Spiderman Black Cat – Kiss Scene 4K | Spectacular Spider-Man

captain stacy the tiger its not here oh right
camillion wheres the gone we made a pretty good team maybe you should change sides okay
then why did you help me you really dont know (kisses) wow cat i had no idea that you felt
that way cat here kitty kitty black cat.

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24 Responses

  1. Kiernan Ship says:

    I like the black suit

  2. Kiernan Ship says:

    The best cartoon around

  3. Red Eye says:

    It's sad that they cancelled this show! This show was really good, well to me at was, and you're almost to 100K Spidey!!!

  4. Kiernan Ship says:

    They have chemistry

  5. Team Spectra says:

    I hate it when they cancel good cartoon shows

  6. Deadpool Chimichangas says:

    Ah man I love these scene so much I which the spectacular spider man was still alive 😢

  7. Winston Shih says:

    It’s been 11 years since the series ended

  8. Kiernan Ship says:

    I fancy her lol

  9. Strider Xanthos says:

    I wonder how old she is in this adaptation.

  10. Nayops 19 says:

    Love this season of this show❗️👏🏼

  11. Damian Starks says:

    I miss this spider man show 3000.

  12. Folande Kalan says:

    Best Spider-Man Cartoon Ever

  13. Folande Kalan says:

    Very Romantic

  14. Folande Kalan says:

    I blame Disney for forcing Sony to cancel this Awesome Show

  15. Michael Brent says:

    If Greg Wiseman is not going to bring back spectacular Spiderman then Couldn’t Other marvel heroes the same treatment like The Sentry Or Squadron Supreme !

  16. Black X /Samurai Zackx says:

    ✖heck yeah man

  17. Crush Gandra says:

    This reminds me of Miracles: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It also had a supervillain called Chameleon.

  18. Spidey Talks says:


  19. Nose Bleed says:

    Lol she cut with him looking right her lol

  20. Dono 57 says:

    The sound is desynchronised

  21. MetaSage says:

    Lucky spider

  22. Naruto Uzumaki YT says:

    I haven’t watch this Spiderman show in so long

  23. Old School Uncensored says:

    It wasn't a bad show, I enjoyed Tombstone getting a starring role, but Ultimate Spidey was better

  24. Shane Douglas says:

    Too bad this ship didn't go anywhere in this series…

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