says:

    I'm wondering, both for the cat, and the astronaut, if the motion they got was a result of the air resistance, or was it truly an "equal and opposite force" from their own motion? I guess we can't put the cat in a vacuum chamber, and the astronauts probably don't have enough mobility during a spacewalk.. What do you think? Thanks for the great videos!
    -Steve (N3OCS since I saw you're a ham!)

  24. Phefonyawena says:

    If he can do that to rotate, then i'm sure he can do a similar thing to move forward or back? Try pulling their arms or legs in and out rapidly or something?

  25. the dutohlav says:

    I know it's much cooler and also demonstrative in space, but actually anyone can try it – it is possible to rotate your body mid jump, even if you jumped straight up without any rotation at first.

  26. SaanRGB says:

    wow this is so cool! I saw your question being answered somewhere else on youtube when I was doing research on Chris Hadfield and the ISS for a school project a few months ago, and I found it really interesting xD I just found out about your awesome channel a few days ago and when I saw this I was like "Holy crap it's the cat-flipping guy!" LOL!

  27. Grimjar says:

    even better! you can download an App to your Iphone or Andriod phone named Star Walk by Vito Technology Inc. There you can use your camera to look at start, planets even satellite!

  28. Nitsua Noslen says:

    Daughter: "Why dont you have a cat on board?" My Answer: "We weren't done training the space mice…"

  29. Tesselator Tess says:

    Video idea:

    Show us some nifty ways of photographing the ISS as it goes over. 

    You probably need a telescope and a camera adapter.  🙂

  30. PooGEr97 says:

    Just a thought, but is the same principle applied if you sit in a spinney chair and try to turn around without touching anything? No grabbing onto a desk and no kicking off the ground with your feet. I can rotate if i swing my arms with the right amount of force. I am wondering how this works, and it seems to match up with this video and the cat video.

  31. Xzevious says:

    Amazing thanks

  32. MrSebastian2203 says:

    You can do the same thing what astrounaut did when you are on chair which has those little wheels 

  33. Martin Clark says:

    I finally have a reason to make a twitter account!
    I refused until just now….

  34. Joseph Chiley says:


  35. Joseph Ogden says:

    What happened to Hadfield's head?

  36. jabootydah says:

    Destin you are so cool

  37. Brandon Ramsey says:

    This might be the best you tube channel ever.

  38. MatchstalkMan says:

    I knew that was Cmdr Hadfield! That's even cooler!

    I do feel a bit smarter every day!


  39. Mike Roberts says:

    As a Canadian , we are super proud of Col. Hadfield being the ISS Commander… He's a great guy, a great Scientist and a Great Canadian….

  40. Tonseren says:

    More awesomesource!!!

  41. Tonseren says:

    Aaaargggh move away from my pc and observe real science?… are u insane? 😀

  42. mogan23z says:

    Going follow them now

  43. CPRailSD90 says:

    Very cool videos!

  44. James Smith says:

    Just goes to show that inertia is a force you can control. Sinusoidal acceleration is the key.

  45. Sebastian Meid says:

    This was AWESOME.

  46. KevTheMedic says:

    woah Cmdr Hadfield, he can sing amazing aswell lol

  47. Soplet says:

    Astronaut guys were sooooooooo coooooooooooool!

  48. Univeяsal Pяoductions™ says:

    As of now, the ISS has passed thru Lima, Peru.

  49. MasterAnemos says:

    Ha! "Look UP to you guys."

  50. Ben Tv Howman says:

    This is truly amazing 🙂

  51. Tim Crompton says:

    This is a really good series. This bloke has a great enthusiasm for science and he reminds me of JROC from Trailer Park Boys.

  52. Arindam Datta says:

    Hey that's awesome. But somehow I feel it's because of the air. They are pushing the air with their hand and the without gravity they are kind of swimming in the air.. just a thought…

  53. Sorcerer Supreme says:

    You're the same guy from Twang and Bang.

  54. Joel Rurisa says:

    I say we give this guy a TV show!

  55. The SilentCaay Channel says:

    You had me up until "turn the computer off and go outside". Nice try, though. =P

  56. Sam Redd says:

    You can kind of do this in your computer chair!!! Try to make a full revolution 🙂

  57. aerolus says:

    you know a lot of things but i bet you didnt know that all cats are wizards

  58. Knaller Frauen says:

    Hi, I tired this on a spinning chair (next best thing to ISS) and it worked OK.

  59. Emmannie says:

    They were over Colombia :D! Que chévere!

  60. Bob Walrus says:

    But why, I'm sorry but I still don't understand this, shouldn't there be some kind of force acting in order to turn and change your orientation, If I push on a wall it pushes back on me, we all know this, also why if I were to push on a wall in a rolling chair i would go backwards, but I don't understand how in a weightless environment there is something to push off of in order to rotate.

