Sparer German Shepherd Kennels | 714-553-0844 | Crowley Texas

About sparer German Shepherd Kennels
Sparer German Shepherd breeders breeding fine working and companion German Shepherds located in Abilene Texas we breed German Shepherds from top producing West German Seiger show lines. Our puppies are born
and raised in a home with children they’re socialized and given a wide
range of human contact and world experiences. Our German Shepherd Kennels proudly offer a five-year genetic health and temperament guarantee and
two-year hips and elbows warranty on all German Shepherd puppies sold in our GSD breeding program and adhere to German SP standards. Well loved and well socialized
our dogs have unmatched temperaments and excellent instincts. Sparer breeds German Shepherd for show quality dogs, family protection dogs, guard dogs,
search-and-rescue dogs, therapy dogs and personal family dogs. For more
information call 714 553 0844 or visit

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