Springtime – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #24

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  1. Pat Mau says:

     you got me there! that surprised me! 😀

  2. Marilene Leite Bastos Bastos says:

    O melhor de todos os tempos!!!!!!

  3. Mikail Aksu says:

    You best

  4. Natalia Gonzalez Vega says:

    Yo quiero ese libro y no lo concogo 🙁

  5. Natalia Gonzalez Vega says:

    Digo concigo

  6. Val Batts says:

    Simmon's Cat is so silly and funny to watch.

  7. Tapanga Woodward says:

    reminds me of Garfield lolz

  8. Guilherme Domingues says:

    Agora o simon foi na casa de uns passarinhos e tinha uma casa de e dos pássaros e você sabia o que tinha dentro? Um palhaço bravo e fim😥😦😧😷

  9. Coolshows101 says:


  10. Tank says:

    Does his date ever get fed? It seems like he's always hungry

  11. Susan McKinnon says:

    You watch one Simon's Cat and you have to watch them all. Again & again. Enjoy.

  12. Mercedes Morgan says:

    You guys should nake more of simon's cat they are super funny

  13. Animal Lover says:

    poor cat; stupid birds

  14. GromKuba says:

    Pudełko z niespodzianką!

  15. Márcio Martins says:

    Simon é simplesmente maravilhoso.

  16. Another Person Who Draws Stuff says:

    and not in or n

  17. Seazus_Chruzifer says:


  18. Cerulean Talon says:

    I almost wet myself laughing! Thank you for sharing!

  19. monika piszcz says:

    Fojowe może bez dabingu ale zajebiste

  20. Nazaire Dragonash says:


  21. whereisjess says:

    so kyute

  22. George Gyser says:

    Springtime? I see what you did there.

  23. raziel says:

    Please make more videos i Like them they are so funny

  24. raziel says:

    I  like the T-shirts they look cool and have Simon's cat on it
    I also wanna read the books they seem interesting

  25. raziel says:

    once my cat (Smokey) was on the roof
    I wanna see if u can make a video of your cat on the roof doing something funny
    it would be cool

  26. raziel says:

    Cats are awsome

  27. raziel says:

    Make Simon's cat at a fire pit playing with the ashes

  28. Жанат Маханов says:


  29. Niza Patricia Nelson says:


  30. laura laetizia says:

    Loooove it!!!!

  31. Simon's Cat says:

    Clocks go forward this weekend here in the UK, and we can't wait! Bring on the summer!

    Here's Simon's Cat behaving badly in our film Springtime!

  32. Finn Robinson says:

    1k people missed the like button!!😂😂😂

  33. Techi Villanueva says:

    Hahahaha that was funny

  34. Yanna Lavapiez says:

    Dude I'm totally gonna get your book!

  35. Mitsuha Suki says:

    XD y love Simon cat 😉

  36. Mi O says:

    Oh goodness, there's a Simon video I missed!!!!!!  This is cute 🙂

  37. Leysa Lambert says:

    Thank you for the good laugh!

  38. popogast says:

    The title is definitively promising.

  39. Daulton Cash says:

    He might do that project for you but he's defenintly isn't going to pay uT_T

  40. Chunky Lappy says:

    So that's the picture I see in the book! XD

  41. Juanita Valle says:

    He is the funniest cat ever

  42. Marian Villanueva says:

    ecreador de saiymon porfabo digame como conseguir lo trelibros porfabor

  43. [it's just jay] says:


  44. [it's just jay] says:

    ( '. ' )

  45. Michal Ch says:

    llo ggsz?PPP

  46. derisham says:

    Spring time is sooooo awesome!!

  47. GamersXnostalgia says:

    where can i buy the book? my niece loves it

  48. Naoni Kitching says:

    hi IAU

  49. Lesley Pearce says:

    Am I the only one who jumped when the puppet sprang out from the bird house?

  50. smurfnm156 says:

    It kills me when the birds high-five each other at the end.

  51. Leslie says:

    this is very funny haha

  52. mirella danciu says:


  53. laura martinez says:

    my kingdom for a well behaved cat

  54. The black business says:

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  55. Elise Lorelay says:

    so nice (:

  56. DialiKa Play says:

    кто из 2016?

  57. FloralMyTeapot says:

    I had a butterfly box instead of a bird box X3

  58. Sandro Freitas says:

    hahahahahahahah Brazil

  59. Shrek says:

    So ur British well so am I mate

  60. Cute Videos Factory says:


  61. Play Master says:

    lol 😛

  62. Daniell Bondad says:

    Simon owned that naugthy cat since he was a kitten.So,yes,he has already learned about the bird homes but not the jokester ones.

  63. Mae Thompson says:

    This is so entertaining, I just love this cat and his antics! I'm smiling from ear to ear! Now when I'm not feeling 'up to sorts' I know I can tune in and have a good chuckle……..how fun…thanks to the authors/artists!

  64. Hyperdragondx 95 says:

    It's a trap!

  65. gaming channel says:

    2012 !

  66. teggybear333 says:

    i got that book, that book is how i came to love simons cat

  67. Negra Azul says:

    So cute!!!

  68. Random User says:


  69. Любопытное ТВ says:

    I am with the whole family watching Simon's Cat , because we like the cat – Simon is very funny !

  70. Dyri! says:


  71. チャンネルatdtlmwe says:


  72. Wendy Rowland says:

    I really do wish life is like the cartoon, the two cats I once owned were prolific hunters. I do however enjoy your portrayals.

  73. Graceful Angels says:

    would love that book. as well as the book series.

  74. Crafty says:

    This is so satisfying considering it's exactly 1 minute and hilarious

  75. Heather Bosie says:

    I ate 3 kookies before watching this and I'm HYPE…🍪🍪🍪

  76. Алина Лего says:


  77. cpage2006 says:

    Evil Birds. LOL

  78. Haley Arrowood says:

    me and my cat always watch this together with popcorn

  79. Sherry Paschal says:

    That's hilarious!

  80. Javier Fernández says:

    Quien ha tenido gato…..sabe que esas cosas pasan.

  81. Peaches Neko Atsume says:

    OMG!! i see what you did, you said SPRINGtime!

  82. Troy Ortega says:

    Smart birds! 🙂

  83. Princess Cheese says:

    I was not expecting that

  84. Joseph V M says:

    0:38 😂😂

  85. frisk gabriel says:

    Cat love

  86. Help says:

    0:38 WAIT DONT TOUCH THA……..uhhhh I warned you

  87. MrFisherman17 says:

    Those birds are such jerks! XD

  88. Sara Shaikh says:


  89. jakmanxyom says:

    Does Simon's Cat have to defeat Seven Evil Critters in the book too? :^)

  90. Alex Garcia says:

    Jajaj muy bueno xd

  91. Samima choudhuru says:

    love Simon's cat😍😍😍😍😍😍

  92. Tommy Black says:

    The woodwind group is very good. It sounds like some symphony players were hired. The prominent bassoon on these videos is a Heckel.

  93. A Flavour for Life The Sustainable Way says:

    the birds are do not want to get eaten by the cat

  94. Aleš Fiala says:

    Simonův kocour – Jaro

  95. Сергей Казаков says:

    Кот Саймона

  96. Nik Nabeelah Nik Ibrahim says:

    Where to buy the book

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