  61. Kaptionist says:

    You got to see the whole exp. 35 crew, lucky you! I wish I got to meet Chris Hadfield when he came to Vancouver, he's such a cool guy.

  62. Will Smyser says:

    You certainly deserve to be up on the ISS

  63. Bigbear says:

    Omg its Chris Hadfield !!:D

  64. Shifter says:

    3:23 reminds me of the 'surprised kitty' video lol

  65. Shifter says:

    2:43 reminds me of the 'surprised kitty' video lol

  66. Michael Ali says:

    Any one relized that the day he posted the video of the cat is the opposite digits of this episode

  67. MadBoyCDog says:

    My dad said that cats have Hormones that they can land on they're feet

  68. Marcus N says:

    What If I dropped you upside down would you like it ? Huh?

  69. Hert Niks says:

    Twitter account ASTRO belongs to someone else, not these space guys.

  70. Alex Åkesson says:

    It would be super cool if you were able to go up to the ISS! #Destintospace

  71. Riarh5 Gaming says:

    Chris Hadfield

  72. Anonymous Mystery says:

    How come smart guys like Destin aren't ever into politics…….Destin 2020!!

  73. Justwantahover says:

    1:00 "He can't change his angular momentum, but he can change his body position." And he probably can't propel himself along either I would expect.

  74. DANG JOS says:

    Tell that to flat-Earthers haha. Great video! It was quite interesting

  75. Oscar Oky says:

    who watch this video in 2016

  76. Lucas Snowball_Cathug says:

    I've done the same thing when sitting on a spinning chair, not exactly rocket science

  77. Pukesmiley says:

    when you google "spot the station" you get on a website that shows you when to see the ISS

  78. alex m says:

    i wanna see a snake in the iss

  79. Matty L says:

    one of these guys was the guy who sang major tom

  80. JanCarol11 says:

    OH TOO COOL, the ISS passed over my house while I was watching. Well – close, anyway!

  81. Tony C says:

    I love your video's especially when you ask questions directed towards crew members of the ISS

  82. rahmuss says:

    You put your right foot in. You put your right foot out. You put your right foot in, and you shake it all about.

  83. breezetix says:

    Sadie must have seen her dad's old videos of her

  84. aakksshhaayy says:

    I do that on my revolving chair all the time, ez pz

  85. Jamaican MeCrazy says:

    So cool Destin. Working for NASA is a dream of mine.

  86. ProfDrDrNoname says:

    What would a cat do in The ISS?

  87. Kyle Hoffman says:

    You can't put a cat in space because you can't go into space it's all a CONSPIRACY!!

  88. 84 Tubbs says:

    You can't be too smart being that the dumb asses from the past already conducted this stupid f**** experiment

  89. Gromzen says:

    What if they were outside the shuttle (in a vacuum)? Aren’t they able to rotate due to the force they are applying against the air?

  90. Digvijay Gavas says:

    Hi Destin
    One question, why this technique is not used to position (angular) satellites in space. It will not have problem like saturation in reaction wheel and exhausting fuel in powered positioning system. theoretically you will have this system work for infinite amount of time.
    In case of Parker's Probe they may have used these system. This would have allowed the Probe to position it's heat shield for theoretically infinite amount of time.

  91. cameronlindhorst says:

    Attention Flat Earth Society! Turn off the computer, go outside and look up! Just might learn something!

  92. Matt says:

    Ecuador! 😀 🇪🇨

  93. Scrapp ed says:

    what up Chris handfeild

  94. adam rossiter says:

    Wooo Chris Hadfield smiling away as always. Great videos!

  95. My Daddy says:

    I love your Chanel.

  96. GRL Cowan says:

    We now know that 24/365 free fall, aka 24/365 weightlessness, isn't good for people. That probably means it isn't good for cats either. So cats are fortunate we have taken the point on this.

    A next-generation space station that gives kitty a choice between full gravity and no gravity is an essential experiment that all humanity demands. I know, I asked everyone. History and the gravitational field are also in complete agreement.

    This station would have a docking hub — this would be the free-fall part — and a 100-metre tunnel that, as it leads away from the hub, starts out just going away from it, but pretty soon is clearly going *down*, because the whole system is turning once every 20 seconds. At the end, which is the bottom, there is the main part of the station. The tunnel appears there as a port in the ceiling with a ladder reaching down to the full-gravity floor.

    Rather than expecting cats to climb 100 meters up a ladder (although this will feel like only 50 metres, being at an average of half a gee) there could be a spiral, carpeted catwalk.

    Would they explore all the way up, and play in the zero gee at the hub? I expect so. If they like it too well, the astronauts can insist that dinnertime is always downstairs.

  97. Ultimate Asshole says:

    Flattard left the chat

  98. Ian Mchenry says:

    Could it be related to displacing air in the ISS? Would it be different in a vacuum?

  99. Homeschoolhaole says:

    Of course we can, I race BMX and if I couldn’t do this, I’d be dead.

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