Spike the Poodle returns from epic journey

SPIKE THE POODLE…FINALLY SLEEPING IN HIS HOME TONIGHT AFTER HE WENT MISSING FROM HIS FAMILY HERE MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. KTSM NINE’S STEPHANIE SHIELDS REPORTS HIS CRAZY JOURNEY IN A STORY YOU’LL ONLY SEE HERE ONStephanie: AFTER FIREWORKS SPOOKED SPIKE AWAY FROM HIS HOME JULY 4TH 2018… A MOMENT THE TERRAZAS FAMILY NEVER THOUGHT WOULD COME… Terry Terrazas: “I was happy and I didn’t know he was coming back, I almost cried.” Stephanie: THE NINYEAOLD POODLE WANDERED A LONG WAYS FROM HIS EL PASO, TEXAS HOME TO STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA… THATS MORE THAN 1HUNDRED MILES AWAY! Dr. Lisa Boyer: “We had a person who found him as a stray out on the street, and they brought him to us,” they said they scanned the microchip and that was it.” Stephanie: NEXT STEP GETTING SPIKE HOME… A VOLUNTEER RESCUE PILOT STEPPING IN TO HELP. julian javoVolunteer rescue pilot: “I picked him up last week Saturday in Stockton, he stayed with me for a week, he was really scared on the first plane last week, this flight today he was not scared at all.” Stephanie: SPIKE STEPPING OFF THE PLANE…SEEING HIS FAMILY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR… Reina Terrazas: “I didn’t know If i wanted to cry or laugh I dont know what I wanted to

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